Fish Feed Price In Nigeria 2020

This post will intimate you with the current fish feed price in Nigeria. The profitability of your fish farm business is based on the fish feed. We may analyse fish feed prices, but we will also explore which fish feed is the best to use for fish rearing.

Fish Feed Price In Nigeria 2020

One peculiar thing to note about fish farming business is that fish feeds consume a lot of money spent in the market. Every successful fish farmers know this. The bolded ‘successful’ entails that in failing fish farming business, especially in Nigeria, the owners would instead invest in other expenses and waste funds on overstaffing and other irrelevant aspects.

It’s not just about establishing a fish farm but most importantly, getting the right type of fish feed.

Know your budget expenses, and you will discover that fish feed takes a massive chunk of the costs. Keeping your fish feed budget will aid your fish farming business.

That will enable you to make some choices related to fish feed spending. Before taking a look at the fish feeds price in Nigeria, let’s explore some factors:

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  • Your fish, to have a better chance of faster growth, must feed adequately.
  • The better you feed your fish, the better it looks and grows.
  • If your fish is not rightly fed, it would have stunted growth. That relates to your feed conversation ratio.
  • Feed conversation ratio shows how much money your fish farm will make.
  • The more good feed your fish consumes, the better they grow.

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Understanding the concept of Feed conversation ratio will enable you to increase the profitability of the feed fish.

Fish Feed Price In Nigeria

The prices of fish feed price in Nigeria vary tremendously, some fish feeds are cheaper, while some are expensive. The critical questions are: ‘are all fish feeds capable of producing the same results?’ & ‘ are some fish feeds better than others?’

In Nigeria, there is a lot of fish feeds. This post will discuss some aspects of it. We have to emphasise that a lot of fish feeds in Nigeria are packed in a bag that weighs 15kg.

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Foreign Fish Feeds

A lot of foreign fish feeds are replete in the Nigerian market. Some of them are:

  • Durante Fish feeds
  • Aller Aqua Fish feed
  • Coppens Fish feed.

The fish you rear in your fish farm must determine the type of fish feed you will use.

Local Fish Feed

On the same note, a lot of fish feeds are produced locally in Nigeria. Some common brands are:

Prices of Local Fish Feed in Nigeria

Local fish feeds are made in Nigeria, by the fish customers. The local feed mill is the machinery in which they use to formulate their fish feed.

Fish Feeds Price

fish feed price

Crown fish feed                                                                5,500

Tropical fish feed                                                             8,000

Aqua special floating fish feed                                      5,000

Ornamental fish feed                                                      500

Prime fish feed                                                                9,000

Aqualis fish feed                                                             6,800

Aqualic fish feed                                                             2,500

Aquafeed                                                                        10,500

Skretting fish feed                                                            6,700

Aler aqua                                                                            8000

Ecofloat fish feed                                                               4,100

Coppens fish feed                                                              6,200

Top feed fish feed                                                                6000

Blue crown fish                                                                     5,300

Fish Feed Nutri source                                                       8,500

Fish food flakes                                                                   1,999


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