How To Set an Auto Reminder for DSTV & GOTV

How to Set an Auto Reminder for DSTV & GOTV.

Auto Reminder for DSTV & GOTV: At one Point in time we’ve all forget to tune-in to our favorite programme on DSTV and this is why Multichoice has created a features called “Program reminder”. this features comes with all DSTV regardless of the Model or the Bouquet you subscribe to.

So, here is a detailed guideline on how set DSTV & GOTV auto reminder!

How do Reminder work?

Because we are human and definitely we have other things to think, DSTV has made it easy for us to also watch all our favorite program without having to cram or disturb ourselves about when the program will be aired
When you set a reminder for a program in a particular station and along the line you tune to another station.
This Reminder will alert you whenever the program is about to start by popping up an on-screen message whenever the program is 20 minutes to the schedule time and it will ask you to Either press “Ok” or “Cancel”.
If you press “Ok” it will automatically take you to that channel where the program is to be aired, but if you choose “Cancel” it clear the pop-up and stay on that channel you are currently watching.

So, to set this feature on your DSTV Decoder follow the Below Steps:

1: Press the Right Navigation (Arrow) Key on you Remote to  show the Channels List or Grid
2: Use the Navigation keys, select the Channel that usually air the Program you wish to set a reminder for
3: Press the “i” button on your remote this will show Information about current program on the channel
4: Press the Down Key to scroll down to the program you wish to set a reminder for
5: Press OK button on your Remote
6: Select the Set Reminder option and Press OK on the remote

This process is the same for GOTV Users. Its quite simple as I’ve said earlier, now you can enjoy all your favorite show on DSTV Or GOTV without missing out on any action.

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  1. Opado justine

    Please I’m not watching arsenal match and it has started and they told me got shows it .please why me only and yet I bought it today

  2. I press info on my DStv remote
    I can 'browse" through the channels, but when I press ok to select, it keeps on showing "Set reminders / Other settings, instead of'watch'. How do I reset that please?

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