Top 12 Old English Translator Websites and Tools

Top 12 Old English Translator Websites and Tools – Do you wish you knew which websites offered the most accurate translations from Old English?

You can’t possibly choose the most OK from among the countless Old English translator websites. Therefore, we’ve scoured the internet to offer you the best Old English translator tools and websites.

Incredibly competent translators will greatly facilitate your translation work. For publication or classroom use, you can access nearly flawless Old English translations in seconds. A few of the more well-known and reliable websites are described below.

Anglo-Saxon, sometimes known as “Old English,” is the original form of language that flourished between the fifth and twelfth centuries.

The locals will most likely speak this language when traveling or living in eastern or southern Scotland (England).

English’s Germanic settlers spoke a variant of German called Old English, which may be translated into modern English with the help of specialized software called Old English Translators.

Additionally, as Germanic peoples conquered and occupied large swaths of England, the language became the de facto standard.

What makes Translation of Old English so Challenging?

Modern English has nothing in common with the Old English (Anglo-Saxon) variety. Each language’s linguistic structure, grammar, lexicon, etc., is unique.

Northumbrian (the first to supply writing), Mercian (the language of the Midlands), Kentish (the grammar of the southeast territory), and West Saxon (the language of Alfred) were the four primary vernaculars on which the Old English version was founded.

These vocabularies are represented in Old English, a collection of surviving texts that runs counter to modern usages of the English language.

There are many paths open to you if you want to write books, publish them, or persuade people with your usage of Old English.

Yeah! These tools and websites aid in the translation of Old English into various languages, including Chinese, French, modern English, Hindi, Romanian, and Russian.

Top 12 Old English Translator Websites and Tools

Before using the old English translator websites or tools, please take note of the following information:

  1. Use caution when relying on these translation tools, as they may not accurately reflect the original text. These translation tools are not perfect.
  2. It is possible to rely on these translators for a single or two-word translation.
  3. Unfortunately, these translators fall short when translating multiple articles or a full page.

Now, you should check out these top-notch old English translator websites and tools below:

Old English Translator

As its name says, this is one of the best websites for translating old English to modern English. It contains the largest collection of old and modern English words compared to other translation websites.

This site’s minimal interface (three buttons) makes it ideal for first-time visitors. Click here to visit this translator’s website.

Once you visit the Old English Translator website, you will see a text field, “To Modern English,” “To Old English,” and “Reset” buttons.

It is more like a dictionary than a full-sentence translator, which would be useful if you need to translate from modern English to old English.

When you type a word into the box and select either the “To Modern English” or “To Old English” option, the website will look up the term and its meaning. The result will be displayed in under a second.

If the output is to your liking, you can press the Reset button to start over with a blank field. Isn’t it simple? The Old English Translator is ad-free and free to the user.


Another old English translator is LingoJam. It is a widely used translator that works with any language pair. Click here to visit this translator’s website.

They also have a Shakespearean English to Modern English translator, which is a huge help.

You may already be familiar with the site, but those who aren’t can always check it out and see if you can translate anything. The user interface isn’t complicated to learn; thus, anyone can use it.

Head over there and start putting words into that box on the left. In the adjacent box, the results will be shown. It’s as simple as copying and pasting the generated text to utilize it.

Fun Translations

Fun Translations, translate between many different languages. In addition, it serves as an accurate and long-lasting translator of old English. The portal provides free access to more apparatus options and features.

Remember that numerous old English terms can be mapped onto a single modern word. Click here to visit this translator’s website.

As a result, identical sentences may get different results depending on when you use the tool. The translation from old English to modern English here is fairly accurate.

Visit and enter the relevant text before clicking the “Translate” button. Also, there are adverts on this free old English translator, but they are not intrusive.


Enter the sentence you want to be translated into the site’s online old English Translator, and the tool will automatically render it in modern English. Click here to visit this translator’s website.

Hangman, a multilingual translation dictionary, an English-German dictionary, a sentence translator, etc., are just a few of the many other capabilities accessible via its user-friendly interface.

In addition, it has a virtual keyboard that supports typing in various languages, including Cyrillic, Greek, Latin, Thai, and Hebrew.

