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152 Mind-Blowing Science pick Up Lines

Have you ever heard of science pick-up lines? Well, you don’t have to be a science freak to fall in love with these science-backed pickup lines. Ranging from biology to chemistry to physics and all, there are many concepts you can use to get pick-up lines.

 science pick up lines

So do you want to wow your crush? Are they science-inclined? Why not use science pickup lines? You can never tell how impressed they would be with your intelligence and attentiveness.

Did you struggle to keep the stream going? It doesn’t hurt to try something new. Increase your chances of landing your dream girl or guy by using a science pickup line. In this article, you will find amazing science pickup lines to use. Let’s dive into it!

152 Mind-Blowing Science Pick-Up Lines

1. Are you sure we haven’t had the same class before? I’m pretty sure we had great chemistry together.

2. Are you the result of the combination of copper and tellurium? It’s because you’re so Cu-Te!

3. By any chance, is your atomic number 11? Well, that’s because you have good sodium!

4. Combine beryllium, gold and titanium and we get you – fascinating Be-Au-Ti!

5. Can you tell me the oxidation state of this atom? If you can’t, then can you tell me your phone number instead?

6. Do you know why uranium is my favorite element in the periodic table of elements? It’s because I love you!

7. Do you want to share valence electrons? This way we can have a stable relationship.

8. Even if a concentration gradient tries to pull us apart, I will do my best to cross it just to be with you.

9. Every orbital in my life is half full without you.

10. Flour, iodine and neon must be your main components because you are so FI-Ne.

11. From now on, I will call you Avogadro. That way I already know your number.

12. I would tell you more chemistry sample lines, but all good Argon!

13. I’ve had my ion you for quite a while now. Don’t you think we should get together?

14. In my own version of the periodic table of elements, element number one is U.

15. Just say the word and I’ll be more than willing to fill your orbital?

16. Let’s show Potassium and water that together we can make a stronger reaction than them!

17. Look what I have – a molecular model kit! Do you want to play with my stick and my balls?

18. Oh, I see you are made of beryllium and barium. You are such a total Ba-Be!

19. Let me restructure the periodic table of elements and I would place U and I together.

20. Roses are red. Bromothymol is blue. My love for you has no end.

21. Should I try to put my sample in your test tube?

22. The way you spread your heat everywhere makes me think you are an exothermic reaction.

23. To me, you are like hydrogen because you are number 1!

24. Would you be willing to show me your arsenic sulfide?

25. Do you want me to do you periodically on the table?

26. Wow, you are undeniably exothermic! I bet you often feel this reaction.

27. Do you also breathe oxygen? We have so much in common!

28. You’re way hotter than sulfur hydroxide and ethyl acetate combined.

29. Your back reminds me of nickel, cerium, arsenic, and sulfur. What a Ni-Ce As-S!

30. Your pH factor must be 14 because you are the most basic need in my life right now.

31. Feel free to call me William Herschel as I am about to discover Uranus.

32. Why don’t we go to my room, and I can show you the exponential growth of my natural log?

33. If you had to be an element, you would be Francium since it is the most attractive element there is.

34. I could really see myself doing you periodically on a table.

35. You light my Bunsen burner.

36. I promise I won’t take you for granite if you go out with me.

37. I’ve finally discovered what’s causing global warming. You!

38. A sedimentary rock has got nothing on the many layers of your amazing personality.

39. Are you a fossil? Because I really want to date you!

40. Are you a pile of dinosaur bones? Because I dig you!

41. Every time I see you, I get a hardness of 10.

42. Hey baby, I was thinking about you and the earth shook.

43. Just imagine that we are tectonic plates that are colliding with one another.

44. I adore how you have so many facets to your personality, much like sedimentary rock.

45. Your grin is like a well of unending comfort and refreshment.

46. You completely rock my world.

47. Tsunamis are blue and lava is red. You would be the case study I would pick if I had to.

48. Hey woman, if you alter with changes in temperature and pressure, you must be like a metamorphic rock.

49. I believe I require some sort of assistance, perhaps a retaining wall, to prevent my jaw from falling whenever I see you.

50. Did you just blow me away, or was there a supervolcano in here?

51. I would ask you out right now if I were just a little bit more boulder-like.

52. I simply want to feel how silky your slick sides are, for some reason.

53. If we were an earthquake, I would be the S wave and you would be the P wave as you would be the first to arrive.

54. I would allow you to subduct if you were an oceanic crust and I were a continental crust so that we could create hot magma.

