Jewelry stores that accept echecks

Jewelry stores that accept echecks

Jewelry stores that accept echecks: For many customers, echecks are a safe and convenient way to pay for precious jewelry. But what jewelry stores accept echecks? Find out in this article.

Jewelry stores that accept echecks

Customers can use echeck to transfer funds directly from their bank account to their online dealer, just like regular checks. However, unlike paper checks, echecks save customers the trouble of mailing a check by allowing them to make an instant online transaction.

Top 10 Jewelry stores that accept echecks


Brillianteers accepts all major credit cards, both online and over the phone. They accept PayPal and e-checks and welcome bank transfers or paper cheques.

Fun fact: Brillianteers’ jewelry is exclusively designed and completely hand crafted “in house” from beginning to end.

But what other jewelry stores accept echecks?

  1. Classic Diamond House offers different payment options to customers that are looking to purchase the best in diamond rings and jewelry. They accept echecks as well.
  2. accepts echecks.
  3. Apples of Gold Jewelry also accepts echecks payments.
  4. Arthur’s Jewelers offers several payment options. Among those are wire transfers, personal checks and echecks, Paypal, certified checks or money orders, as well as all major credit cards and financing with approved credit.
  5. Nihao jewelry allows for echeck payment option.
  6. Every Body Jewelry accepts echecks also.
  7. Agalil Online Jewelry accepts echecks.
  8. You can pay for purchases from Kay Jewelers with echecks.
  9. let customers use electronic checks

Best online stores that accept echecks without PayPal

According to Statistica, over 80% of Americans shop online, accounting for approximately 263 million people in the American population. This figure is expected to rise to 291.2 million by 2025 — a significant milestone in the e-commerce sector.

Electronic checks, also known as e-checks, are modern (digital) versions of traditional paper checks that can be used for online payments.

While most online shopping sites accept eCheck payments through PayPal, some accept eCheck payments directly, which can be difficult for most shoppers to find. We list them here for your appreciation.

The Automatic Clearing House (ACH) is used by e-checks to make debit payments from the checking account from which they are issued into the retailer’s business bank account.

Online stores that accept e-checks without PayPal may accept them directly, through a bank transfer, or by calling customer service, which will assist you in mailing them the e-check.

8 online stores that accept echecks without PayPal

  1. Amazon (Bank transfer).
  2. Walmart (Bank transfer).
  3. Target (Bank transfer).
  4. Wayfair (Pay by check).
  5. Cabela’s (Phone call).
  6. Foot Locker (Bank transfer).
  7. Milanoo (Bank transfer).
  8. B&H (Phone call).

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E-check payment procedure

Although the procedure for paying via echeck varies depending on the vendor, it typically works as follows:

  1. Fills your cart with the items you want and choose e-check as your payment method.
  2. Sign in or create an account, then enter your standard billing and shipping information.
  3. Within the checkout form, enter your routing and account numbers, which are securely transmitted to the vendor.
  4. The details are then used by the vendor to withdraw the necessary funds from the customer’s checking account.
  5. The vendor must then ensure that the payment has cleared and/or perform any other necessary security checks before shipping the products.


Echeck payment is getting more popular today. We have examined the top 10 jewelry stores that accept echecks. We would love for you also to tell us the jewelry stores you know that are not on our list but accepts echecks. Use the comment section below. Thank you.


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