Keke Napep Prices in Nigeria 2021 | Brand New and Fairly Used Prices

Keke Napep Prices in Nigeria 2021 | How much is Keke napep in Nigeria.

Keke Napep Prices in Nigeria – Keke Napep, How much is Keke Napep sold, Where can I buy Keke, how many brands of Keke do we have, How much is BAJAJ Keke, How much does a fairly used Keke cost. See more details below;

Keke Napep has become one of the most used means of transportation within the streets in Nigeria. The reason for the dominant role that Keke napep has come to play within the Nigerian transportation system is not far-fetched from the banning of Okada in Nigeria. Before now, Okada riding used to be the most popular means of movement from one place to another.

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It should be noted that Keke napep is not really the safest means of transportation, especially on the high ways, because it doesn’t have much of a balance like a car, yet it still does the job just fine.

One of the reasons that has made Keke napep so endeared to millions of Nigerians is its flexibility. By this, I mean that this tricycle can easily run through tight corners, just like a motorcycle in those days, which is unlike the normal cars and taxis across town.

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Initially, when Keke napep was introduced in Nigeria, following the public ban of okada, there was a public skepticism and suspicion about the use of it. However, as the days go by, millions of Nigerians have now come to be so addicted to it, as it provides an additional layer of comfort and security, unlike the traditional okada.

With this also, it’s not unnatural to expect an explosion in the importation of Keke napep in Nigeria. We now see different kinds of Keke napep floating all over Nigeria, even as thousands of Nigerians now make a living via the commercial use of Keke napep.

Hence, the desire to expose you to everything you need to know about the industry of tricycles in Nigeria, and how you can benefit from this booming industry led to the writing of this article. Read on to find out more.

What are the Different Brands of Keke Napep in Nigeria

Since the introduction of Keke napep in Nigeria, a lot of brands and types have been flooding the Nigerian markets. Some of these brands have been able to establish them for themselves, while a whole of others are still struggling to dominate a section of the market.

But just unlike okada or motorcycle with about a hundred brand names in circulation, Keke napep has only a handful of popular brands out there. Hence, we shall attempt to discuss these popular brands presently.


If you are into automobiles, then chances are that the name Bajaj is not new to you. This is because bajaj has created a nitch and a name for themselves in the automobile industry. Arguably, bajaj is the most popular name when it comes to tricycles, and one of the most affordable.

Although Bajaj Keke napep has its ups and lows, it still remains one of the sorts after brands in the automobile industry, especially in Keke napep.


Piaggio is one of the brands in automobiles that is known for one core feature- fuel efficiency. If you actually pay more attention to managing your fuel consumption on a daily basis, then Piaggio is one in the right direction.

The fuel efficiency aspect of their brand has made them grow steadily over the years. Its always good to be known for a particular thing, and in this case, this company has managed to be known for their fuel management.


In terms of popularity and brand name, Suzuki can only be compared to bajaj. Although one can only argue that their tricycle is really not as popular as their cars, yet when it comes to durability, the Suzuki tricycle is really the one brand to go for.

As most Nigerian roads are in terrible states, the tricycle brand that can be relied upon to withstand the pressures of these bad roads is Suzuki. We all know how strong anything made in Japan is right? That goes to Suzuki Keke napep too.


The other brands that are equally worthy of note include Vespa and Zongshen, TVs among others. All these brands do have their fair share of good and bad.

These may come in the form of price, durability, size, and shape, etc. So, you can make your choice depending on the features that interest you the most.

Keke Napep Prices in Nigeria

– Brand New Keke Napep Prices In Nigeria Currently

Nigeria is arguably one of the most populous countries in Africa, with a population of close to 200 million people. It should be noted also that Keke napep is the official means of commercial transportation within the streets of Nigeria, and as such, the demand for it is exponentially increasing by the day.

With this increase comes a steady increase in the price of Keke napep in Nigeria. Hence, below is to current price of Keke napep in Nigeria this 2019.

