How to find out if your Facebook Dating message has been read

Hello there! Do you want to find out if your Facebook Dating message has been read?

How to find out if your Facebook Dating message has been read

The Facebook Dating app or feature is a great place to find love. It is a space within Facebook just for Dating. If you are a user of Facebook Dating, you can send messages and have conversations with matches. Has the person you message read your message and does not want to reply?

In this article, we will look at how to tell if someone has read your Facebook Dating message.

By following these tricks, you will know better how Facebook dating works and how to improve your dating experience.

About Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating is a space within Facebook just for Dating. It is embedded in the Facebook app. All that is needed to access is to have a Facebook account, download the Facebook app and create a separate dating profile.

Your Facebook Dating profile and conversations won’t be shared with anyone outside of Facebook Dating. Everything you need to start your separate Dating profile is already on the Facebook app.

Click the Get Started tab below to use Facebook Dating.

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How to Read Facebook Dating Messages

After you have successfully built your Facebook dating profile, it will take some time for you to be matched.

After you’ve been matched, you’ll be able to message each other and begin a conversation.

Here is how to start and read Facebook Dating messages:

  • Tap on the profile of anyone you’ve been matched with.
  • The opportunity to send a message will appear;
  • Write your message and then click the arrow icon. Send the message to the individual.
  • To read the messages, go to the top of the feed screen and click on the dialogue button.
    Let’s move on to the section where you’ll discover How to Know If Someone Read Your Facebook Dating Message.

What does the grey tick in Facebook dating messages mean?

The grey tick next to a message in Facebook Dating indicates that the message has been sent but has not yet been delivered to the recipient.

This signifies that the message was successfully transmitted from your smartphone to Facebook’s servers. But then, Facebook has yet to confirm that it was delivered to the recipient’s device.

When the message is successfully delivered to the recipient’s device, the grey tick turns blue, indicating that the message was delivered.

If the message has been read by the recipient, the blue tick will be accompanied by a timestamp indicating when it was read.

It’s important to note that Facebook Dating messages are only accessible to you and the person with whom you’re conversing. They are not shared with your Facebook friends or put on your profile.

You can also report and block users who breach the Facebook Community Standards or engage in inappropriate behavior.

How to find out if your Facebook Dating message has been read

How do you know if your Facebook Dating message has been read by the recipient?

Follow the options below.

1. Use the “Read Receipts” feature

The “Read Receipts” feature on Facebook Dating allows you to identify whether the recipient has read your messages.

When you enable this function, a tiny eye icon will display underneath your sent message to indicate that it has been read. This provides a quick and easy way to see if your message was read.

2. Keep an eye on the Message Status

If the recipient hasn’t turned off the “Read Receipts” feature, Facebook Dating will display a timestamp indicating when your message was delivered.

If this timestamp is updated with a more recent time, the recipient has read your message.

Be careful that this method is not perfect because some users may have switched off the feature or are not actively utilizing the platform.

3. Keep an eye out for Signs of Engagement

Although Facebook Dating does not send read notifications for every message, you can still look for signs that your message has been read.

For example, if the recipient responds to your first communication with relevant information or asks follow-up questions, it suggests that they have read it.

Participating in a meaningful conversation demonstrates curiosity and attention.

4. Take into consideration the Response Time

Although response times can vary depending on personal circumstances, such as work demands or time zone differences, they can provide some indication of whether your message was received.

When a person answers soon after you send a message, it indicates that they are paying attention and have most likely read your message.

5. Avoid overthinking

It’s critical to remember that just because you didn’t receive a read indication or an instant response doesn’t indicate your message wasn’t read.

Technical challenges, individual circumstances, or personal preferences may all influence the recipient’s response patterns.

Overanalyzing can lead to confusion and unnecessary tension. Instead, focus on making genuine connections and having fun when dating.


Even though Facebook Dating does not provide explicit read notifications for every message, you can determine whether your message has been read using a few different approaches.

You can improve your knowledge of the platform’s communication by using the “Read Receipts” option, paying attention to message status updates, checking for engagement indicators, considering response timeframes, and refraining from overanalyzing. It’s critical to remember that just because you didn’t receive a read indication or an instant response doesn’t indicate your message wasn’t read.

Remember that making genuine connections takes time and honest conversation, so embrace the process and maximize Facebook Dating.


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