How to download apps on samsung smart tv

Want to add a new app to your Samsung Smart TV? Here is a pictorial guide on how to download those apps onto your Samsung smart tv almost immediately.

Let’s use Plex for this guide. Say, you want to install the PLEX app on your tv. Below are the steps you should take.

step 1: using your Samsung smart remote, click on the smart hub button (that is the button with the home icon).

step 2: tap on the left navigational button till you see the app’s icon.

apps icon samsung smart tv

step 3: Click on the APPS menu to load the app’s home page. It should look something like the image below.

samsung smart tv apps page

step 4: Click on the App Search icon on the top right-hand corner of your TV screen.

step 5: Using the directional keys. Type in the name of the app your want to download. In this case, we type in PLEX. It should pop up on top of your tv screen. Click on it

plex on samsung smart tv

step 6: Click on the big blue install button. Give it some time, and your app should be successfully installed.

plex on samsung tv

step 7: Add the installed app to the home screen. Then click on open to start using the app.

open plex tv app

note: You have to be signed in to your Samsung account for the installation of new apps to work. You can easily do via the dedicated webpage:

On My Samsung Smart TV, Where Is the App Store?

The home screen of your TV, also known as the Smart Hub, houses the Samsung app store. It’s incorporated right into the Smart Hub’s Apps area, so you’ll be able to see the apps you already have installed and any new ones you haven’t downloaded yet.

The term installed will appear directly beneath the name of an app if it has already been installed and is ready for use. If there isn’t an installed option next to the name of an app, you can choose it to add to your TV.

In the Apps section of the Smart Hub, you can manually scroll through all of the available apps. If a new app appears on the screen when you first open the Apps area, it is the quickest way to open it. The best approach to finding an app if you don’t see it is to utilize the search feature.

The location of the app store on a Samsung Smart TV is as follows:

  • On your remote, press the Home button.
  • Choose APPS.
  • You are currently at the Smart Hub’s Apps area, which serves as the Samsung app store.
  • When you find an app you want, click it, and then on the following screen, click Install.
  • If the app you’re looking for isn’t listed, click the search button (a magnifying glass) and type its name.

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