spanish words that start with J

200 Spanish Words That Start With “J”

Spanish is a lovely language.  Speaking Spanish is very attractive because of how it sounds and the accent. It’s a much softer language, and it sounds more poetic.

It is considered one of the most romantic languages in the world because of its melodic tone; it is the perfect language for music and poetry.

spanish words that start with J
spanish words that start with J

It is also one of the easiest languages to learn. However, learning little by little is the secret to gaining full mastery of the Spanish language.  In this article, we’ll be looking at Spanish Words That Start With “J.” and their meaning. So, let’s get started!

200 Spanish Words That Start With “J”

Spanish Words

Meaning in English

José The letter J in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
jacinto Hyacinth (plant)
juicio opinion
juicio trial
julio July
Julieta Juliet, the lover of Romeo
junio June
junto joined
jitomate tomato
juzgar to try (a case)
juzgar to pass judgment
Juzgar to consider
juzgado a court of law with a judge
justo tightly
justo right
justificación Justification
justificante proof
justificar to justify
justificado justified
justiciero Righteous
justicia the law
Jurásico Jurassic
justamente precisely; exactly
justicia justice
Jurisprudencia jurisprudence
jurista jurist, lawyer
jurisdicción jurisdiction
jurar to swear; to take an oath
juramento a sworn statement
jurar to curse or swear
juntura joint
jurado a member of a jury
junto near
junto together
juntar to combine, to unite
juntar to gather (together); to collect
juntar to close partway
jungla jungle
jumo drunkenness
Juliana female given name
Julián male given name, cognate to Julian
Julia female given name
juicioso wise
juicioso judicious
juguetonamente playfully
juguetón playful
jeta sleep
jeta snout
jeta anger face
jibia cuttlefish
jilote Immature, green ear of maize
jinete horseman, horsewoman, rider
jinetear to ride horseback
jinetear to ride; to perform
jiote rash
jira picnic
jirafa giraffe
jirón rag; shred
jo stop (especially when commanding a horse)
jo Used to express surprise, amazement, or confusion
Joaquina female given name, a feminine form of Joaquín
Joaquín male given name
joder to annoy, bug, bother
joder to damage, break
joder to put in a difficult situation
joder to suck; to blow
jodido difficult
jodido screwed up
jofaina washbowl
jornada working day
jornalero day laborer
joroba hump
jorobar to be annoying
José Joseph
Josefa female given name, feminine form of José
Josefina female given name, cognate to Josephine
José María male given name
Josué Joshua
jote alcoholic drink consisting of wine and cola
jote vulture
jotear To flirt with or woo someone, often with the intent of making a sexual conquest
jotito diminutive form of joto small child
joven young, youthful
jovenzuelo youngster
jovial Cheerful, jovial
jovialidad cheerfulness
jovialmente jovially
joya gem; treasure
joya jewel
joya jewellery, jewelry
joyel Small jewel
joyería jewelry shop / store
joyero goldsmith
Juan John
Juana female given name; equivalent to Jane
Juanfran male given name
Juanita female given name
jubilación pension
jubilación retirement
jubilado retired
jubilar to get rid of
jubilarse to rejoice
jubileo jubilee
jubilosamente jubilantly
jubiloso jubilant
jabón soap
Judá Judah (Biblical character and tribe)
judía bean
judaicamente Jewishly
judaísmo Judaism
judería Jewish neighborhood
judicatura judiciary
juego game; spor
juego gaming
jueves Thursday
juez umpire; referee; official
juerga partying
jueza female judge
jugador gambler
juglar poet, reciter
jugarreta prank
jugar con fuego to play with fire
juglar minstrel
Julio male given name, cognate to Julius
juncácea (plants) rush
juncia sedge
junta contact, acquaintances
junta council
junta meeting (A gathering for a purpose)
Jurado a judge or referee
juramentado bound by oath
jurídico legal; just
jurel jack (edible fish of the genus Caranx or Trachurus)
juro ownership
justa tournament
justicialismo justicialism, peronism
jurisdiccional jurisdictional, territorial
justificable justifiable
justicialista Of or relating to justicialism
justificante justification
juvenil teenage
jeta face, mush, mug, scoundrel (impudent person)
jilote corn silk
jaula cage
jamás never
jabalí wild pig
arabe syrup
Júpiter jupiter
jeringa syringe
jaqueca headache
jornalero laborer
jactanciosamente boastfully
jabato brave, bold, tough guy
jacalear gossip

As stated earlier, Spanish is an appealing language and easy to learn. For a better understanding, below are example sentences that contain some of these words and their English translation.

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Spanish “J” Words in a sentence

1. Recuerda lavarte las manos con mucho jabón.

Remember to wash your hands with a lot of soap.

2. No he visto nunca una jirafaI

have never seen a giraffe.

3. Mi jefe me pidió que viniera a la oficina el sábado en la mañana.

My boss asked me to come to the office on Saturday morning.

4. el perro estaba en una jaula

The dog was in a cage 

5. mi cumpleaños es en junio

My birthday is in June 

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Spanish Words That Start With J. ( with English Translation) Junio-june, jaula-cage, jefe-boss, jirafa-giraffe, jabón-soap…

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