Different Car Names And Brands With Pictures In 2019 (A-Z List)

This article is about the A-Z list of different car names and brands in the world with corresponding pictures. Do you want to know the different car brands and names we have around the world? How about knowing the different logo designs of the popular car brands? If you have ever been in search of any of the above areas of inquiry, search no more as the answers to your questions will be made available presently in this article.

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The reason for this article was borne out the social problem our team of experts have identified over the years. It came to our knowledge that most people out there don’t know the difference between car brands and types. A lot of persons still takes the brand name “Jeep” for a car type, without knowing that its actually a brand name. If you are reading this article now, chances are that you just got to know about this just now right? Dont feel bad about that though, because we are here to enlighten you even further. Hence, in seeking to clarify such gross misconception and keep the people well-informed, this article emanated.

car brands with pics

Hence, without expending more time, lets dive into the major thrust of this article, starting with the major brand names and their accompanying logos. Let’s get started.

List Of Car Brands In The World With Their Logo

1Abarth Abarth-logo
2Acura Acura-logo
3 Alfa Romeoalfa-romeo-logo
4Aston Martin Aston-Martin-logo
5Audi Audi-logo
6 BentleyBentley-logo
7BMW BMW-logo
8 Buick Buick-logo
9 CadillacCadillac-logo
11 ChryslerChrysler-logo
12 CitreonCitreon-logo
13 DaciaDacia-logo
14 Dodge  Dodge-logo
15  FerrariFerrari-logo
17 FordFord-logo
18 GMCGMC-logo
18 HondaHonda-logo
19 HummerHummer-logo
20 HyundaiHyundai-logo
21 InfinitiInfiniti-logo
22 IsuzuIsuzu-logo
24 JeepJeep-logo
26 Lamborghini Lamborghini-logo
27 LanciaLancia-Logo
28 Land Rover Land-Rover-logo
29 Lexus Lexus-logo
30 LincolnLincoln-logo
31 LotusLotus-logo
32 MaseratiMaserati-logo
33 MazdaMazda-logo
34 Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz-Logo
35 MercuryMercury-logo
36 MiniMini-logo
37 MitsubishiMitsubishi-logo
38 Nissan Nissan-logo
39 Opel Opel-logo
40 PeugeotPeugeot-logo
41 PontiacPontiac-logo
42 PorschePorsche-logo
43 RamRam-logo
44 RenaultRenault-logo
45 Saab Saab-logo
46Saturn Saturn-logo
47 ScionScion-logo
48 SeatSeat-logo
49 SkodaSkoda-logo
50 SmartSmart-logo
51 SsangYongSsangYong-logo
52 SubaruSubaru-logo
54 TeslaTesla-logo
55 ToyotaToyota-logo
57 WiesmannWiesmann-logo
58  VolvoVolvo-logo

Best Car Brands In The World In 2019

Haven x-rayed the world brands of cars and their unique logos, its only logical to present you with the top car brands in this 2019, which we believe will guide you in making a choice of car this year. Most of the times, we do see people boasting that their car brands is the best in the world. This mostly happens because of the popularity of the brand. But even this is not a sufficient reason to establish a car brand as the best brand in the world. In seeking to present you with the list of best car brands this 2019, we will rely on the result of the US news ranking.

Top 10 Car Brands In Nigeria (US-News-Ranking)


Top Best American Cars In Nigeria

The ancient Romans were notoriously known for their love of luxury and pleasures. This can as well be used to explain the mindset of the average Nigerian out there, because he loves pleasure and beautiful things. From the beginning of 20th century, America automobile companies have dominated the industry of exotic car manufacturing. Hence, most of these exotic cars now flowed the Nigerian market, because they meet the luxury standard of the average Nigerians.

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Even when Ford is arguably the most popular American brand here in Nigeria, it is never the only American brands here in Nigeria. Hence, below is our list of the top best American brands here in Nigeria. In no particular order of importance, they are:

  1. Ford
  2. Chevrolet
  3. Chrysler
  4. Cadillac
  5. Dodge
  6. Jeep
  7. Ram
  8. Lincoln
  9. Buick
  10. GMC

Types Of Cars Around The World With Pictures

When it comes to shopping of cars, people have divers criteria they consider. While some persons may prefer the cars with high landing, others will prefer the ones that is too low to the ground. On the other hand, while some persons prepare cars that are spacious, a whole of others will prefer the smaller looking cars. This diversity of preferences explains the reason cars are manufactured in different types and shapes, so as to meet as many tastes as possible.

In our present day world, we basically have 10 broad categories of cars, of which all the models, designs and brands of cars falls into these 10 broad categories. We shall attempt to present them to you presently.

  1. Hatchback
  2. Sedan
  3. Wagon
  4. Crossroad
  5. SUV
  6. Truck
  7. Van
  8. Sports Car
  9. Coupe
  10. Convertible

For each of the car types below, a particular picture will be used generically to represent every other car type that fall under that category of cars.

  • Hatchback

  • Sedan

  • Wagon

  • Crossroad

  • SUV

usv cars

  • Van

  • Sports Car

  • Coupe

  • Convertible

Even when we are not boasting of covering all the topics about car brands in the world, due to time constraints, it’s our strong desire that this article has provided you with the basic information you need to know about car brands and types In the world in general, and in Nigeria in particular.

Thanks for reading through this timely article. Get back to us if you still have any questions, via the comment section. Within 24 hours, one of our editors will surely get back to you. Make sure to share this article with your friends and family members.


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