Top Audio Engineering Schools in Philadelphia

Audio engineering colleges are a great place for anyone who is fascinated by the mechanics of audio and wants to make a living out of audio production.

Enrolling in the correct program at a reputable audio engineering school is one of the best methods to develop a varied set of audio production capabilities. Students pursuing audio engineering programs learn musicology, the approach to properly optimising sound recordings, live event production strategy, soundtracks for motion pictures, interactive gaming and the recording industry’s commercial side. Graduates of audio engineering colleges can build professional contacts and networks with colleagues and professors both in school and after graduation.

It’s essential to take your needs into consideration while researching audio engineering schools. Analyze the school’s location, program length, enrollment fees, and alumni reputation.

We’ve produced a list of the five best audio engineering schools in Philadelphia to help you locate the right program for you.

Boyer College of Music and Dance, Temple University

Top Audio Engineering Schools in Philadelphia

BS in Music Technology at Temple’s Boyer College of Music and Dance focuses on modern recording techniques, audio interface, and film soundtrack and video game composition. This audio engineering school equips students who are willing to build a career in the movies, live events, music production, TV, and video gaming industry.

As a Music Technology major in this college, you’ll learn about game composition, multimedia presentations, audio recording and mixing, analogue and digital sound sequencing, and more. Technology classes study the basics of melodic applications, composing for digital technology, movies, and video games, including creation and mixing

The college’s state-of-the-art facilities include specially stocked audio production, recording, and mastering rooms with stereo sound.

Wells School of Music, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Top Audio Engineering Schools in Philadelphia

Another great audio engineering school to consider if you are pursuing a music career is West Chester University’s Wells School of Music. This institution is certified by the NASM (National Association of Schools of Music) and has programs such as Non-Music Field, Music Therapy, and Music Education. Students can participate in many ensembles, including band, vocal/choral, orchestra, and more, thanks to modern rehearsal and performance facilities. The possibilities for a rewarding professional career in music are infinite for anybody studying in this school.

Wells School of Music is equipped with sophisticated facilities including:

  • 5 Apple Mac Pro desktop computers
  • Over 40 dynamic, condenser, and ribbon microphones from manufacturers including Neumann, Schoeps, Royer,
  • Shure, AKG, Audio-Technica, and Røde
  • Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 interface
  • 2 MOTU Travelers, 2 MOTU 828s, and several smaller interfaces
  • Focusrite ISA Two and Solid State Logic Alpha VHD preamps
  • Behringer x32 Digital Mixer and several 4–16 channel Mackie mixers
  • Focal Twin, Genelec, and KRK monitors
  • Handheld Zoom digital recorders
  • Eurorack Modular synthesizer with modules from Doepfer, Roland, Pittsburgh Modular, Make Noise, Mutable Instruments, Snyderphonics, and Studio Electronics
  • Nord Electro 4D Keyboard, and Edirol, Korg, and M-Audio MIDI keyboards
  • Fender Hotrod Deluxe 112 guitar amplifier, Ampeg BA-115 bass amplifier, and Roland KC-200 keyboard amp
  • Line 6, Akai, Roland, Snyderphonics, Yamaha, Mallet Kat, and Korg controllers
  • Headphones, cables, and other accessories

The Recording Connection

Top Audio Engineering Schools in Philadelphia

The Recording Connection Audio Engineering school prepares students for career opportunities in the audio engineering industry. In this institute, students get hands-on sessions with experienced audio engineers to teach them the fundamentals of audio engineering.

As an audio engineering student, the institute allows you to gather as much information about the equipment you are operating with as well as how to ensure the right audio. situating your microphones to positively impact the listener’s experience.

The recording connection will prepare you for a career as a professional audio engineer.


Department of Music at the University of Pennsylvania

This audio engineering school allows undergraduates to major in audio production and mastering, giving them access to world-class instructors and musical opportunities in a variety of genres. Most graduates of the institution have produced eminent researchers and award-winning artists. Another distinguishing element of the school is the high level of contact between instructors and students. The school also encourages successful community partnerships and is marked by a deep understanding of local and global civic participation. Within walking distance of Philadelphia’s most prominent cultural centres, the newly restored and enlarged facilities provide an ideal venue for society to engage in a variety of artistic and intellectual activities.

Department of Music, Rowan University

Top Audio Engineering Schools in Philadelphia

Rowan University’s innovative Bachelor of Science in Music Industry degree program prepares students for a lucrative career in the entertainment business or media industry. Students can specialize in Audio Engineering. The program concentrates on professional recording production and includes two internship opportunities as well as the chance to practicalize in the school-owned recording companies, organize and promote events, music concerts, work in our music studio, and connect with major music industry executives.

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