What is the Wordle Today? [Answer and Hints]

What is the Wordle Today? – Want to know what is the Wordle today? The answer can be found at this link: today’s Wordle answer as well as the hints to help you solve it.

Since 2022, The New York Times Company has owned and published Wordle, a web-based game created and developed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle.

A five-letter word must be guessed correctly within six tries. Each time you guess, you are informed which of your selected letters are in the target word and whether they are in the correct position.

In other words, if a letter is in the correct place, it turns green. It turns yellow if it’s in the word but in the wrong place. And if it’s not in the word at all, it turns gray.

There is only one correct answer in Wordle every day, and every player plays to guess that one word. Also, answers are never plurals.

Please note that you can only play Wordle on The New York Times Games Site, and it’s entirely free. There are no apps; therefore, be wary of anything falsely claiming to be one.

Again, Wordle can only be completed once each day. In other words, no three-hour Wordle sessions while you’re meant to be working. The game resets at midnight each day, so if you’re truly determined, you can finish it when everyone else is asleep.

Josh Wardle and The New York Times Company

Wardle initially designed the game for himself and his partner to play, but in October 2021, he released it to the general public.

In December 2021, the game gained popularity as Wardle enabled players to replicate their daily outcomes as emoji squares, which were extensively shared on Twitter.

Moreover, other clones and variations of the game were developed, as well as versions in languages other than English.

The game was acquired by The New York Times Company for an undisclosed seven-figure fee in January 2022, with the intention of keeping it free for all players; it was moved to the company’s website in February 2022.

Previous Wordle Answers

We also have a list of past Wordle answers if you’re interested in those. Below is a list covering the past 30 games:

Wordle Answer
Wordle #619 – February 28, 2023 POLKA
Wordle #618 – February 27, 2023 WORSE
Wordle #617 – February 26, 2023 SYRUP
Wordle #616 – February 25, 2023 FIFTY
Wordle #615 – February 24, 2023 ARBOR
Wordle #614 – February 23, 2023 VAGUE
Wordle #613 – February 22, 2023 RIPER
Wordle #612 – February 21, 2023 RUDDY
Wordle #611 – February 20, 2023 SWEAT
Wordle #610 – February 19, 2023 KIOSK
Wordle #609 – February 18, 2023 AVAIL
Wordle #608 – February 17, 2023 CACHE
Wordle #607 – February 16, 2023 MAGIC
Wordle #606 – February 15, 2023 SALSA
Wordle #605 – February 14, 2023 SOUND
Wordle #604 – February 13, 2023 USAGE
Wordle #603 – February 12, 2023 GIANT
Wordle #602 – February 11, 2023 DEBUG
Wordle #601 – February 10, 2023 HEADY
Wordle #600 – February 09, 2023 STAGE
Wordle #599 – February 08, 2023 FLAIL
Wordle #598 – February 07, 2023 APPLE
Wordle #597 – February 06, 2023 NINTH
Wordle #596 – February 05, 2023 DANCE
Wordle #595 – February 04, 2023 UNLIT
Wordle #594 – February 03, 2023 TASTY
Wordle #593 – February 02, 2023 SHIRK
Wordle #592 – February 01, 2023 SCOLD
Wordle #591 – January 31, 2023 CROSS
Wordle #590 – January 30, 2023 CRAVE

What is a Wordle Start Word?

In Wordle, “Start Words” are crucial for achieving a high score. Though not everyone uses one, the core assumption is that if you choose a statistically optimal word, you will narrow down the options immediately upon your first guess.

The following words are the best Wordle start words:

  1. STARE
  2. SOARE
  3. SALET
  4. ROATE
  5. RAISE
  6. SAREE
  7. SEARE

The best Wordle start words, according to the NYT’s excellent WordleBot tool, include:

  1. CRANE
  2. SLATE
  3. CRATE
  4. SLANT
  5. TRACE
  6. LANCE
  7. CARTE
  8. LEAST
  9. TRICE
  10. ROAST

Best Wordle Second Words

Occasionally, an excellent start word won’t earn you any yellow or green outcomes. If this occurs, you will need a good second word.

You won’t want to repeat any letters you’ve previously used in your first word, so your decision will depend on what your first word was.

Therefore, here is the list of the best Wordle second words assuming you are using STARE as your Wordle start word:

  1. PHONY
  2. COULD
  3. DOING

Wordle Tips

The most helpful advice we can give is to use one of the best Wordle start words. The impact is enormous.

Without one, you will be groping in the dark, attempting (and maybe failing) to identify the correct five letters (or possibly fewer) among the 26 possibilities.

But smart individuals have done the math and selected the ideal starting words based on their prevalence in both English and Wordle answers. Therefore, use them.

Also, consider combinations, especially at the start and end. Certain options are considerably more prevalent than others; for example, SH, ST, CR, and CH all appear often.

Obviously, vowels must also be considered: not all Wordle answers will have more than one vowel, but many do, and some even have three. A good Wordle start word should have utilized a couple, but if it didn’t, you should try another one or two on your next attempt.

In addition, remember the letter Y, which often serves as a substitute vowel and is easy to forget. It also appears at the end of numerous words.

Lastly, try out possibilities. As long as you do not click “Enter,” you may experiment with potential answers to see how they appear on the screen.

That is, fill in likely letters, as well as any you know for certain, are in the word, then mentally switch one to the other available options. This method is sometimes effective, especially when the word in question is uncommon (like ISLET or FJORD).


Why does Wordle sometimes have Two Answers?

Infrequently, Wordle confuses many players by providing two different Wordle answers, meaning that a subset of users get one solution while the others receive another. Clearly, this is not a calculated strategy. In any case, it’s annoying.

The issue arises due to the way Wordle was created. The game is totally browser-based, and the word list that determines what you see on any given day is included in the website’s source code.

The order in which each puzzle appears depends on your device’s date. Theoretically, you could set your device’s clock to tomorrow and complete tomorrow’s puzzle a day in advance. (But clearly, you shouldn’t do that.)

As a result, when the New York Times modifies or eliminates a word, as it has done on multiple occasions, those utilizing an older word list will see a different answer from everyone else.

Again, you can only view an outdated list if you haven’t refreshed your browser recently, though numerous people do so.

Can I Cheat at Wordle?

Yes, you certainly can. Of course, you shouldn’t, though.

In any case, if you’re determined to fool yourself and your poor social media friends, all you have to do is open Wordle on a private browsing page, make as many educated guesses as you need to finish it, and then switch back to the page that’s signed in to your profile and enter the correct word.

Another option is to search for today’s Wordle answer and claim it as your own. There you go.

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