EOW: Englisc Onstigende Wordbōc

An online tool, EOW aims to translate single words from modern English to old English and vice versa. Click here to visit this translator’s website.

It presently understands 5829 words from modern English and 5070 from old English.

Searching with EOW can be done for either Old or New English words. It’s made up of macrons, which emphasize vowel length.


There is no free online translation for the old English language like Freelang. You might think of this as dictionary software for your computer or Android device.

However, for a simple translation tool, it performs admirably. For this reason, we listed it in our archive of old English translation tools. Click here to visit this translator’s website, or click here to download the software.

The software features a dictionary that may translate between old and modern English and between modern and old English.

A Windows PC or Android mobile can run the program, and users can begin their lexical journeys.

Additionally, the corporation provides a free online translator that works analogously to the dictionary app.

You now have a choice if you are concerned about running out of storage space on your computer or mobile device or don’t want to use that space.

Babylon NG

This useful tool can help you translate words from Old English into a wide variety of other languages. Click here to download the software, or click here to visit this translator’s website.

As a result of its high degree of adaptability, it is among the most illustrious programs currently on the market.

The website consists of an input field where users may type in Old English words and a subsequent output field where users can see the translated words in their chosen language.

Old English Vocabulary

Old English Vocabulary is the most convenient and user-friendly old English translator available. Click here to visit this translator’s website.

Many frequently used English words and their respective translations are provided on this website.

Those who aspire to be writers will benefit from this. Approximately 500 essential words are included, making it similar to a dictionary. Famous old English words from literature are combined on this site.

In addition, it demonstrates proper grammar and language usage. You may find a classroom-ready template on the site as well. However, this resource can be used by instructors and students alike.

Old English Translation Service

Though it is mostly an American service, this one provides accurate translations and interpretations from old English to modern English. Click here to visit this translator’s website.

This website also provides translations to various additional varieties of English and English-based languages, not just old English.

Websites ranging from blogs to personal portfolios can take advantage of their simple, free site translator tools and WordPress modules by installing them independently.

Glosbe Old English Translations

As a tried and true online translator, Glosbe Old English Translator quickly switches between old and modern English. The website has a straightforward operation procedure.

It can double-check the translations and give the user a wide range of contexts to use the word. Click here to visit this translator’s website.

“Memory translation” is the underlying concept, allowing for top-notch performance. Most of this is due to similar human-made firms.

You can also see how it’s spoken and used in a phrase, in addition to the examples. This website performs similarly to a dictionary. You can use this tool to aid others as well. The translations you’re familiar with can be entered.


When looking for the definition or translation of an old English term, FontVilla is among the best tools available.

This free online tool provides instantaneous translations from modern English to old English. Click here to visit this translator’s website.

This tool allows you to quickly and easily find the meaning of words in old English by typing or pasting them from modern English. You may learn to write in old English much more efficiently and quickly with the help of this program.

If you’ve translated some text, it should be in Unicode. As a result, you can choose where to paste it. However, minor compatibility issues may arise, largely due to the limited number of browsers that support Unicode.

If you use a browser that recognizes all Unicode characters, you won’t have any trouble. For these reasons, Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser.

Text editors that allow you to alter the font’s size, style, and appearance (bold, italics, underlining, etc.) are also included in the suite of this fantastic tool.

Old English Dictionary

It is an app for Android, and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. This app, albeit technically a dictionary, can translate modern English into old English. Click here to download this translator’s app.

Launch the app after downloading and installing it, and then choose “EN-ANG.” You can use it to learn the old meaning of a modern English word. You can even have it do the opposite, from old to modern English. To do so, choose the “ANG-EN.”

This app’s key selling point is that it can function quite well without an active Internet connection. It functions without an internet connection.

It also has a Text to Speech function, like other dictionary apps. Get voice help if you can’t quite place a word’s pronunciation.

Please note that there is currently no such thing as a cost-free app for iOS devices. All the old English translators on the Apple app store require a purchase.

In conclusion, we believe you’ve seen the above list of top-notch old English translator websites and tools, complete with a brief description and a link to its website.

Try them out, and pick the one that works best for you while translating from old to modern English.

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