Baba Ijebu Lotto: Everything You Must Know To Win


Baba Ijebu Lotto: Do you want to understand how Baba ijebu lotto works, with the view of knowing how to play to win? If the posed question above reflects your desires, then read on. Nigeria’s got a couple of Lotto companies operating within its ambit, and one of such lotto companies is the famous Baba Ijebu Lotto. That’s why a lot of persons want to understand more about it.

Consequently, in this post, i will be discussing at length, everything you need to know about Baba Ijebu lotto, so that you can be a smart player in this game, in order to win. It goes without saying that we all play the lotto to win, don’t we?  Hence, there are certain foundational knowledge that I consider indispensable if you must win in this game. These amongst others conditioned the writing of this article.

how to win baba ijebu lotto

You should read this post with an open mind, as that is the best way in which you can understand the major dynamics of my analysis that follows presently.

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What Is Baba Ijebu Lotto?

Babaijebu Lotto, also known as Premier Lotto is the leading lottery company within Nigeria that is owned by our own Kesington Adebutu, who is popularly known as Baba Ijebu from the Western part of Nigeria. As expected, Baba Ijebu is a kind of gambling industry that rewards her players on their abilities to draw some winning numbers.

Did i just said gambling? Of course yes, I did say that. Once some persons hears about gambling, their instinct immediately tells them that it must be an illegal thing to engage in. But I must say here that Baba Ijebu is purely a legal business to either play or operate.

Also, Baba ijebu as a business is most popular in the Western parts of Nigeria like in Lagos, Ogun State, etc, with branches fast spreading across the whole of the Nigerian landscape. With baba ijebu, you don’t need to worry about the payment of any lottery you win, as they’ve got much more than you could possibly win to pay you on the go.

Because of the existence of other lottery companies in Nigeria, you can easily identify baba ijebu agents with the red terminals or kiosks you see in shops, or under the large umbrellas.

Where To Play Baba Ijebu

There are basically two methods by which you can play this game. vis: the offline method and the online method. These two methods are explained presently:

The Offline Method Of Playing Baba Ijebu

Baba ijebu lotto agents

If you want to play this baba ijebu lotto, simply walk into any of their agent’s kiosk by the road side (they can easily be identified by the red terminals they often use) with your money, and simply tell the agent the type of baba ijebu game you want to play and the amount you want to stake for the said game.

Once you pay the agreed amount of money, the agent will print a receipt for you. Its highly advisable to keep this receipt very carefully, as that is the only means in which you can claim your money if you are lucky enough to win the game.

If you win, you can claim your money instantly from the agent that played the game for you. However, if you win more than N100,000, it is usually advisable to redeem the price from baba ijebus main office in Lagos, or in any of their mini offices. However, you need to go with your lotto ticket.

The Online Method Of Playing Baba Ijebu With Your Phone

Without the need to physically walk into any of the baba ijebus outlets, you can easily play this lotto with your phone on MTN network. To do this, simply dial *755#.

Once done, a window will pop up, asking you to confirm that you are 18 and above, confirm it and then accept their remaining terms and conditions. The other options that come out are quite easy to understand and follow through.

Note that this process requires an MTN network alone, as other Nigerian networks are not supported at the time of writing this post.

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How To Play Baba Ijebu

By now, I suppose that you must have been desirous of knowing how to play this famous baba ijebu lotto, are you not? Ok, let’s explain how it works.

To play this game with the chance of winning, you would need to select a range of random numbers, ranging from 1 to 90. The range of numbers you chose is dependent on the kind of lotto package that you choose to play. There are different packages a player can choose to play, and each of these packages comes with its unique advantages and disadvantages.

These packages are explained presently:

Baba Ijebu Lottery Permutation

Permutation is actually the easiest package, when it comes to baba ijebu lottery. It gives the player the opportunity of selecting up to 10 different numbers, with the view that if any two of the selected numbers comes out in the riffle draw, the player wins.

However, it must be stated that the amount to be made with this package is usually very small when compared with the other packages. People who chose to play this game are the ones that prefers the security of their money over much profit, as the chances of selecting 2 winning numbers from the 10 selected numbers is quite high.

Baba Ijebu 2 Sure:

Baba Ijebu 2 sure is actually considered the most popular package, as it has the least risk with a higher profit margin when compared with the other packages below. How it works it that the player selects 2 numbers that he thinks must come out from the from the 5 winning random numbers.

For example, if a player chose to select 2 and 30 as his 2 sure numbers and these 2 numbers come out in the 5 winning random numbers above, he will be considered a winner. If he played this game with just N100, he will be paid N24,000 instantly. Can you believe that? But you should know that if one of the selected numbers fails to appear in the winning numbers, he doesn’t get paid at all. The two numbers must play for him to be considered the winner.

