Three Cross Tattoo: Meaning, Symbolism, Ideas & Design

Cross tattoos have become increasingly popular in the past few years. It has become particularly trendy in the world of body art.

The cross tattoo is very symbolic and conveys a deep sense of religious belief and emotional bond for a lot of people.

Whether you are an ardent Christian or just like the historical and spiritual symbolism of the cross, inking a cross tattoo on your skin can be an important means of expressing your core values and beliefs.

In this article, we will go over the meaning of cross tattoos, examining their design and symbolism.

Three Crosses Tattoo and Their Meanings

A three-cross tattoo is a deeply significant symbol that has several meanings.

For a lot of people, getting a three-cross tattoo is an embodiment of their religious beliefs and acts as an ever-present affirmation of their faith.

The three crosses symbolize the crucifixion of Christ, the Saviour, with the middle cross signifying his death and two adjacent crosses illustrating the criminals that were killed with him.

This tattoo design is a strong indication of the saving power of conviction and the positive path of soul-searching.


The Symbolism of Three Crosses Tattoos

Holy Trinity

Many Christians believe in the Trinity, which refers to the idea of one Godhead who is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is among the most misunderstood and complex concepts in Christain theology.

The concept identifies a single God. He is the Lord of all. A Father. He also exists as the Son and Holy Ghost. These entities are individually regarded as God. They do not “comprise” of God. It isn’t just three separate entities. The Son is not the Father. The Father is not the Holy Ghost nor Son. The Son is neither the Father nor Holy Ghost.

What his tattoo implies is that you are a believer in the Trinity. It particularly means you accept that mankind has experienced God through different means. Man has experienced God as the Father in the Old Testament, where God is the source of existence. Secondly, man encountered God as Jesus, who lived on Earth among humanity. Thirdly, God is presently the Holy Spirit, who inspires and ministers to people with spiritual vitality and nourishment.

The Crucifixion of Jesus

Jesus Christ, the beloved son of God, was put to death at Golgotha for the sins of mankind. He was persecuted and killed on a Cross alongside two criminals. This shows that the three crosses tattoo is a symbol of the crucifixion that occurred that day. It is an affirmation of the redemptive power of Jesus’s death and resurrection.

Other symbolisms of the Three Crosses Tattoo

Other less common symbolisms of the three crosses tattoo include the following:

  • A symbol to honor or celebrate a loved one that has passed away.
  • A symbol of the constellation.
  • A symbol of an ancient religious practice or belief.
  • A symbol of the number three. In numerology, “three” is seen as a number of completion.

Personal Reasons for Getting a Three Cross Tattoo

Faith-Based Motivations

For deeply religious people, a three-cross tattoo is a deep means to openly convey their loyalty and faith. It acts as an illustration of their commitment to their spirituality and serves as an indicator of their close connection to God and the ideals they value. The tattoo acts as an affirmation of their steadfast faith and can motivate and empower others who possess religious convictions.

Memorial Tattoos for Loved Ones

In certain cases, people decide to get a three-cross tattoo as a touching memorial to their deceased loved ones. Each cross symbolizes not just their beliefs but also the remembrance of someone precious to them who died. It acts as a powerful symbol of the profound effect and impact that person had on their life, preserving their memory in a profoundly intimate and significant way.

Symbolic Representation of Personal Battles and Triumphs

The three-cross tattoo may also serve as an emblem of one’s own battles and triumphs. Each cross can symbolize an instance of hardship or barriers that the person in question has conquered, implying their courage, toughness, and ability to triumph above challenges. It acts as an indicator of their own personal development and serves as a source of motivation during times of hardship.

Design Options

Popular Placements for Three Cross Tattoos

If you are planning to get a three-cross tattoo, there are numerous options to consider. For instance, you can ink the tattoo on your chest, back, arm, wrist and ankle to display this tattoo. Where you place this tattoo can vary according to how much of it you want to display, your personal preference and the expected effect. Some people can decide to choose a larger tattoo in prominent areas like the back or chest; others may opt to ink it in smaller hidden places like the wrist or ankle.


Before you get a three-cross tattoo, it is important to carry out extensive research and locate a skilled and qualified tattoo artist. Ensure you invest time to check for different styles and designs of the three cross tattoos. Find an artist who focuses on symbolic or religious tattoos and make an appointment to share your ideas and preferences.

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