Benefits of Joining a Christian Group in NYSC Camp

Christianity is everywhere around us, even in the NYSC camp. The christian religion has impacted in the upward direction of our society. Christianity has eaten deep into the sphere and lives of our culture. For those who breathe and live by its standards it has shaped their happiness and brought immense blessings in their lives.

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Even in the NYSC camp Christianity plays a vital role in the life of its members. Three weeks in the camp away from the watchful eyes of friends and families can be an excuse for some corp members to abandon their Christian life and to give rein to desires of the flesh. Carrying such attitude would not be useful to say the least when you consider the benefits attached to staying close to the church and living a Christian life.

Let us consider some of these benefits of being a Christian corp member.

Benefits: Journey To The Camp

Most often than not, different church groups usually bring buses to convey corp members from the main city to the orientation camp without charge. Importantly this helps the fresh corp members to save some of financial stress from their journey. It helps them to save the stress of finding their way from the city to the camp. This could also protect them from drivers who would likely want to take advantage of these corp members and extort more money from them. These corp members here experience firsthand love by the church in their new state of deployment and that could bring amazing feeling of acceptance.

Benefits: In the Camp

There is no denying that this kind hearted Christian fellows who have thought so much as to convey corp members to the camp has your interest at heart and associating with them is a wise course to follow. It is vitally necessary that you continue to associate and worship with them.

In most camps the recognized Christian group is usually the NCCF and the catholic fellowship, every other church group usually finds an inconspicuous area in their little groups to associate together.

Nearly every night there is a worship and song program. Exercise faith in joining this worship program would go a long way to redeem believers from what may cause harm to others in the camp. The spiritual forces around us and especially with the seeds of humans found in the camp it is important to be prayerful.

Serving the lord through our time, sacrifice and resources in the camp would surely make God glad and bring him glory and you can be assured you are continually treasuring for yourself a better investment into our future.
The corp member’s relationship with God remains intact and more so every attempt by the devil to manipulate his destiny would be broken.

As you continue to associate with members of your Christian faith you can easily make good friends who can support you through some of the difficulties in the camp. With such relationship it gets easier to have and share useful information in the camp. Their love and help can make any stress or discomfort you experience in the camp to pale into insignificance.

In the matter of unclean behavior and relationship identifying yourself with the church can give you more courage to fight against any immoral advances or desires and the dangers of bad company.

Benefits: Journey To Primary Place of Assignment

As you dress your bed and prepare your bag to go for the passing out ceremony and issuance of your letter of posting to primary place of assignment you might wonder where you are going to keep your bags. Since no one is allowed into the room after a certain hour on the day of passing out from camp. As you might guess the church might be your next relieve as a safer place to keep your bags. This seems a very small, simple and expected gesture from the church. When your anxiety over the safety of your property grabs you then you will appreciate this simple act of kindness and the protection it provides. These church groups also makes provision for buses to carry back the corpers to their place of primary assignment especially those going to the city area.

Benefits: Arrival AT PPA

Depending on your place of primary assignment your arrival at the local government would normally be welcomed by a bit of fanfare. Next after that would be to find a place to lodge. Founding yourself in a strange land and knowing absolutely nobody can make the effort to get housing quite challenging.

Most at times however it becomes very safe to learn that most christian groups have lodges or can assist in lodging new corpers for the night or for sometime before while they find their own place. Sometimes most corp members still enjoy the warmth and security in staying in these lodges.

Initializing and integrating with your new environment can prove to very easy with the guidance of existing corp members associating with you in your Christian faith.

Keeping up with your faith would also not be hard because there would already be established church services and programs on ground that you can follow up with. This would give you the spiritual strength and power to overcome the machinations of the devil no matter where you are posted to.

We do not want to go on and on in enumerating the happiness and joy that comes from associating with a Christian faith during your service year. Be assured joining the Christian corpers wherever you found yourself is the best thing you could do for yourself during your service year.

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