UTSA blackboard benefits

UTSA blackboard benefits (2023 Guide)

UTSA blackboard benefits: The University of Texas at San Antonio, UTSA Libraries and Academic Innovation announce the availability of a new feature in Blackboard, the university’s learning management system, aptly named Library Reading List. Together with the Library Reading list, there are numerous benefits of the UTSA blackboard. They are all discussed in this article.

UTSA blackboard benefits

This new UTSA blackboard New feature saves faculty time and reduces student costs. Here are all the benefits of the new UTSA blackboard.

About the UTSA blackboard

The UTSA blackboard is the university’s online learning platform.

It is a web-based portal that provides access to various web tools. As a web-based learning program, it provides both teachers and students with a virtual learning environment.

UTSA Blackboard is an interactive platform accessible on a tablet, smartphone, or laptop computer. As a teaching and learning platform, it can be used as a study tool for students and a resource for teachers to upload class materials and assignments.

The UTSA blackboard is a digital, interactive, and self-service tool that will save faculty time. It allows faculty members to build and manage their own course reserves and reading lists.

It also provides students with low-cost or free access to course materials. With it, students automatically leverage library subscriptions and open educational resources.

UTSA blackboard benefits

The UTSA blackboard is a self-service tool that is interactive. It will save faculty time as they build and manage their own course reserves and reading lists.

Posie Aagaard, assistant vice provost of collections and curriculum support for UTSA Libraries, stated, “The new tool will maximize collection use, leverage librarians’ expertise, and support teaching excellence and student success.”

The following are the new UTSA blackboard benefits:

  • The new UTSA blackboard, aka Library Reading List, allows instructors to add any resource with a URL, including books, e-books, articles, websites, videos, and podcasts, to their lists.
  • Another benefit of this tool is that instructors can collaborate and communicate with students using tags, notes, and due dates.
  • It is also accessible and user-friendly on mobile devices.

How to Access the UTSA Blackboard

All users, including students and teachers, can sign on to Blackboard using their myUTSA ID. Users only require to activate their myUTSA ID to access Blackboard.

Best Reviews and testimonials of the new UTSA blackboard

Kelley Reno, lecturer and internship coordinator in the Kinesiology department, said, “I found that Library Reading List not only helped me, but it also helped my students. They appreciated how materials were organized, commented that they were easy to use, and appreciative that the journals were so easy to find.”

“Library Reading List allowed me to organize all of my course readings in one place for my students,” said Jessica Beckham, associate professor of Instruction with the Department of Integrative Biology. “Thanks to this tool my students could quickly and easily locate their weekly reading assignments in order to stay on track in my course.”

Beckham added, “The tool was simple to use and seamlessly integrated into Blackboard. Best of all, I was able to organize materials in a way that complemented my teaching style and clearly communicated expectations to my class.”

Library Reading Tool Faculty Benefits (UTSA Blackboard Benefits)

The following are the advantages of the UTSA new Library Reading Tool for faculty members:

  1. Search and add materials from the library, the web, and your computer
  2. Move your resource list from one semester to the next – create once, re-use, and revise as needed
  3. Ensure seamless access to materials with no broken links
  4. Identify materials for the Libraries to buy or license. Get print items into an online format for your class, and consult on copyright clearance
  5. Propose alternative resources to better support student access
  6. Automatically leverage library subscriptions and open-access resources to provide students with low-cost or free access to your course materials

Benefits of digital learning at the University of Texas at San Antonio

The University of Texas at San Antony was founded in 1969 by the Texas Legislature. This popular University offers access to advance educational excellence and opportunities to over 34,000 students and serves as a center of intellectual and creative resources.

It aims to provide advanced knowledge through teaching and learning, research and discovery, and community engagement and thus prepares citizen leaders for the future global environment.

Beyond the typical classroom, the UTSA Blackboard assists in making learning more successful. As we have seen, the UTSA blackboard is an e-learning (digital learning) system.

The benefits of digital learning at UTSA encompass benefits to faculty and students alike.

A. Providing Innovative Opportunities for Instructors

  1. Teaching digitally provides instructors with greater flexibility to address varying learning styles and use different technologies.
  2. Just like online students, online teachers also enjoy the flexibility and convenience of the medium. They can teach from the comfort of their own homes. They do not need to be at a specific place at a specific time to teach or to interact with their students.
  3. It enables an educator to reach more students, more diverse students, and more places.

B. Promoting Student Accessibility and Creativity

The benefits of online courses and teaching  to students are as follows:

  1. Courses may encourage participation from students who may not actively participate in traditional classroom settings.
  2. Students can access courses they may otherwise be excluded from due to a shortage of physical space or lack of availability of a particular course at their home campus.
  3. Digital learning helps students succeed when circumstances are not typical or ideal. For many students, being able to further their educational goals while staying with their family or holding a part-time job while studying is a welcome lifeline.
  4. By providing flexibility for students to watch lectures on their own time and at their own pace and revisit them when needed, students can adapt their learning experience to their needs to optimize their success in the course.
  5. Helps students experience different forms of engaging with course materials. Since online modes of teaching allow instructors to experiment, innovate, and explore the best ways of using technology to their advantage, the student experience can be significantly enriched.

Additional features of the UTSA blackboard

The UTSA Blackboard is filled with new and updated features for students and teachers to enjoy studying and teaching respectively.

1. Course View

Only teachers can adjust the course view. With it, the instructor can customize how his want your course to appear to students.

2. Course Calendar

The tutor can use the course calendar feature to display a consolidated view of courses and create personal calendar events like assignments’ due dates, test dates, tasks, or any other academic event.

3. Syllabus and other course content

An instructor can upload all the course content, including the syllabus, in one go or upload it week by week. Students will now be able to both access and download the material for their convenience.

4. Additional content or resources

Teachers can provide students with extra material related to the course to help them by using this feature.

5. Discussion and collaboration

The UTSA blackboard gives you the option to do discussions in separate classes and even opt for Blackboard Collab.

6. Create assignments and tests

Teachers can create quizzes, projects, and tests for the students and ask them to submit them online without turning them in physically.

7. Grade tests and provide feedback

With the UTSA blackboard, students can get to know their potential as their tutors grade their tests and provide feedback and suggestions based on their academic performance.

Other Benefits of the UTSA Blackboard

The UTSA Blackboard benefits are indeed numerous.

The UTSA Blackboard makes things easy for students and instructors. It is therefore an integral part of UTSA’s faculty and students’ educational experience.

It eliminates all paperwork and establishes a simple communication system between the parties.

Additionally, it benefits everyone by enabling them to study and teach from anywhere in the world.

Some of the additional benefits are as follows:

  • Access to course content anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy file sharing and grading system.
  • Access to library and bookstore online.
  • Eliminates physical meetings and classes.
  • Access to full academic support from the UTSA support team.
  • Easily track the progress of students.
  • It is a sophisticated and modern education system.
  • Students can perform multiple tasks and check almost any information related to their courses.
  • Teachers can create quizzes, projects, and tests for the students and ask them to submit them online without turning them in physically.
  • Teachers can organize their systems and upload all the information necessary.
  • Document and file sharing becomes easy with the UTSA blackboard.
  • Access to UTSA library anytime.


In line with its mission, the University of Texas at San Antonio is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge through research and discovery, teaching and learning, community engagement and public service. To make teaching and learning more effective, the university launched the new blackboard feature. Blackboard learning is available and great at UTSA’s Learning Management System.

We have extensively examined the UTSA blackboard benefits. We hope that you found the information helpful.

Do well to check our site for more informative articles. Thank you.


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