List of Army Barracks In Nigeria

Army barracks in Nigeria are known for housing the men of the Nigeria army. Army barracks can be said to be a structure or building where military personnel live. Army barracks were created to keep soldiers from civilians and ensure discipline and esprit de corps.

Army Barracks In Nigeria
Kuje Barracks

List of Army Barracks In Nigeria


Army Barracks In Nigeria
Dodan Barracks

We will now focus on the numerous army barracks in Nigeria. For years, these barracks have held a lot of memories for Nigerians, especially during the military regimes. They were dreaded and feared and looked upon with awe. But the democratic era has brought about some mutual understanding between men of the armed forces and Nigerian civilians.

Nigeria has a total of 52 Army barracks, which are:

  1. Dodan Barracks, located in Ikoyi, Lagos State, is currently the biggest barrack in Nigeria.
  2. Goodluck Jonathan Barracks, located in Ohafia Delta State, is ranked as the third-largest military base in Nigeria.
  3. Artillery Brigades Barracks, Minna, Niger State
  4. Katsina Barracks
  5. Alamala Barracks, Abeokuta State
  6. Oyo, Mokola Military Barracks is located in Oyo state.
  7. 174 Battalion, Nigerian Army barracks located in Odoguyan, Ikorodu, Lagos state.
  8. Osun Army Barracks.
  9. Ejoor Barracks Delta state.
  10. Warri Military Barracks located in Warri, Delta state.
  11. Ojo Barracks located in Lagos state.
  12. 22 Armoured Brigades, Sobi Barracks situated in Ilorin, Kwara state.
  13. 33 Artillery Brigades Barracks located in Bauchi state.
  14. 323 Artillery Brigade, Army Barracks, Military Base, located in Akure, Ondo state.
  15. Abakpa Barracks.
  16. Bori camps, Bori.
  17. Ikeja Barracks.
  18. Ashanti Barracks.
  19. Bukavu Barracks.
  20. Rukuba barracks.
  21. Awkunanu Barracks.
  22. Adaka Boro Barracks.
  23. Kalapanzin Barracks located in Kaduna state.
  24. Chindit Barracks located in Zaria.
  25. Giwa and Maimalari Barracks.
  26. Ribadu Cantonment located in Kaduna.
  27. Fort Nagwamatse Barracks.
  28. Obienu Barracks located.
  29. Odogbo Barracks located in Ibadan.
  30. Letmauk Barracks located in Ibadan.
  31. Keffi Barracks.
  32. Okitipupa Barracks.
  33. Ekanwan Barracks.
  34. Calabar Barracks.
  35. Onitsha Barracks.
  36. Lafenwa Barracks located in Abeokuta.
  37. Markurdi Barracks.
  38. Albati Barracks.
  39. Arokan Barracks.
  40. Tego Barracks.
  41. Beho Beho Barracks.
  42. Marda Barracks.
  43. Kotoko Barracks.
  44. Dalet Barracks.
  45. Mogadishu Barracks.
  46. Colito Barracks.
  47. Camp Wu Basssey Barracks.
  48. Fort IBB.
  49. Sani Abacha Barracks.
  50. Yakubu Gowon Barracks.
  51. Aguiyi Ironsi Barracks.
  52. Gado Nasko Barracks located in Abuja

Parts of Nigerian Army Barracks

As mentioned earlier, Nigerian army barracks are accommodations for men of the armed forces. Still, it will interest you to know that typical army barracks in Nigeria have many parts, which include:

Officers Quarters

Army Barracks In Nigeria
Officer Quarter

The officers quarter of the army barracks is where the senior army officers live. In a Nigerian Army barracks, each officer is entitled to a room and a ‘soldier servant’ or orderly. The commanding officers usually live in a bigger house than other regimental officers.

There are other quarters like the ranks’ quarters ( which provide accommodation for privates and corporals) and sergeants’ quarters (which include accommodation for non-commissioned officers).

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Commissary facility or shopping centre


Army Barracks In Nigeria
An army Shopping centre, Oshodi


Army Barracks in Nigeria are now vastly empowered to own shopping centres, that will sell groceries and other food products to men of the Nigerian army at a discounted price. Some times, these shopping centres are run by wives of the army officers.

Correctional facilities or Military prison

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In army barracks in Nigeria, one can find the military jail which is used to incarcerate men of the army who have committed an offence, enemy of the country or prisoner of war. The military prison is under the control of the Nigerian military.

Military Hospital


Army Barracks In Nigeria
Nigerian Army Hospital


The Nigerian army operates military hospitals situated near or inside the army barracks. The hospital caters to the health of men of the armed forces and their families. Civilians are also allowed to seek treatments in military hospitals. An example of a famous military hospital is the 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital Kaduna situated in Kaduna state.

Army Mess

‘Mess’ in the military context refers to an area where the soldiers relax and have their meal. Some Nigerian army barracks have a mess. For instance, there is the Command Officers Mess at Asokoro, Abuja.

Top Army Barracks in Nigeria

Here are some of the most popular barracks in Nigeria:

Ikeja Cantonment

Ikeja Cantonment, situated in the northern region of Lagos, is a huge Nigerian military base. It is located closer to the city center, near the Isolo and Onigbongo suburbs.

Lt. Col. M. O. Nzefili claimed there was a bloodbath at the barracks during the Nigerian counter-coup of July 28-29, 1966.

It was the headquarters of the Nigerian Army’s 9 Brigade of the 81 Division.

There was a considerable supply of “high calibre bombs” and other munitions in the facility in January 2002.

An explosion occurred in a market stall near the barracks on the afternoon of January 27.

The fire burned into the facility’s main weapons stockpile in 18:00, resulting in the Lagos armoury catastrophe in 2002.

Alamala Barrack, Ogun

This facility serves as a military barracks for servicemen of different sizes and sophistication in the Nigerian military, as well as their families.

It also has big open grounds for military exercises, as well as a healthcare center, churches, and educational establishments for the barracks’ occupants.

It’s a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Apart from the assurance of safety, the barracks also boasts an overflow of military decorum. The place is kept spotless and as quiet as possible. You can also become friends with a soldier and get in shape while under military supervision.

Dodan Barracks

Dodan Barracks is a Nigerian military facility in Ikoyi, Lagos. During the Biafran War, as well as from 1966 to 1979 and 1983 to 1985, the barrack served as the Supreme Military Headquarters.

Dodan Barracks served as the main seat of the Nigerian military rulers from 1966 to 1979 and 1983 to 1999, as well as the Supreme Military Command from 1966 until its relocation to Abuja in 1991.

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