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11 Best Elvish Translator Tools (2023 Update)

Below are some of the best Elvish Translator tools. Continue reading!

I remember when I was watching a Hobbit movie. It had gotten to a scene where the elves met and began speaking an unknown language. I was perplexed about what language they were saying.

I started to research and find out the language the elves were speaking. And to my greatest surprise, I discovered it was an elvish language. A language lover never backs down, so I dug deeper to find out more.


I’m sure most of you know this, but famous Author J.R.R. Tolkien constructed the Elvish language for Lord of the Rings. The most popular ones are Sindarin and Quenya. I quickly found out that many people desire to learn the language.


Sadly, there aren’t many resources on the language, and it’s minimal. But I’ll share with you the various elvish translators you can use to convert from English to Elvish.


Pro-Tip: Google hasn’t put elvish language in their translation list. You can’t convert English to Elvish with Google. You’ll need an Elvish translator.


You can check online forums like Reddit or Pinterest to learn Elvish. But to convert a phrase or a sentence, you’ll need an Elvish Translator.


Some of this Elvish Translator comes either in website form or application. Some only work on Android, IOS, or both. Let’s dive right in. 


Top Best Elvish Translator Tools

1. Angelfire English – Elvish Translator

Angelfire English – Elvish Translator comes in a website format and is highly recommended for beginners in the Elvish language. The user interface is quite simple and limited to only one web page, making it easy to use.


You can also paste your preferred text into the website’s box instead of inputting the phrases manually. 


2. Jens Hansen -Elvish Translator 


Jens Hansen-Elvish Translator is a website that converts Elvish to English with an excellent user interface. It is also known as the oldest and most popular Elvish Translator tool. 


It is recommended for first-time users who would love to learn the Elvish language. Jen Hansen Elvish translator is very fast and simple to use. 


Also, English text is being translated to Elvish as you type; no need to type and send for translation like other tools, and it is free.


3. Elfic-Elvish Translator


Elfic is a unique Elvis Translator application. The app offers a unique user interface with an ancient Lord of the Rings theme.

Additionally, the Elfic-Elvish Translator enables you to convert any Lord of the Rings phrase into Elvish. It allows you to select fonts and store the translation as images.

Also, all of these unique features are cost-free. You don’t have to subscribe to use the app. All you need to do is download the app on playstore. 

4. Runes-Elvish Translator

Runes-Elvish Translator

Runes-Elvish Translator is an app only available for Apple users. It has a unique user interface and is simple and easy to use. 


It also has three translation options available: Elvish, Dwarft, and Medium.


The Runes-Elvish Translator also includes a phrasebook that will enable you to write a passage in an Elvish language on your own. To download, visit Applestore.


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5. LingoJam 


LingoJam is a universal translation tool that instantly converts your sentences and phrases into Elvish. Registration is not required to use this Translator. 


Its user-friendly interface makes it one of the greatest Elvish translator tools on the internet.


You must type or paste the text to be translated into English. The result will then be flawlessly translated into Elvish by the Translator.


LingoJam is free but requires an active internet connection to function effectively.

6. Learn Elvish (Sindarin)


Sindarin is one of the most popular Elvish dialects. The best aspect of Learn Elvish (Sindarin) is that you can use it even if you don’t have an internet connection. It also reads aloud the words translated into Elvish, so you know how to pronounce them correctly.


In addition to English, the software translates other languages into Elvish. Learn Elvish (Sindarin) is free and easy to use. To download the app, click here. 


7. Elfdict

Elfdict-Elvish Translator

Another good Elvish translator tool is Elfdict. The program can assist you in several other ways besides translating text from standard English into Elvish. 


The Elvish dictionary, phrasebook, speak assistance, etc., are only a few of its useful features.


Elfdict includes a database of more than 80,000 words, 50,000 phrases, and 45,000 active glosses in the Elvish language. Additionally, there are other freely translated words that we use daily.


8. Sindarin dictionary

Sindarin dictionary is another Android app for translating English to Elvis. It provides various features that no other Elvis translation does. The tool will not only assist you in translating your language into Elvish, but it will also assist you with writing in the language.


Sindarin dictionary features a phrasebook and word search option that will allow you to create your own Elvish passage. The app is available in two versions: paid and free. The premium edition includes more phrases than the free version. Visit Playstore to download. 

9. Flamingo Elvish Translator

Flamingo Elvish is another great Elvish translator for Androids. It doesn’t require users to sign in, and it’s free.


It has a simple user interface and is easy to use. Also, it doesn’t only translate phrases but also lengthy sentences. To download, click here. 


10. Real Elvish


Real Elvish is a website dedicated to providing free Elvish translations. Its free database tool assists fan fiction writers and authors with Elvis language. The homepage of the website contains a list of all the free material.


There are phrasebooks available with a selection of useful phrases. There are additional naming practices and lists available based on species and ethnicity. A pronunciation guide is also provided to help you know how to pronounce names and phrases in Elvish properly.


11. Fun Translations


Fun Translation is also a good Elvish translator tool. It is an app-based Elvish Translator that helps you learn Elvish on the go. It’s an offline application and has a pronunciation assistant. 

The most intriguing aspect is that it displays the word in both English and Elvish. After translation, it will also repeat the word in an Elvish voice.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and learned about the best Elvish Translator. Ensure to share your feedback and which application you feel is best to learn or translate the Elvish language.




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