Most Competitive Courses – Are you still seeking to know what are the most competitive courses for JAMB 2021? Then, check here and you’ll see everything on the list of top 10 most registered courses by jambites in Nigeria against UTME admission, making the courses to be considered highly competitive.

FACT: Do you know that Nigerian university offers over 50 courses? Yes, That’s it.

In this plethora of courses, some are more competitive than others. For you to stand a good chance of gaining admission, you must consider the competitiveness of the course you might want to study. So this article reveals the most competitive courses for admission in JAMB 2021.

Most Competitive Courses for Admission in Nigeria

In descending order

  • 1. Biochemistry.
  • 2. Computer science.
  • 3. Electrical/Electronic engineering.
  • 4. Political science.
  • 5. Nursing.
  • 6. Dentistry and dental surgery.
  • 7. Communication arts/ Mass communication.
  • 8. Pharmacy.
  • 9. Law.
  • 10. Medicine and surgery.

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Reasons Why The Courses Have High Competitors

1. Medicine & Surgery

About 75% of most students that are science-inclined have high hopes of becoming medical doctors, this might be because of parental influence or due to the prestige and honor of the medical profession.

Medicine has the highest cutoff mark in any Nigerian university, this underlines it’s competitiveness.

2. Law

The study of law will lead you to a legal profession and this is what arts students swoon about: a career in wigs and dusty jackets.

A large number of applicants applied for the law last year, in fact, most universities witnessed a triple in their amount of law candidates. This coupled with the high cutoff mark signals the high competition for JAMB admission.

3. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is synonymous with drug-making and for a long time, a career in pharmacy has always attracted a lot of science students, especially those who are good at chemistry.

It is a professional course, with huge job security and benefits. A lot of candidates opt for pharmacy for these reasons.

4. Communication Arts/ Mass Communication

Most Competitive Courses

The Nigerian media space is the largest and among the most lucrative in Africa, so it is understandable why a lot of JAMB candidates are slugging it in for mass communication/ communication arts.

About 30% of the jamb application last year was channeled to mass communication.

5. Dentistry and Dental Surgery

Most Competitive Courses

Due to the limited slot to this course in Nigerian universities, there is high competition. What do i mean? For example, OAU admits only 25 students in this course, UI admits only 40 while some other schools admit 10 candidates. Now you should know for yourself.

6. Nursing

Most Competitive Courses

Nurse, Nurse! The title sounds good to the ear, right? Yeah. Most female candidates will fill in for nursing, like 60% of them. Nursing is a good course in Nigeria. You don’t have to look for a job before you see one.

7. Political Science

We all know what is going on in Nigerian politics, I should not be telling you. Everybody wants to play politics one way or the other. In Nigeria, there are a lot of opportunities for those who know who (connections).

 8. Engineering

Most Competitive Courses

Everybody wants to become an engineer one way or the other. As the world is moving fast, so is technology. A lot of opportunities are in engineering, sincerely.

9. Computer Science

Most Competitive Courses

It is no longer news that we are in the “computer world”. The candidate chooses this course because they believe that there are a lot of opportunities for the courses.

10. Biochemistry

Most Competitive Courses

This course is competitive, a lot of candidates prefer to choose this course, why? Just because they think they can cross over to medicine, Now you see why it is included.

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