55. Are you a volcanic eruption? Because I lava you so!

56. Are you made of hydrochloric acid? Because you’re fizzing up my limestone.

57. That’s my horst you’ve grabbed, baby!

58. You rock my world, baby!

59. If you become my companion, I guarantee you that I will never treat you like schist.

60. Because you awarded me a hardness of 10, I must be a diamond.

61.Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that if I’m attracted to you, you’re attracted to me.

62. Van der Waal’s force is my favorite attracting force. Can you sense it? If you can’t, I’ll move closer.

63.You ready for some…fusion?

64. I’m a physics major, but I’m no Niels Bohr in bed.

65. I believe we are subatomic particles because there’s a strong force between us.

66. Engineers are clueless when it comes to satisfying women. Friction alone will not suffice.

67. You are more unique than relativism.

68. My mattress’ spring constant is known to me. Do you want to collect data?

69. Is it just a case of excessive gravitational pull, or are your eyes a Great Attractor?

70. Let us now transform our potential energy into kinetic energy.

71. Can I integrate your curves tonight?

72. Would you want to meet up so that I can stimulate your natural frequency?

73. You must be a magnetic monopole since all I feel is attraction from you.

74. You must be the Higgs Boson particle, because I’ve been colliding with you for a long time.

75. What’s up, lovely? Let’s return to my house and put our coefficient of friction to the test.

76. Are you wondering about torque, baby? We can find much more by putting your mass on my rod.

77. There’s no denying that you’re more unique than relativism.

78. Want to dance? I have the ability to move your inertia.

79. What about using my lever to change your center of mass?

80. I’m so drawn to you that scientists will have to find a fifth basic force.

81. I would be delighted to activate your personal hotspot.

82. Is your Wi-Fi turned on because I sense a strong connection with you.

83. Do you want to view my hard drive? I can assure you that it is neither 3.5 inches nor floppy.

84. Do you work for Google? Because you have everything that I’m looking for.

85. I wish I could choose all of your outfits and trash them.

86. Let’s take a cue from Excel and spreadsheets.

87. You can unzip my files whenever you like.

88. You have Auto-Completed me.

89. Do you have a 90-degree angle? Because you look great!

90. Do you enjoy math? We can multiply by adding you and me, subtracting our garments, and dividing your legs.

91. You’re much hotter than the underside of my laptop.

92. Because I believe you are so acute, your angles must be fewer than 90 degrees.

93. My love for you is infinite, just like the digits of pi.

94. You’re as sweet as 3.14, baby!

95. Never mind pi’s hundreds of thousands of digits. All I actually need to know is your phone number’s last four digits.

96. You are the sole thing in my world, just like the ideal vacuum.

97. I’m drawn to you in the same way that the Earth is drawn to the Sun – with a strong force that is inversely proportional to the distance squared.

98. I think you’re a star because I can’t seem to get enough of you.

99. Do you dwell on Mars? Because you appear to be from another planet.

100. Do you resemble the moon? Because you seem to sparkle even when it’s dark.

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101. I would still fall for you if there was no gravity on this planet.

102. Is there a telescope in your pants, or are you simply delighted to see me?

103. Do you want to help me demonstrate that the Big Bang is more than just a theory?

104. You’re tremendously hot and extremely brilliant, just like a blue supergiant star.

105. My ambition is to travel to outer space and discover Uranus.

106. Your gravitational pull is unstoppable!

107. love for you is endless and ever-expanding, just like the cosmos!

