How to Share Data on MTN (2021 Updated Guide)

How to Share Data on MTN Here is a quick tip on how to share data on MTN. If you wish to learn how to share data on MTN, then keep reading this article…

How To Share Data on MTN

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One of the fun of using a smartphone is surfing the internet. Sadly, even with your smartphone, you cannot surf the internet without a data plan.

I know that sometimes you might just wish to share or gift your data to your friend or loved one.

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The good thing is, MTN subscribers are allowed to share data on MTN. If you wish to learn how to share data on MTN, then keep reading this article.

How to Transfer Data on MTN

To get started with sharing data on the MTN network, follow the steps below.

  1. Ensure you are in a tariff plan that gives you the opportunity to share data with friends.
  2. To get your personal security pin for easy Megabyte data share, Dial *131*2*1# or text REG to 131.
  3. You will be instructed to change your PIN immediately to anyone you can remember by dialling *131*2*5# or by SMS Change OLD_PIN NEW_PIN NEW_PIN to 131.
  4. Changing your PIN will enable you to add a list of those that you will share your MTN DATA with. The limit is 5. You can do so by dialling *131*2*2# or by texting Add <MSISDN> <PIN> to 131.
  5. If you are successful, then you will eventually be able to share data whichever way possible to your beneficiary list by texting Share <PIN> to 131 or simply dial USSD code *131*2*3#.

To share your data, you can choose to either pay with your airtime or share from your existing data bundle.

Whichever you decide is entirely up to you.

However, if you choose to share from your own data bundle, you might need to first top up your data bundle if you are low in data.

Below are the latest Monthly data plans from MTN.

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Latest MTN Monthly Data Bundle

Price Data Allowance Validity USSD Code
N1000 1.5GB 30 days *131*106#
N1200 2GB 30 days *131*130#
N1500 3GB 30 days *131*131#
N2000 3.5GB 30 days *131*110#
N2500 6GB 30 days *131*147#
N3,500 10GB 30 days *131*107#
N5000 11GB 30 days *131*116#
N10,000 25GB 30 days *131*117#
N15,000 40Gb 30 days *131*150#
N15,000 40Gb 30 days *131*150#
N20,000 110Gb

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