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15 Best Shakespeare Translator Tools and Apps {2023 Updated}

Are you a lover of Shakespearean Literature? But find it difficult to read and comprehend old-fashioned English? You are definitely in the right place. This article will list the best Shakespeare translator tools and apps to aid your reading.

William Shakespeare was one of the greatest writers in English history. Most of his reputation is based on the plays he authored, but his poetry is also well-known. Shakespeare’s English is significantly different from the modern English we speak every day. So, in order to understand Shakespeare’s plays and poems, you must use Shakespeare translator tools and apps.

15 Best Shakespeare Translators

Here are the best Shakespeare translator tools and apps:

1.  SparkNotes

Sparknotes interface

SparkNotes is the first on this list because it is one of my favorite Shakespeare translation tools because of its simplistic and interactive interface.  it is a new translation application that converts everyday English to Shakespearean English and vice versa. Shakespeare has several connotations, quotes, and phrases in SparkNotes to aid you in improving your literary skills.

Additionally, SparkNotes uses its reverse translation function to translate an entire Shakespeare play into contemporary English. It is one of the best resources for reading books, writing papers, and studying for exams.

SparkNotes has become an all-time favorite selection in the list due to all the characteristics mentioned above, and it is free!


2. Shakespeare Translator

Shakespeare Translator

Shakespeare Translator is ideal if you want a premium Android app that can translate everyday English text into Shakespearean language and vice versa. It offers a distinctive user interface where users must send their texts in order for them to be converted into SMS.  The translated phrase is returned in the same format, which is an SMS.

It has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it the ideal Shakespearean language translator. It allows customers to utilize their smartphones for on-the-go translations rather than their desktop computers. Also, note that it is a paid translator tool, and the quality can be trusted.

However, the biggest drawback of using  Shakespeare Translator is that you cannot copy and paste the text into the tool directly.

Visit Playstore to download the app.

3. LingoJam

LingoJam Shakespeare Translator

Lingojam is also one of the best Shakespeare Translators for English Literature students. The user interface is simple and it is free. When you access the website, you will see two windows. The left window is only for the English language, whereas the right side also includes the Shakespearean language.

You can also translate Shakespeare into English and Shakespeare into English. It also provides other translators, which include Yoda Translator, English to Ned Flanders, Numbers To Words, Morse Code Translator, Cursive Text, Old English Translator, Fancy Text Generator, and Wingdings Translator.

Another unique feature of the tool is the inclusion of text generators such as Text Generator, Vaporwave Text Generator, Glitch Text Generator, Robot Voice Generator, Zalgo Text, Aurebesh Translator etc.


4. Fun Translation

fun translation

Playful Translation Fun Translation is another best yet free Shakespeare translator tool.
The user interface is clear and simple and allows you to type or paste sentences. In order to translate into Shakespeare English.

With a single click of the Translate button, the copied or written text is translated into Shakespearean English.
Another interesting thing about the tool is that you can copy and paste the translation code to embed it on your blog or website.

It also has Shakespeare Name Generator and Shakespeare Insult Generator, and you can even try them out for free.


5. Babylon Translator | Shakespeare Translator

Babylon Translator is another good Shakespeare translation tool that translates to modern English and several other languages. Such as German, Spanish, and French.

Babylon translator’s speed is extremely fast, and it can also translate any text length with a single tap. Recently, the translation application added an offline feature that allows it to function even without internet access.

All of the functions in Babylon Translator are also free to use. Some functions and languages, however, require in-app payments.

Download Babylon Translator on Playstore for Android.

6. LitCharts

LitCharts - Shakespeare Translator

Another useful Shakespearean translation tool is LitCharts, which focuses on making users self-sufficient in learning the language. The site is especially popular among students who study Shakespearean plays as part of their academic curriculum. LitCharts will also provide you with poetry books, gadgets, and writing tutorials to assist you in practicing Shakespearean English.

The application also allows users to download workbooks and other literary materials. Please be aware that while LitCharts is initially free to use, some study materials must be purchased from the site.


7. YourDictionary /Shakespeare Translators

YourDictionary - Shakespeare translator

Our next addition is simply a translator/dictionary for Shakespearean English. YourDictionary is often used to translate Shakespearean English and look up the meanings of famous phrases and lines from Shakespeare’s works. The website displays many translation options for a text entered for translation. It is mostly similar to Thesaurus.

Furthermore, YourDictionary has a clean and well-managed interface.

It is also one of the best Shakespeare translation tools; give it a try if you want a flawless translation experience.


8. Shmoop

Shmoop Shakespeare-Translator

Shmoop is another well-known platform I’d like to mention. You will have little trouble translating Shakespeare’s writings into modern English. All of your typed English will subsequently be translated into Shakespearean English.  Aside from translation, it also provides eLearning, Teacher Tools, Test Prep, Courses, Case Studies, and Essay Help.

Also, you do not need to log in to access the Shakespeare to English translator. However, some free features, such as Student Resources, Teacher Resources, Videos, Study Guides, College Prep, and Life Prep, require registration. Shmoop’s drawback is that it may not be authentic Early Modern English.

9. No Sweat Shakespeare

No Sweat Shakespeare translator

Shakespeare’s online translations are compiled on this page. It instantly transforms both modern English and Shakespearean English. Want to translate Shakespeare on the go? Shakespeare can be read on iPhone and Android devices thanks to this iTunes app. The objective is to make Shakespeare comprehensible to all generations.

Shakespeare’s words are made clearer and more approachable with the help of this app, which also includes extensive games, trivia, and information about his career. Here you can learn about pentameters and how to write a sonnet.


10. Speak Like Shakespeare

Speak Like Shakespeare is a free Android software that converts modern English into Shakespearean English. One of the best aspects of this application is that no registration is required. The app’s user interface is clean and simple, yet it contains advertisements.

According to user evaluations, the program quickly translates big sentences, phrases, and quotes. The app’s algorithm ensures that the translation is error-free. It is also one of the best apps on the list.

Download Speak like Shakespeare on Playstore. 

Other Good Shakespeare Translators include:

11. Shakespeare English Vs Modern English

12.  Shakespeare Insult Translator

13.  Shakespeare Dictionary

14.  TeachersPayTeachers.Com

15. Free Shakespeare Translator – Aichalet

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That’s all on the best Shakespeare Translators. Hope this article was helpful! Now you can read of  of your Shakespeare text and poems with ease. Do well to LIKE, SHARE AND COMMENT.

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