108. Yours is the most heavenly of all celestial bodies in the cosmos.

109. Are you a hole in the ground? Because the more you suck me, the closer I come to you.

110. You must have swallowed a magnet cause I am currently drawn to you.

111. You appear to be going at the speed of light, since time seems to stand still when I stare at you.

112. I’d fall for you even if there was no gravity on Earth.

113. Do you want to be a part of this universe?

114. Let’s do some biology now that we’ve mastered chemistry.

115. You must be a 90-degree angle since you appear to be exactly perfect to me.

116. Do you want to help me demonstrate that the Big Bang is more than just a theory?

117. When I’m near you, I start breathing anaerobically.

118. Because you steal my breath away, sweetie.

119. Because, darling, I want you! My hypothalamus must be secreting serotonin.

120. You’re meant to share your hotness with me, according to the second rule of thermodynamics.

121. The Kelvin scale cannot possibly measure how hot I believe you are.

122. You are the photon to my photosystem’s photosystem.

123. You stimulate my electron till I get at my response center.

124. Let’s take a look at the amplitude of our physical wave, baby.

125. You must be evaporating from a solid state, for I consider you exquisite.

126. Do you want to be the cytoplasm if my right leg is the cell wall and my left is the membrane?

127. You must be an alkali metal, baby. With just one touch, I can tell you’re really sensitive.

128. I’ll refer to you as Avogadro from now on. This way, I’d already have your phone number.

129. Even if you were a laser, you couldn’t be more magnificent.

130. You’re similar to telophase. I’m impressed by your cleavage.

131. I’d act as the photon to your electron, bringing you to an excited state.

132. My DNA is all in you. Therefore, you must be a cell.

133. I’m a twig, and you’re a twig… Let’s rub our hands together and start a fire.

134. I’d let you subduct if you were oceanic crust and I was a continent so we could make hot, hot magma.

135. Everyone understands that it is not the size of the vector that is important, but how the force is delivered.

136. Would you like to put your alpha helix in my beta barrel?

137. If I were a virus, my love would infect you.

138. What is my name? It’s Bond. The covalent bond.

139. ‘Are you jet fuel, baby girl?’  Because you’re melting me.away

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140. Trying to define my love for you would be like attempting to define dividing a number by zero. It simply cannot be defined.

141. There’s so much energy flowing between us that it’s as if we’re galvanic cells.

142. Do you want to make a zygote, baby?

145. Do you enjoy science? Because I have my eye on you!

144. I’m sure you’re similar to calcium bicarbonate. The response will be enormous if I get you soaked!

145. Do you know why guys are more appealing than women? Because sexy cannot be spelled without XY.

146. What would you want in an endoplasmic reticulum: smooth or rough?

147. To trigger your sensory system, I don’t require neurons.

148. We’d have a more energetic reaction than potassium and water.

149. I work as a chemist. Do you want me to experiment on you?

150. You’re more delicious than fructose.

151. Beautium is a rare new element discovered by scientists recently.

152. You appear to be composed of it.

More science pickup lines

According to the multiverse theory, there’s at least one universe where we end up together. Do you want this universe to be one of them?

Are you a 90-degree angle? Because you look just right!

Are you a black hole? Because the more you suck me, the more I get closer to you.

Baby, you’re as sweet as 3.14!

Can I have your significant digits?

Can you show me the exponential growth of your natural log?

Did you just swallow a magnet? Because I’m so attracted to you right now.

Do you like science? Because I lab you so much!

Do you want to look at my telescope? You can Hubble it if you want.

Every time I see you, my lab goggles fog up. That just means you’re smoking hot!

Hey, would you like to be lab partners? It would be a pleasure to do some anatomy and biology experiments with you.

Hi, I’m a Bunsen burner. Would you light my flame?

How about drinking some alcohol to catalyze your love reaction a bit more?

I must be a litmus paper, and you must be acid. Because every time I come into contact with you, I turn all red.

I would love to dock my rocket at your space station.

Just like a blue supergiant star, you’re exceedingly hot and extremely bright.

Just like the digits of pi, my love for you has no end.

My dream is to travel to outer space so I can go and explore Uranus.

My love for you is like the universe—infinite and constantly expanding!

Never mind the hundreds and thousands of digits of pi. All I really need to know are the digits of your phone number.

Observing you is not enough. Let me get a little more hands-on with you.

Out of all the celestial bodies in the universe, yours is the most heavenly.

So, where should we go? My lab or yours?

The reason why I want to be your derivative is that so I can lay tangent to your curves.

Whenever you’re nearby, I reach my melting point.

With my pestle and your mortar here in this room, let’s begin the grinding and pounding!

Would you like to participate in our…group experiments?

You are such a perfect arrangement of atoms.

Were you born in an open cluster? Because you shine like a young star!

You’d still be hotter than a Bunsen burner even if I set it to max power.

You’re not my thesis, but I’m more than willing to do you on my desk, all night long.

You’re so hot you make my lab goggles fog up.

That’s all! Use any of the above pickup lines on your crush or lover today!


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