Funniest Nigerian Memes on the Internet

Nigerians are known for their fun loving vibe, as well as their ability to weave out jokes out of serious situations. Most Nigerians are sarcastic with great sense of humor. These comedic capability is reflected here as we explore the Funniest Nigerian Memes on the Internet.

Funniest Nigerian Memes On The Internet

Nigerians are interesting people. With these special sect, everyday cruise is guaranteed. The social media space is full of memes that will make you laugh out loud anytime, anywhere.

Below is a collection of some of the very best, for your appreciation and pleasure:



Family members' age is family problem






















corona virus

sneezing face

bow legged black girl

MTN joke

Money is a turn on for girls

Forgets to transform back

getting high and educated

Ebola virus vs corona virus


Going on date with a friend


Hurting yourself


Mami market sellers in pain

savagery in response

Too much pepper

Promises getting you into trouble

Egusi in ice cream tub


Funniest Nigerian Parent Memes

Now, let’s share a collection of memes that describe the  traits and idiosyncrasies of a typical Nigerian parent. They are funny and capable of making your day.

If you were raised by Nigerian parents you will relate to some of these memes…


  • It is a fact that Nigerian parents do not pay back any money borrowed.


  • Nigerian parents show shock or disgust by removing their glasses…innit?


  • Nigerian parents are known for being strong-willed and ‘know-all’ but if you prove them wrong and become wealthy, they will still be proud of you


  • Nigerian mums can be very frugal, especially in their servings


  • Nigerian parents prefer ‘professional’ or blue-collar jobs to other career choices


  • Nigerian parents can be very paranoid!


  • You never can tell how a Nigerian parent will react to your confession

  • Their favourite catchphrase


Funniest Nigerian School Meme

Being a Nigerian student is fun. Here’s a collection of amazing school experiences… You will surely have a smile in your face as you read through.

  • The tears and the heartbreak associated with receiving strokes of the cane…


  • The joy in this situation can cause exciting tingling…

  • Nigerian teachers are sharpshooters


  • Maths still remains the most dreaded subject in secondary school


  • Nothing is more frustrating than this…


  • What would you have done in this situation?


  • With all alacrity and enthusiasm…

  • Mathematic examinations in Nigerian schools are often full of drama.


  • Your father won’t take it (I repeat: he won’t take it)

Funniest Nigerian Romance Memes


Enjoy something romantic, No!, funny, below:

  • You can imagine the unpleasant shock…


  • Don’t hate the player…Hate the game


  • Nigerians always take their Jollof rice seriously!


  • These are some of the things we don’t seem to understand


  • By their fruit, you shall know them

Funny Social Media Trends 2021 – Lagos Nigeria

It’s a common saying, “Nigerians no dey carry last”. That’s no further from the truth.

Lagos, Nigeria is home to some of the world’s most crazy people with vibes and humor. Someone asked a very interesting question on twitter. Here’s the question: What’s the wildest thing your eyes have seen in Lagos? 

The responses will amaze you.

Check out a few of the crazy responses below:

Please, comment or make your enquiries.

We hope you have been entertained by these funny memes.  Do well to share with your friends and family!


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