Facebook Marketplace – Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook Marketplace guide 2022. Buying and selling on Facebook marketplace is easy and fast. In this article, you will learn all about Facebook marketplace, how to buy and sell on Facebook marketplace.

The Facebook Marketplace is an online market platform where people discover, buy and sell items within their location.

Facebook Marketplace
With the discovery of a Facebook Marketplace, it means you can open a digital shop online and get connected with customers with people in your community with ease. This is cost-effective, as it does not require you to rent a physical shop.Read: Change phone number to email on Facebook

Facebook Marketplace Community

Since the world has since gone digital, it means you do not have to waste time with going to the market when you need to buy anything. On the Fb Marketplace, you can get brand new products or fairly used, depending on your financial capability. The items found on Facebook Marketplace, ranges from Cars, clothes, Television sets, radios, phones and even real estates etc.

As a seller, when you post an item you want to sell on your Facebook Marketplace community, the people connected to you can make inquiries about the item via your Facebook Messenger. You as a seller on the Facebook market can then see all contact you make with potential buyers from the selling tab in your Marketplace, and engage your customers better.

How to Get Marketplace on Facebook

For you to get the marketplace on Facebook, you will need devices like an iPad, iPhone or an android phone. As a seller on the Facebook marketplace, you also have the ability to access the homepage using your Facebook Marketplace app or Facebook mobile app and then Facebook account via the steps below:

  • On the Facebook mobile app, you will find the Fb Marketplace on the homepage. Click on the icon.
  • Proceed to enter your email and password to gain access.
  • Then click on the marketplace icon which looks like a shop just below the blue roof.
  • Then click on the items you want to buy, and send a message to the seller.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

To be given access to the marketplace, you will need to be 18 years or older, to sell on the FB Marketplace. If you want to sell on the marketplace, and connect with interested buyers in your local community, you can follow the simple steps below:

  • Upload a picture of the item you want to sell. This is to enable buyers to see what you sell.
  • Then add a vivid description of the items you have for sale.
  • Add a price for the item.
  • If a buyer shows interest in the item and buys them, you will then need to mark the item as sold, to let other buyers know its out of stock.

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How to Find Facebook Marketplace

You can find the Facebook Marketplace on your Facebook app, tablets and desktops. To find it, you will need to look for the house icon just at the bottom of the Facebook app on iOS or just at the top of the app on your Android device.

If you are making use of a web browser, you can find the Marketplace on the left side of the Facebook page.

I hope this post on Facebook Marketplace – How to Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace did answer all your questions related to Facebook Marketplace – How to Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace. If there is anything you need clearance on, please do drop a comment below.

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Facebook Marketplace Features – Facebook Selling

A Facebook marketplace is a very amazing service to use for Facebook business account owners. The service is available to use on only the Facebook app, with the Facebook desktop version arriving soon. Anyways, the available version comes in handy for its users of Android, iOS and Windows device. This is due to the fact that users can use the marketplace service anywhere irrespective of their location.

This is a new service of Facebook, so it is operational in only seventeen countries for now. These countries include Australia, New-Zealand, UK, US, and many others. Device owners can check countries Facebook marketplace services are available on. While device owners that do not reside in any have to wait for the service to be available in theirs.

A Facebook marketplace is a new service, so users have to be patient for it to reach their countries. The service is very lucrative for Facebook account owners to utilize in buying and selling their products. It also has the capability of becoming one of the biggest internet marketing platforms with the likes of Amazon and eBay.

Selling On Facebook Marketplace – Facebook App & Web

Facebook account owners that can utilize the Facebook marketplace app services can sell their items on this feature. This service is totally free to use as long as the user is eligible to make use of the service. Once this is in place, Facebook account owners can sell their items on the Facebook app with the following steps.

  1. Connect your device to an active internet connection.
  2. Launch the Facebook app on the device.
  3. Complete the Facebook login process if necessary.
  4. Tap the Facebook Marketplace icon on News Feed.
  5. Tap on the Sell something button.
  6. Click on item for sale.
  7. Enter a title for the item you want to sell.
  8. Input the price you want to sell the item.
  9. Enter the location you want to sell your item on.
  10. Select the category the item belongs to.
  11. Click on photos to upload a picture of the item you want to sell.
  12. Tap the post button.

The item the Facebook account owner wants to sell will go live on the marketplace page. Facebook users looking for items to buy in that location via Facebook marketplace app will be able to see them. Users will begin to receive messages from buyers with interest in the item they put up for sale. As it implies, this is a means for Facebook users to practice internet marketing.

What to sell on FB marketplace?

There is a great opportunity for you to market your goods to the world. Items you can sell ranges from fairly used clothes to commodities used in the house to hairdryer machines to matrasses to kitchen utensils to house plants. Apart from the ban on the sale of illegal goods, you can sell anything.

The Rules of the Facebook Marketplace

Read the Facebook Marketplace Commerce Guidelines to know more about Marketplace, such as what items are authorised and forbidden.

Marketplace, buy and sell groups, page stores, and Instagram Shopping are all covered by the Commerce Policies.

1. Some items cannot be put on for sale.

Facebook keeps track of which things are prohibited from being sold on Marketplace. These are some of the items:

Adult-oriented goods and services.



Digital equipment and interactive technology

Tickets for an event.

Gift Vouchers

medical supplies (thermometers, first-aid kits, etc.).

Illicit, pharmaceutical, and psychoactive substances

Tobacco goods and smoking accessories

Supplements that are dangerous.

Firearms, ammo, or grenades

2. A physical item must be sold.

Anything that isn’t a tangible item isn’t forbidden from being sold. Consider the following examples:

Posts about lost and found items.



Cleaning and concert tickets, for example, are only offered on the marketplace if you work with one of Facebook’s partners.

3. The item’s description must match the photo.

The photographs you post for the item must match the descriptions you provide.

4. Before-and-after photos are not permitted.

On Facebook, you ca n’t display a before and after photograph of an item you’re selling

Marketplace has done everything possible to guarantee that it is a safe environment for consumers to purchase and sell stuff online.

If your item is removed from the Marketplace and you believe you did not breach the Trade Guidelines, you can appeal the ruling, and Facebook will reconsider.


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