How to Track a Phone In Nigeria

Track a Phone in Nigeria –  If your phone was stolen and you want to track the phone in Nigeria? This article is for you. Usually, when a phone is missing, a phone tracker is used to discover where the phone location is. But where can you get phone trackers and how is it used to track your phone in Nigeria.

How to Track a Phone In Nigeria

It is important to note that a lot of websites on the internet have sprung up to provide, most of the time, free phone tracking services. A few of them are authentic, while most of them are fake. It is terrible to input your phone number into sites you are unsure of.

Do extensive research on them. Fake websites have pervaded the internet, hunting for phone numbers for spam. Be cautious. Make sure you verify websites before inputting your phone number.

Technology has advanced to the era of tracking. GPS  (Global Positioning System) is a recommended way of tracking your cell phone instead of monitoring it via phone number. GPS is known for monitoring geolocations. Though 100% accurate, you are sure to get the correct location.

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If you have misplaced your phone or it was stolen, you will find GPS handy. Tracking a missing phone is more accessible than a stolen phone. One challenge of tracking your phone in Nigeria is that the location may not be precise, but the country, network operator, and city may be identifiable alone.

Tracking a phone number is also necessary when you receive a dubious phone call and want to find its source.  Now, to track a phone number in Nigeria, you will have to get apps that utilize GPS to discover your phone location. These apps will profile the phone numbers for tracking.

Phone tracking can also be used to discover the location of family and friends.

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Possible Ways to Track a Phone in Nigeria

We will break down the different methods that you can use in tracking your phone number in Nigeria. Most of them are online and exist in app form. It is up to you to make the selection.

METHOD 1: Using Phone Tracker Apps

With these tracking and monitoring apps, you can get the exact map and satellite image location of where your smartphone is/has been and remotely ring out your device even if it is on silent (this comes in handy when, for example, you suddenly cannot find your smartphone in your house), remotely lock your phone with a new password or security code and display a recovery message (or contact information) on the display.

Here is the list of the best phone tracking software in Nigeria

– Trace Phone Number

Trace Phone Number

This software is free to use and is easy and straightforward to use. You will only need to input your phone number and click ‘trace’.

The advantage of this software is that it is free and requires no registration. It will display the network operator and geolocation. Disadvantages include; it is only functional in India and has limited location search.


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– Caller ID & Number Locator

How to Track a Phone In Nigeria

This software is another free phone and tracker. You can track your phone and also identify callers in Nigeria.

Advantages include:

  • the ability to perform a caller block,
  • An extensive database of over 10,000 locations,
  • conducting a number of searches offline,
  • the platform also can track numbers in more than a hundred countries.

Disadvantages include

  • Unable to support phones with android version 4.0 and below
  • The app is not available for iOS users.


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Mobile Number Tracker Pro

How to Track a Phone In Nigeria

This phone tracking app is similar to the others. It tracks a phone number via geolocation.

Advantages include:

  • The ability to track any number anywhere in the world.
  • The app can call and message.

Disadvantages include

  • Issues and bugs may affect the geolocator
  • An active internet connection must be used at all times.


METHOD 2:  Using IMEI Number

There is this other amazing way that you can use in getting back a missing phone, this is simply done by using the missing phone’s IMEI number. However, IMEI is an acronym that stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

What is IMEI?

The IMEI number is a 15-digit number used for several purposes and one of the use is for tracking and recovering stolen smartphones by GSM network providers and authorities to track missing and stolen smartphones.

How can I find my IMEI?

IMEI number of smartphones are usually attached to a new phone box, on the phone (in the battery compartment), and “on the phone” (by dialling *#06#). Make sure you properly note the IMEI number of your phone beforehand or this method will be useless to you.

Why Use Tracking by IMEI Method?

Each time you use a mobile phone to access network services like making or receiving calls or sending SMS, the IMEI number is sent to the network base station by the device. This is what makes tracking by IMEI possible.

Successfully tracking a device using an IMEI number usually involves the use of sophisticated hardware, which is mostly used by law enforcement agencies, network providers, or anyone with access to such equipment.

Most Mobile Apps that claim to track phones with IMEI are usually gimmicked as they do not work if the reviews are anything to go by.

My advice is if method 1 and method 3 fail to help track and recover your missing or stolen device, you should contact the police (of course, the IMEI number will be required in the police report).

You should also contact the network provider with your IMEI number to block (blacklist) the phone (this may require a police report with other documentation). This action will render the phone useless to the thief.

If the phone is later recovered, you can also request for the phone to be unblocked (whitelisted).

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METHOD 3. Using Google Find My Device

Formerly known as Android Device Manager (ADM), Find My Device is a service brought to you by Google which is also effective for phone recovery.

The Find My Device can be used to locate, track, and recover Android devices (smartphone, tablet, smartwatch) — as long as the device is connected to a Google Account, connected to the internet, and is switched on.

This service is rendered for free through the official website or through a direct “Find My Device” search on Google. With Find My Device, you can locate places where your device has been, erase device data, lock and security devices and also ring your device.

Find my Device has a mobile app that you can download from the Google Play Store.

Method 4. Third-party Apps

Apart from Android ‘find my device‘, there are other third-party applications that you can use to track your missing phone. The caveat is that you have to install these tracking apps before the phone becomes missing. These security and tracking apps will enable you to find, lock and wipe off the data on your Android phone. These apps can be used to look for your phone in a simple way. Some of the best Android tracking apps include:

  • Cerberus Anti-Theft
  • Family Locator
  • Lost Android
  • Where’s My Droid?
  • Anti-theft security and alarm systems
  • Security & Antivirus | Lookout by Lookout Mobile Security
  • Prey Anti-Theft: Find My Phone & Mobile Security
  • Mobile Security: Antivirus, Anti-Theft and Safe Web
  • Find My Phone Android: Lost Phone Tracker
  • Lost Phone remote Access
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