What is NFS Meaning in Chats

Originally, the meaning of NFS was “Not for Sale.” It was a term utilized in the gaming market. NFS is also a computer terminology meaning “network file system.” But NFS means “not so fast” in chatting and social media usage.

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For example:

John: Are you going to the club tomorrow?

Mary: NFS! Let’s talk about your brother.

What is NFS Meaning in Chats

What is NFS Meaning in Snapchat?

According to our research about NFS, we have come to realize that NFS means “Not so fast” on Snapchat, Twitter, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. You have to take cognizance of this so as not to get confused. NFS can also mean “not for sure,” based on the way we have seen it used in Snapchat.

What does NFS mean in chats?

We understand that new slang comes up every day, and teenagers enjoy using them. Some examples are TTY, TGIF, NFT and NFS. So what is the meaning of NFS in chats?

NFS means “Not for Sure” in chats. This is usually used when you are texting someone and are confused about the reply.

What does NFS mean in the text on Instagram?

In the world of Instagram, NFS means “Not so fast.” Although there are hundreds of different contexts that can change the meaning of the word. It might even mean “Not For Sale” in a certain marketing context.

Alternatively, NFS can mean “Not Funny Shit” in informal, casual texting scenarios. Especially when used in chatting and “DM-ing.” When “Not for sale” is used, it is largely for promoting or creating awareness for a product.

What does NFS mean in the text on TikTok?

NFS does not mean “Not Funny Shit” on TikTok. NFS on TikTok means “not for sure”. It is usually abbreviated like that when chatting on TikTok. It is equally used by both old and new users.

Meanwhile, in Discord, NFS means “Not For Sure” as well.

Other meaning of NFS.

NFS – No Funny Stuff

This is a witty way of expressing the desire to stay away from conflict, drama or silly stuff in their life. Social media users make use of this term to convey to others that they are not keen on dating or romance.

NFS – No Filter Squad

People that are self-confident and take pride in their appearance. Thus, they don’t see the need to apply filters to enhance their looks. They proudly use this hashtag (for instance, #nofiltersquad).

NFS – No Filter Story

Exactly like the last one, this one is mostly used in Instagram Stories. It shows that the user did not apply any filters or enhancements to their picture or video.

NFS – No Followers Syndrome

NFS – No Followers Syndrome Some social media users are so obsessed with their follower count that they can’t even derive genuine value from the platforms. Whenever you see the hashtag “#nofollowerssyndrome #Nfs,” it suggests they are done playing the numbers game and are only interested in posting for fun.

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