A list of Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities in Adamawa State

Colleges and Universities in Adamawa State – Tertiary institutions in Adamawa State

Adamawa State, the light of the nations, has indeed shone its great light all through the nation over time. One of the ways this has been possible is the establishment of several educational institutions that aim at igniting the people with great light with which they will illuminate the world.

Colleges and Universities in Adamawa state

Adamawa is a Northeastern State having twenty-one Local Government Areas. The State was created on the 27th of August, 1991, from the northeastern half of the former Gongola State.

Adamawa has five outstanding tourist centres, which are: Sukur kingdom, Mandara mountains, Ruwan Zafi, Kiri dam and Koma hills together with other immeasurable awesome sights.

It should interest you to know that as much as the State is not lacking behind in food, good roads, and the provision of social amenities, the State is also doing great in the academic sector.

So, in this post, you will get a list of Adamawa State Colleges and Universities and names of some Secondary Schools, Seminaries, Polytechnics, etc.

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Adamawa State Colleges and Universities

For a better understanding, I have carefully categorized each segment respectively, from the Secondary Schools, the Seminaries; the Polytechnics; the Colleges and, the Universities.

Adamawa State Secondary Schools

Some notable Secondary Schools in Adamawa State are as follows:

 1. Government Science Secondary School, Hong

 2. Government Science Secondary School, Uba

 3. Government Secondary School Mayo-Belwa

 4. Government Secondary School Pakka

 5. Government Secondary School Shuwa

 6. Government secondary, Michika

7. Aliyu Mustapha memorial school, Yola
8.  Colonel Isa Memorial School, Yola
9.  El Shaddai Model School, Jimeta
10.  EYN Comprehensive Secondary School, Kwarhi, Mubi
11.  Government Arabic Secondary School, Song
12. ABTI Academy, Yola

13.  Government Day Secondary School, Army Barracks, Yola
14. Government secondary, Mubi

15.  Pare Government Secondary School, Numan

Adamawa State Seminaries

Seminaries in Adamawa State include:

1. St. Joseph Minor Seminary, Shuwa, Madagali
2.  Lutheran Junior Seminary, Mbamba, Yola

3.  St. Peter's Minor Seminary, Yola

Adamawa State Colleges

Colleges resident in Adamawa State are as follows:

  1.  Adamawa State College of Agriculture, Mubi
  2. Ahmadu Ribadu College, Yola
  3. Arabic Teachers College, Song.
  4. College For Legal Studies, Yola South
  5. College of Health Technology, Mubi
  6. College of Legal Studies
  7. Concordia College, Yola
  8. Federal College of Education (Technical), Potiskum
  9. Federal College of Education, Yola
  10. Federal Science and Technical College, Michika
  11. Federal government girls' college, Yola
  12. General Murtala Mohammed College, Yola
  13. Federal government college, Ganye

Adamawa State Polytechnics

The Polytechnics in Adamawa State are as follows:

  1. Federal Polytechnic
  2. Adamawa State Polytechnic
  3. Federal Polytechnic Staff School, Mubi

Adamawa State Universities

There are four Universities in Adamawa State, namely:

  1. Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola
  2. ADU Adamawa State University, Mubi
  3. YOL Federal University Of Technology, Yola
  4. ABT Abti-American University Of Nigeria, Lamido Zubairu Way, Yola


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