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The new Dating feature on Facebook app was created in 2018. The Facebook Dating App enables users to find dates on the platform. Facebook users can now find love on Facebook with the Facebook Dating feature or via dating groups.

There are a lot of innovations on the Facebook Dating platform. Dating on Facebook is a great way for anyone to find their love. Facebook Dating allows you to connect with billions of singles.


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Features of Dating on Facebook Dating App

Dating on Facebook is basically a way for singles on Facebook to find love. Facebook has decided to play a matchmaker role in this situation, where they link up suitable singles with other singles that stay around them. By doing this, Facebook is trying to reduce the number of single people on their platforms. These are the major features of dating on the Facebook application.

  • Dating on Facebook allows for Facebook users to have swift access to the platform; although they are allowed to create a new profile, they can add new things about themselves in the new profile. Using this profile, they can find love easily on the platform without major stress or matchmaking.
  • It has introduced a few new features that allow Facebook Dating to stand out from other dating networks.
  • It also allows users to have a secret crash. This secret crush feature allows a user to select a secret crush from Facebook or Instagram.
  • Dating on Facebook has allowed the platform to become more and more dynamic. It allows users to have an edge over regular dating websites. Users can easily enjoy FB dating more than the other ones. It is because they also allow users to have access to more people than regular dating websites.

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How do you date on Facebook?

Since 2018, dating on Facebook has become one of the most commonly used features worldwide. Facebook users are always interested in finding friendships and meeting up. However, the help of Dating on Facebook gives users a chance at finding loved ones.

Facebook tries to make the most of the popularity and population of its users on its platforms.

Follow the steps below to start dating on Facebook.

  1. Open your Facebook app and log in to your account.
  2. Locate your menu option and click on the Dating icon in the options.
  3. Click on Get Started and create a new profile.
  4. Select your location, gender, and preferences, and select a profile picture.
  5. Start using Facebook Dating to connect with other willing singles.

These steps are the easiest steps you can take to begin using a the Facebook Dating feature. But you must have a Facebook account and have Facebook Dating available in your location to get started.

Facebook Dating Groups

If the Facebook Dating feature is not available in your location, you can choose to join an open or private Facebook Dating group near you.

You can access an abundance of Facebook Dating groups using your Facebook app or web. Log in to your Facebook account and click on Groups in your homepage. Search for Dating Groups for Singles Near You. You will see many of such. Request to join any that interests you. Meet up with other willing singles and find love!

But remember to be practice online safety and avoid scam.


As submitted earlier, Facebook Dating is a great opportunity to find love and build a meaningful romantic relationship.

But the Facebook Dating feature is currently only available on mobile apps and does not fully work on desktop or mobile browsers. Not so with Facebook Dating Groups. You can join any Dating Group on Facebook now and meet other ready singles.

Click here for instructions on how to use Facebook’s dating feature.

I hope this guide helps. Let us know via the comment section if you need further clarifications. Thank you.


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