Facebook product advertising guide 2019. Learn how to advertise your product on Facebook. Advertising your product on Facebook is an easy process that can be done as fast as possible.

Advertisement and business promotion are one of those things that fuel the successes people make in their businesses over time. It’s not easy to grow in hundreds of thousands or a multi-million dollar business without engaging in one product advertising or the other.

Successful companies and individuals’ boasts of their successes because of the influence of social media product advertising like Facebook advertising.

Facebook as isn’t just there for people to chat alone or send pictures and videos. It’s a huge platform for product advertising and marketing. This is achieved by taking advantage of the billions of people who visit this social platform on daily basis from around the world.

You don’t just wake up one day and Market your product on Facebook. You’ve to follow some guideline and process to actually achieve successful product advertising on Facebook. In this article, I’ll be writing on how to market your product on Facebook.


To successful advertise your product on Facebook; you’ve to create a Facebook account if you don’t have. Then after that, you’ll now create a fan page or a Facebook page. You can read up how to create a Facebook page in my previous article. When you’ve done this first steps, you’ll now invite your friends to your page to like it and follow your posts on the details and information about your business products and services.


  1. Create your business website or a blog with your business name. This will help you link your specific pages on your websites to your fans or would be customers
  1. Website ads (conversion). When you share a link of your website ads on your timeline, it’ll direct visitors to specific pages with the goal of turning those visitors into sales, leads, or subscribers
  2. Page posting: By posting your links, pictures and videos, products and services on your Facebook page and timeline, it increases the number of likes, shares, and comments on Facebook. This will increase the chances of turning the visitors/ friends who see this post into potential customers.
  3. Apps development. If your product or services have an app, it’ll increase apps download. Hence increases chances of business patronage.
  4. Video views: From your views, you can tell how many people that are aware of your product advertising views on your page.
  5. Promote your Facebook page. You can find this in the left sidebar where you see the number of likes.
  6. Boost your Post. When you boost your post by using the boost post button at the bottom right of each post to make it available to a larger audience.


You can make adverts and market products on Facebook by linking your business adverts to your own Facebook page or linking them to a Facebook page. Successful companies reach millions of customers and future customers through their shared posts of product advertising on the Facebook page.

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