What does LML mean

Do you want to know what the acronym LML mean? If yes, please read on as this article is just for you. You may have come across the writing “Lml” in a comment on an Instagram photo or noticed someone you follow included #LML in a tweet. This online acronym is not a popular acronym like BAE, LOL, BRB, etc. However it is ideal you know what it means so that you don’t go about wondering and asking what it means.

So, in this post, i will tell you what LML mean, how you will be able to identify the right meaning since the acronym has more than one meaning and examples of LML. However, its pertinent to observe here that the acronym LOL and LML can at times be used interchangeably, especially when you use the acronym LML from the sense of Laugh Mad Out. So without expending more time, let’s get to work.

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meaning of LML

Meaning of LML

LOL has two major meanings:

1. Love My Life

LML in most cases refers to ‘Love My Life’ and is used to express appreciation and the feeling of joy originating from an event that has just happened. Some people also use LML while talking about a positive aspect of their life. LML in this sense is the direcct opposite of HML which stands for hate my life.

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Examples of LML as in ‘Love My Life’

 just got the job of my dream. #lml

Just won a Masters Degree scholarship in Oxford. Srsly lml right now

i feel like the most beautiful girl in the universe. Every guy just want to hang around me. I really Lml

2. Laugh Mad Loud

At times, LML could also mean ‘Laugh Mad Loud,’ used when someone wants to convey laughter. Therefore, LML joins the long list of acronyms that are used to imply giggles. Like LOL (Laugh Out Loud), LMAO (Laughing My A** Off), ROFL (Rolling On Floor Laughing) and the million others weren’t enough.

Examples of LML As ‘Laugh Mad Loud’

I seriously cant believe he fell for that prank. lml

Wow I have no words for what just happened at school. lml 

My dog keeps barking at my laptop screensaver #LML #dogs #cute

How To Tell When Someone Means ‘Laugh Mad Loud’ or ‘Love My Life’

Internet acronym like this is usually tricking as you could misjudge the meaning if you are not very careful. I’d like to show you how you could be able to identify when you lml, if the person means laugh mad loud or love my life.

  1. if they are talking about something funny that happened: If the individual who used LML in a post, comment or message is describing an event that sounds absurd or amusing, they probably mean “laugh mad loud” as a way to highlight the humorous aspect of it.
  2.  If they are trying to make a joke: Some people make jokes that are sarcastic, parodic, ironic or even dark. If you sense that someone is trying to pump humor into their message, it’s possible that they mean to say “laugh mad loud,” to emphasize the fact that they find their own joke funny—and that you should, too.
  3. If it make sense when you replace LML with LOL:  Since “laugh mad loud” is interchangeable with “laugh out loud,” you can try replacing LML with LOL and rereading the entire post or message to see if it sounds right. If it does sound right when LOL is used in place of LML, chances are the individual who wrote the post or message means to say “laugh mad loud.”

Other meanings of LML

LML- Let Me Live

Phrase. When you’re angry or upset, you say this to tell someone to leave you alone and stop annoying you.


Accepting a circumstance, allowing it to remain unchanged, and leaving a person alone.

Example of LML-Let Me Live

ME: I’m so angry right now that nobody could make me feel better.

YOU: It isn’t the end of the world; things aren’t that horrible.

ME: No, truly, you have no idea what I’m talking about. LML

LML- Let Me Look

When someone is striving to recall something,


When one is struggling to recall anything or decide what to say next

Example of LML-Let me Look

“Is there a store selling gym gear?”

“LML – I suppose there’s one around us.”

LML- Lick My Lips

to lick one’s lips with one’s tongue


to be joyful in anticipation of wonderful things to come

Example of LML- Lick My Lips

While I awaited the arrival of my meal, I LML.


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