Top Fertility Clinics in Nigeria


Looking for the best clinic in Nigeria that specializes on fertility? If yes, then this article is for you. Here in this post, you will a listing of the best clinics that we’ve reviewed for you.

Top Fertility Clinics in Nigeria

Why Visit a Fertility Clinic?

Fertility clinics in Nigeria help women who are unable to get pregnant through the natural course. These Nigerian Fertility clinics carried out tests and may use a couple of highly specialized medical therapy to boost the woman’s chances of getting pregnant.

So a woman may need to visit a fertility clinic in Nigeria if:
  • She has suffered from multiple miscarriages.
  • She is below or over the age of 35 years and is unable to get pregnant.

A man can also pay a visit to any fertility clinic in Nigeria if he has a poor semen analysis. Fertility treatments are costly and may require a lot of potent drugs filled with hormones, so you must have the proper funding.

We are here to help your research and help you select the best fertility clinic in Nigeria.

Top Fertility Clinics in Nigeria

The fertility clinics listed below are the best in Nigeria; we were able to research the price and why they deserve your consideration.

Trucare Fertility Clinic

Address: 5, Eletu Ogabi Street, Off Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos.

Trucare Fertility clinic is one of the best fertility clinics in Nigeria. The clinic uses In vitro fertilization to assist couples to get pregnant. With the understanding that infertility is a global issue and can cause so much unhappiness, Trucare fertility clinic has employed some of the most professional medical personnel to put in their best effort to help infertile couples. The clinic also boasts of advanced medical tools and a serene environment.

Price rate

Registration / Consultation – N20,000.00
Test – N150,000.00
IVF excluding drugs – N1,200.000.00
Donor Eggs – N200,000.00
Sperm donor N50,000.00
IUI for 3 circles (injections + drugs) N400,000.00

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George’s Memorial Medical Center

Top Fertility Clinics in Nigeria

Address: 6 Rasheed Alaba Williams Street, Lekki Phase I, Lekki.

This fertility clinic is well stocked with the latest medical equipment and has a wide array of competent medical doctors that are ready to offer the best quality care.

Price rate

Registration   ₦10,000

Consultations   ₦40,000




Preliminary Tests (couple)   ₦300,000

Infectious Disease Screening
Seminal Fluid Analysis (SFA)
(For SFA, Man must have abstained from intercourse. minimum of 2 days, maximum of 5 days, for optimum results)
AMH (Ovarian Reserve Test)
Thyroid Function Test
Cervical Smear
Initial Ultrasound Scan
ICSI + drugs (ages <35years, normal preliminary tests) ₦985,000

ICSI/ Recipient cycle ₦1,500.00


If indicated by the doctor, you might also be asked to do a Hysteroscopy to properly check the lining of the uterus (Not in all cases).

Hysteroscopy ₦200,000

IUI (Single Insemination ) ₦120,000

IUI (Double Insemination) ₦180,000

DRUGS ₦450,000 or more*

* Patient will be billed for extra drugs exceeding the standard drug estimate



Donor Drugs ₦400,000

Patients drugs (Recipient ) ₦150,000


Semen freezing (3months, discard after) ₦35,000

Embryo freezing (for 6months) ₦200,000

Quarterly renewal (If not, discard) ₦40,000

Donor Sperm (1vial) ₦35,000

Frozen embryo transfer ₦250,000

Surrogate Services are also available and would be discussed on request.

Nordica Fertility Centre

Top Fertility Clinics in Nigeria

Delta Address:    5, Erhuvwu Club Street, Off Summit Road. By Benezia Hotel Asaba, Delta.

Lagos Address: 38 Jalupon Crescent, off Adeniran Ogunsaanya, Surulere, Lagos.

Lagos Address 2: 106/108 Norman William Street, Off Awolowo Road, South West Ikoyi, Lagos.

Abuja Address: 27, Queen Elizabeth Street Off Yakubu Gowon Crescent by Aso Gate Villa, Off J.F Kennedy Street, Asokoro, Abuja.

This fertility clinic has been in service since 2003. It was opened by Dr Abayomi Ajayi, a veteran gynaecologist. The hospital has some of the up-to-date medical technology that can treat infertility in men and women. Their medical professionals are also upper-tier and are adept at finding solutions to fertility issues.

Price list

(Consultation with Fertility Specialist /Transvaginal Scanning )  N110,000

Diagnostic Screening for own egg     N160,000

Diagnostic Screening for Donor egg   N130,000

Surrogacy IVF treatment fees- [Excluding the cost of drugs] N1,520,000.00

Surrogate Assessment  N120,000.00

Legal Fee N200,000.00

Scheduling fees  N120,000.00

Sono for Surrogate N60,000.00

Drugs for surrogate & donor N1,200,000.00

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The Olive Branch Clinic

Address: Block A4 Plot 2, Admiralty way Lekki Phase 1 Opposite sweet Kiwi by E-Bar.

Top Fertility Clinics in Nigeria

This fertility clinic is genuinely among the best in Nigeria. It is located in a serene and safe environment, with hospitable staff, which are not only attentive but caring and focused.

Price list

 IVF for women N2.7 Million Naira

Registration fee N120000

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The Bridge Clinic

Top Fertility Clinics in Nigeria

If you want an international standard fertility clinic, then The bridge clinic should be your choice. It is not only cost-effective, but the quality of treatment is superb.

Price list 

Registration / Consultation – N20, 000.00
Test – N240, 000.00
IVF Treatment (Donor Egg) – N1, 815,000.00
Drugs – N500, 000.00

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