BAJAJ KEKE NAPEP: N600,000 to N850,000

PIAGGIO KEKE NAPEP: N500.000 to 700,000

TVS KEKE NAPEP: N580,000 to 650,000

DAYLONG KEKE NAPEP: N500,000 to 600,000

From the difference in the location of purchase comes the difference in price. In some cities in Nigeria, things generally are on the high side, this includes keke napep, while in some other cities, things may still be relatively cheaper compared to other cities. Hence, you should make your findings before buying your keke napep.

– Fairly Used Keke Napep Prices in Nigeria Currently

Given the state of the Nigerian economy today, deciding to go for a fairly used Keke napep is not a bad idea at all, especially when the tricycle in view is still in a good form and shape.

At times, going for a fairly used Keke napep can save you a great deal of money, while at the same time, giving you the same level of efficiency as the new one.

Hence, if you ever decide to go for a fairly used Keke napep, below is the price of a fairly used Keke napep in Nigeria.

NOTE that the prices of fairly used keke that we present below is only for the class of fairly used that are considered second new, or the ones that are still as neat as a new. So depending on the state of the Keke napep in question, the price might be a bit higher or lower than the ones on our list.

BAJAJ KEKE NAPEP: N200,000 to N350,000

PIAGGIO KEKE NAPEP: N250,000 to N350,000

DAYLONG KEKE NAPEP: N180,000 to N300,000

TVS KEKE NAPEP: N180,000 to N350,000

Things To Consider Before Buying A Tricycle (Keke Napep)

1. Brand

Most of the time, we do hear people saying that they go for a brand and not necessarily for the product. Brand matters most when buying anything on earth, including Keke napep. Some brands are known for quality and durability while others are known for low quality and performance.

Hence, it’s always advisable to go for those brands that you are sure will stand the test of time. You wouldn’t want to waste your hard-earned money, would you?

2. Budget

The quality determinant that we discussed above mostly comes with a price tag. While some Keke are quite expensive, it’s left for you to know what you want and how much you have at your disposal.

As the saying goes, cut your coat according to your size. Always know what you have and plan on the most efficient way of spending it in order to bring back dividends.

3. Fuel Consumption

Keke napep is actually one thing that you always use for commercial purposes. If you desire to be making money with your Keke napep, then one of the most important features to look out for is the rate of fuel consumption of the Keke that you want to buy.

You don’t want to spend all your money on fueling your Keke napep every 30 minutes, do you? Just like we established above, Suzuki is the brand with the most fuel efficiency management mechanism in the present. On this regard, you may want to consider it.

5. Availability Of Parts

No matter how well or efficient a Keke napep maybe, you really don’t want to buy the brand that don’t have its repair parts readily available for purchase.

It’s obvious that most Keke napep out there have their spare parts everywhere in our local market, yet some brands that are still new in the market can not boast of such.

On this, you should make sure that you carry out your research properly for the availability and cost of its spare parts before making that purchase.

How to Make Cool Money From Your Keke Napep

Keke napep business is a highly lucrative business in Nigeria. In this section, i will show you some business models in Keke napep that you can employ to make the most of this Keke business. Read on to find out more.

  1. The best way to put your Keke napep into good use is to drive it yourself. Most Keke napep drivers do make a profit of N4,000 per day on the minimum. If you multiply this by 30 days, it gives you N120,000. If you ask me, I would say that if you are making such an amount of money in Nigeria, then you are doing well.
  2. If for any reason, you don’t think that driving of Keke is fitting for you, due to your other engagements, you can still buy it and lease it to somebody who will be driving it, and making returns for you either on a weekly or daily basis. Either way, the profit margin is usually much.
  3. Owning a Keke transport company is really not a bad idea at all. Just like the big transport companies out there, you can start small, by buying like 10 Keke, and then employ drivers that you will be paying base on certain agreed formula. Believe me, with time, your Keke company must have grown to become like an empire.
  4. You can as well buy Keke napep, with the intention of giving it out on the basis of higher purchase. By this, I mean that you can buy a Keke napep with N800,000 and lease it to a driver who will pay double the price that you initially bought it, on installment over time. This is the category where many investors invest in Keke business because the profit margin is usually double the original price.

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