The underlying philosophy in any lottery business is anchored on the premise that the higher the risk, the higher the profit, while the lower the risk involved, the lower the risk. Now you know why 2 Sure pays higher than Permutation right?

Baba Ijebu 3 Sure:

Baba Ijebu 3 sure is really not as popular as the 2 sure that was discussed above. But as would be expected, it functions just the same way as the 2 sure above, just that it involves a higher risk of getting 3 sure numbers from the winning draw before you can win the game.

Also note that peradventure you manage to win this package, the profit will simply be a mind-blowing one. Example, if you played a 3 sure numbers with just N100, you could get as much as N210,000. Compare it to when you played it with N1000, your earning should be in millions.

However, just like 2 sure above, all the 3 numbers must be in the winning random numbers before you are declared a winner. If 1 or 2 or the 3 selected numbers fails to play, then you have lost it.

Baba Ijebu 4 Sure:

From the above observations, you should have known what 4 sure represents. It means that a player tries to guess 4 sure numbers that he feels will be among the 5 winning numbers. If the 4 sure numbers selected mistakenly plays in the random draw, then he may be considered among the richest person in Nigeria.

The amount you can earn by winning this 4 sure by playing with just N500 could be as much as N200,000,000. However, it must be mentioned that the risk involved in this one is way higher than the others above. In as much as it is difficult to win, it is certainly not impossible, as you would learn the winning strategies from this post, that can enable you to win any of these modules easily.

Baba Ijebu 5 Sure:

The highest risk takers are those that deliberately chose to play this 5 sure. The implication of this is that the player has to get all the 5 winning numbers correctly, without missing anyone. playing this game with just N1000 can instantly make one a billionaire overnight.

But the risk involved in this game is insanely crazy. However, a few dudes i know have actually made it in life through this means. Would you like to take this risk?

How To Get Baba Ijebu Winning Numbers

By now, you must be thinking if its really possible to get any of the winning numbers in order to win the game, are you not? Don’t worry, as nothing happens for nothing. There is a strategy for everything, all you have to do is to know how to do it. So below is a couple of trusted ways in which you can get the winning numbers. Remember that the ways as will be discussed below require a great deal of patience, so read on with that in mind.

Dream Numbers:

In this way, a person can, by way of revelation through dreams be shown the winning numbers, even up to 5 Sure numbers. Some persons that i know have actually gotten lots of winning numbers through this means.

All you have to do is to immediately pick up your pen and writing paper to write down the numbers immediately you wake up from your dreams, as any delay may lead to you forgetting these numbers. God really blesses his people through a lot of means. You can easily pray to Him, and as a loving Father, He can decide to show you some mercy by way of revelations, and your life will never remain the same again.

Forecasting Results:

A lot of folks prefers to use this means in order to know the numbers that are most likely going to play. In other words, it involves an analysis of the past results, with the view of finding some consistencies with predictive values. With the identified consistency, a prediction is made, and in most cases, the prediction is really not far from the actual winning numbers.

It has to be mentioned here that for a proper analysis to be carried out, the person in question has to carry out a deep analysis of the past played game for as far back as the past 10 years. If you ask me, I think it’s worth every time you invest in it.

Specific Targeted Numbers:

From the result of your forecast, you must have identified such a number combination that has consistently repeated itself over the years. You can lay hold of any of such numbers like 2 and 30, and consistently play these numbers for a complete year, hoping that one day, these numbers will click and you can win really big.

Most people that i know prefers this method than the other trial and error methods that are quite popular. The method that you chose to adopt is entirely your decision. If you are a religious person, go for the dream method, if you are good with analyses, go for the forecast method, and if you don’t want to waste a lot of time cracking your brain, then go for the targeted numbers.

How To Check The Baba Ijebu  Result

Having followed our guide above, and having played the game with those carefully selected winning numbers, you must want to know if what you played is among the winning numbers. To check this, simply locate any of the Baba Ijebu agents by the road side and ask for the result slip. The person will easily give it to you, so you can check it.

You can also receive the result of the lotto directly to your message. To get this, you would need to buy the Premier card, and then carefully follow the instructions at the back of the premier card.

So, guys, this is everything you should know about baba ijebu (Premier Lotto) in order to win. Do make sure to read the above information over and over again, so you can understand everything that we have said above. Do you still have any other questions on how to play and win baba ijebu lotto? please do well to use the comment section down below, and our team of experts will respond to your question ASAP.

We wish you the best of luck.