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Grocery Items in Nigeria – Here are the list of top most purchased grocery items in the Nigerian market today. See more below…

The purchasing power of Nigerians has undergone a lot of changes, but grocery items that the people of Nigeria consume have remained the same. A lot of Nigerians still buy grocery stuff they consumed during their childhood days, for familiarity sake.

Below is the list of popularly purchased grocery items Nigerians;

1. Foodstuffs

Top 10 Grocery Items in Nigeria

Nigerians are big buyers of foodstuffs item, as it is the most popular grocery item in Nigeria. Food is what man cannot live without. Foodstuffs are essential to Nigerian shoppers.

They are of different varieties, types, and speciality. Foodstuffs might be cultural or continental. Nigerian shoppers buy foods like rice, garri, spaghetti, yams, peanut butter, noodles etc.

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2. Cleaning Supplies

Top 10 Grocery Items in Nigeria

A wise man once said ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’. This holds for most Nigerians. As cleaning and janitorial supplies are another popular grocery items in Nigeria.

They may be used for household or other industrial purposes.  These cleaning supplies are mostly used to eliminate all kinds of dirt and bad odour, dust and stains.

Nigerians may have air fresheners, detergents, gloves, bleaches, sponges and other disinfectants and soap in their grocery list.

3. Kitchen and Dining Supplies

Top 10 Grocery Items in Nigeria

Nigerians are big buyers of kitchen and dining supplies. Nigerian homes have kitchens and shoppers are keen to stock their kitchen with supplies. So, kitchen and dining supplies are another essential grocery item. The kitchen to a Nigerian is where the magic of delicious meal preparation happens.

So kitchen and dining supplies like toothpicks, Moi Moi wrapping, serviettes, paper wax are on Nigerian shoppers’ grocery list.

4. Household Medical Supplies

Top 10 Grocery Items in Nigeria

A famous saying in Nigeria is ‘health is wealth’. Nigerians love investing in quality health. Nigerians are also proactive when tackling health issues. Nigerian shoppers add medical supplies on their grocery list, to combat home injury or mild illness. Most Nigerian homes have first aid box. This is why it is a popular grocery item in Nigeria.

Medical Items like aspirins, band-aids, pain reliever, cotton wool, and vitamin supplements are well sought by Nigerians while shopping for grocery items.

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5. Personal Care

Nigerians use personal care products for hygiene purposes. Others use it to beautify themselves. Nigerians hold the idea that it is vital to look after oneself for healthy well being. For social acceptance, Nigerians use personal care products to look good. This is the reason it is a popular grocery item in Nigeria.

Nigerian shoppers go for a lot of personal care products like deodorant, eyeliner, clippers, lip balm, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, razors, perfumes etc.

6. Child Care Product

There are more than 31 million children in Nigeria under the age of five. So getting child care or baby care product is very important for Nigerians.

It is why it is a popular grocery item in Nigeria. Shopping for babies and children including buying their shampoos, lotions, bath wash, diaper, formula, cereal, and beverage.

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