How to Fix “Application Does Not Have Permission for this Action (10)” in Facebook Page Manager

In this guide, I will gladly show you on how you can fix this particular Facebook page manager App bug – “Application does not have permission for this action (10)”.

I have been receiving series of questions from Facebook page manager app users stating that whenever he/she want to login to their Facebook page manager app that an error code with the inscription “Application does not have permission for this action (10)” will show up.

How to Fix "Application Does Not Have Permission for this Action (10)" in Facebook Page Manager

The above receive question is the main reason why I undergo some research on how to fix this bug and luckily for me I was able to come up with a positive result of which I am about sharing with you guys here.

However, I know that some of my readers here are newbies in Facebook manager app while some doesn’t know anything about Facebook page manager app and how it works.

So in that case, I will first like to tell you all that: A Facebook page manager is a well-designed application developed by Facebook, which allows page owners to manage all their pages with ease and transparency.

The importance of this app is that, if you have Facebook page manager app installed in your phone,  you will use it to manage many pages that are owned and operated by you with some fantastic features like;

  • Setting your page to standard.
  • Using it to post Text, Audios and Videos to your Facebook pages
  • Creating events on your Facebook pages
  • Posts promotions (Running ads)
  • Check your page insights.
  • Accessing your page inbox & comments
  • Using it to invite friends to like your pages
  • Adding stories to your Facebook pages

If you haven’t gotten the app yet, kind download it using the links below for both Android and iOS users.


What Cause the Application does not have permission for this action (10) Error?

Below are the possible reasons why you see the error code when trying to login to your Facebook pages app.

  • 2FA: If you turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) it might be likely a cause of this Error
  • Change of password: When your password is changed either by you, or someone tried to log in to your account, but Facebook prevented that and aided you to create a new password.

However, you would be prompted to sign in again into all your Facebook apps such as Messenger, Pages Manager, Facebook Ads Manager, and also Facebook Pages Manager.

Other apps are likely to automatically sign in except the Facebook pages manager which will pop up the “Application does not have permission for this action (10)” error.

How To Fix Facebook Pages Manager App “Application does not have permission for this action (10)” Error.

Resolving this Error is however simple as ABC. So, follow the steps below to get this done;

  1. Try signing in to your Facebook pages manager app automatically.
  2. Instead of tapping on the “Continue as…” in the blue button, ignore it and tap on “Not Me.”
    This action would require you to sign in with your email and password.
  3. Input your Facebook email and password and click on login.

Following the above-listed guide will help you to get that Error fixed successfully. Nonetheless, If you experience any difficulty trying to get that done, kindly use the comment section below.

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