Which Filling Station is the Best in Nigeria

This article highlights Nigeria’s ten biggest and best filling stations of 2021. Nigeria is endowed with bountiful natural resources, the most significant of which is crude oil. Indeed, the historical background of crude oil in Nigeria explains to a significant degree why we are so reliant on crude oil and petroleum products presently, and cheers to this precious mineral, Nigeria has made billions from manufacturing it via the numerous petroleum production facilities scattered throughout the country.

Petrol, also widely referred to as fuel or oil in Nigeria, is among the country’s most valuable commodities, and as a result, several oil corporations have set up shops in various sections of the federation. These oil firms, like Nigerian national petroleum corporation, Mobil, and Shell, to name a few, all have production plants in logistical locations throughout Nigeria, and many of them own petrol stations through which they market Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) to buyers for the aim of fueling their automobiles, that include but are not restricted to some of the most widely known car brand names, tricycle, motorbikes, power bikes, and generators.

Even if solar technology, or clean energy in general, is rapidly becoming a reality in Nigeria, it has had little impact on the sales of petrol, which is expected to endure for a long time, guaranteeing that several oil businesses continue to thrive. As we move further in the article, let us analyze the best ten filling stations in Nigeria.


In no specific order, below are Nigeria’s top ten best and most popular fuel filling stations for 2021:


Ardova Plc (AP), previously Forte Oil, is a large local and diversified energy business in Nigeria that specialises in the marketing of petroleum products. They acquire and sell petrol (PMS), diesel (AGO), kerosene (DPK), and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Nigeria, with upwards of 450 retail stores and large warehouses in Lekki, Lagos, and Onne, Rivers State (LPG). From its oil mixing facilities in Apapa, Lagos, they also manufacture and distribute a diverse array of high lubricants. Super V, Visco 2000, and Diesel Motor Oil are some of the lubricants available.


MRS Oil Nigeria Plc, previously Texaco, is a completely consolidated and productive downstream operator in Nigeria’s petroleum industry, with influential holdings. They are their valued client’s preferred distributor, demonstrating their commitment to product quality and service competence. This company is concentrating on increasing operational efficiencies in all sectors of the downstream industry in which they conduct business. They have a proven track record and a deep understanding of Nigeria’s downstream industry.

MRS Oil is one of Nigeria’s biggest and most well-known distributors of refined petroleum products, such as high-quality fuel, maritime, and aerospace fuels. They distribute premium gasoline under the MRS brand at 416 commercial filling stations ideally positioned throughout Nigeria. They additionally supply quality lubricant brands – Stallion and Premier Motor Oil – with their extensive choice of lubricants and industrial knowledge. The company’s exclusive mixing plant in Apapa, as well as its research and development centres, enable them to provide premium grade products to their prestigious clientele.

Their lubricants are known for keeping things working smoothly and consistently. The lubricants are available at their filling stations and through chosen distributors around the country.


Oando filling stations are also Nigeria’s most popular fuel stations nowadays. Oando’s products and services are distributed under the ‘OVH Energy’ retail company. OVH Energy is a major local distributor in Nigeria, providing reliable petroleum products/solutions. Their experience includes jetty facilities as well as the distribution and marketing of petrol products for consumer, business, and industrial use. OVH Energy has boosted Nigeria’s downstream industry and built a diverse supply presence via the Oando retail business, delivering approximately 1 billion gallons of refined petroleum products yearly.


Conoil is a well-known Nigerian petroleum business with high-quality filling stations all around the country. Mike Adenuga, one of Nigeria’s wealthiest men who also runs the successful telecommunications business Glo, leads the business. Conoil is Nigeria’s first private oil business to sell oil and gas products in large quantities. They have been in Nigeria for more than 26 years and have consistently provided excellent service. Premium Motor Spirit, Dual Purpose Kerosene, Automotive Gas Oil, Quatro Lubricants, and Golden Super Motor Oil are among their products.


The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) owns NNPC filling stations that may be located all over Nigeria through its retail business, NNPC Retail Ltd. The firm is an NNPC unit that works in the Nigerian oil/gas industry’s downstream industry.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is the country’s major petroleum products retailer, working tirelessly to assure the secure and continuous distribution of undiluted petroleum products to Nigerians via their 500+ filling stations located throughout the country. One of the best things about NNPC filling stations is that you can count on the precise and reliable distribution of their products and services.

  • Premium Motor Spirit (Petrol)
  • Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel)
  • Dual-Purpose Kerosene (Kerosene)
  • Aviation Turbine Kerosene
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (cooking gas)
  • Fuel Oil
  • Bitumen.


Total Nigeria Plc is a division of TotalEnergies, a global oil corporation with operations in over 130 countries and a commitment to offering consumers responsible goods and services. Total Nigeria Plc has led the downstream sector of Nigeria’s petroleum industry for more than half a century, with a widespread supply chain of over 570 filling stations and a broad selection of high-quality energy goods and services.

On June 1, 1956, Total Nigeria Plc (RC 1396) was formed as a private corporation to sell fuel products in the country. The corporation had a profitable merger on September 11, 2001, which created the opportunity for its long-term progress and expansion. The company is presently one of Nigeria’s top filling stations.

Mobil filling stations

In Nigeria, Mobil filling stations are enormously popular. They are dedicated to providing high-quality service rather than quantity, and their gauges are highly reliable. 11 PLC is the company’s current name. Socony Vacuum Oil Company began commercial activities in Nigeria in 1907 with the sale of Sunflower Kerosene. The company was renamed from Socony Vacuum to Mobil Oil Nigeria Limited in 1951 and became a business entity. Twenty-seven years later, in 1978, the firm changed its name to Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc and became a publicly listed corporation.

In October 2016, NIPCO Investment Firm purchased a 60% stake in ExxonMobil and rebranded from Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc to 11 PLC following a board majority vote at her Annual General Meeting in May 2017. (Pronounced Double One PLC). 11 PLC strives to deliver excellent profits to its stockholders as the sole distributors of Mobil fuel and lubricant products in Nigeria. The company is focused on being at the forefront of the oil sector in terms of productivity, brand recognition, and quality.

They are among Nigeria’s largest refined petroleum distributors, with over 250 retail stores spread across 36 states in the country, some of which are state-of-the-art. 11 PLC is well-known in the sector for its strong professional principles and commitment to safety, wellness, and the environment. It also comes out on top in promoting and setting standards in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry’s downstream segment.

In Apapa Lagos, they have fuel facilities as well as an ultra-modern lubricant oil refinery with a volume of 450,000 barrels annually. Their facility is considered one of Africa’s most advanced.


Petrocam, a leading Nigerian oil firm, trades on a broad spectrum of products, but its principal concentration is on refined petroleum commodities such as gasoline, gasoil, kerosene, naphtha, lubricants, and grease. They are presently among Nigeria’s top petrol filling stations and marketers.

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Eterna Oil & Gas Ltd was founded on January 13, 1989, and began operations in 1991. In 1997, they re-registered as a publicly listed company. The firm produces, sells, and supplies lubricants and chemicals, as well as trading crude and operating a chain of filling stations, with plans to grow further into the petroleum sector’s midstream and upstream.

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