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NDT Course Fees in Nigeria – Hello guys, here, you will see the amount payable as the course fee for each NDT unique courses. check out below;

ndt course fees

What Does NDT Stand For?

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is employed in the analysis welds, piping, valves and other materials for the presence of invisible defects without causing damage to the material.

Non-Destructive Testing is the process of inspecting, testing, or evaluating materials, components or assemblies for discontinuities, or differences in characteristics without destroying the serviceability of the part or system.

In other words, when the inspection or test is completed the part can still be used. Because NDT does not permanently alter the article being inspected, it is a highly-valuable technique that can save both money and time.

NDT in-house methods are:

  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI)
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
  • Radiography Testing X-ray (RT)
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)co

How Much is NDT Course Fees in Nigeria

One academic institute that offers NDT courses is Ham Energy Services. Hams Energy Services is an indigenous registered company specialized in training and certification in Non-destructive testing level 2, Eddy current among others.

Ham Energy Services aims at preparing SSCE Holders, University Undergraduates, and Graduates for employments in Oil & Gas / Refining / FPSO and LNG/GTLs industries in Nigeria and they are located at #2 Dr. Abranya Okilo drive, Railway close off Garrison bus-stop, D-line Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Let’s take a look at the NDT courses and cost fees in the table below;


Fees (Naira) 

Visual Testing 62,000 NGN 
Radiographic Film Interpretation 110,000 NGN 
Ultrasonic Testing 115,0000 NGN 
Magnetic Particle 62,000 NGN 
Liquid Penetrant 62,000 NGN 
Eddy Current Testing 220, 000 NGN 



Yes, there are so many other institutes that are offering the NDT course. So, if your wanna know about them kindly search this keyword on google “Institute Offering NDT Courses in Nigeria”

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