How Old is Moana

Moana is among Disney’s latest princesses and is adored for the manner in which she questions the dynamics around being a princess.

Moana has won over Disney fans of all ages with her undying courage and relentless tenacity.

This Polynesian princess serves as a fictional inspirational figure for young girls who don’t back down when it comes to supporting those they love about. What is striking about Moana is her athletic physique and her deservedly rebellious personality.

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How Old Is Moana?

Moana was 16 years old during the 2016 popular princess film cartoon produced by Disney.

She is the 2nd princess to belong to a member of a Native Civilization, as well as the 2nd Disney hero to be of Polynesian origin.

The plot of Moana centers on Moana, the child of Motuni Chief Tui, who defies the custom of her people not to cross the barrier in an effort to give the deity of life her Heart of Te Fiti back.

On her nautical journey to give back the Heart of Te Fiti, she is joined by the shape-shifting deity Maui, who first took the Heart from the goddess and unleashed the period of darkness for Moana’s people.

Moana is respected for her adventurous streak and fondness of the ocean, even though her chief father has attempted to frighten her.

Her grandma, Gramma Tala, also describes her as someone who “commands attention.”

To match her commanding presence, the child of the chief is renowned for being remarkably athletic and mentally capable.

Moana is capable of handling herself just nicely while on her own, which is impressive for a young girl who has never left her native island.

Although Moana is noted for her fearlessness, she frequently finds it difficult to strike a balance between her aspirations and goals and what her family and the community demand of her.

This Disney heroine takes her duty to her people to heart, much as her father did.

She defied her father’s orders and embraced Gramma Tala’s quest for Moana out of her love for her people.

Moana was planned to be a supporting role and possible love interest for Maui when she was first developed as a character, but she entirely stole that role away from him.

Is Moana regarded as a Disney Princess?

Moana joined the Disney princess category in 2019 and is regarded as a Disney princess.

She is the second Disney princess who is not based on a character that already exists; the first is Merida from Brave.

Despite being recognized as a member of the Disney Princess franchise, Moana wasn’t given the usual coronation ceremony that her predecessors received.

Instead, Moana’s storybook and toy lines served as a subtle introduction to her as a Disney princess.

After Moana’s film was released, it took a few years before she was added to the long-running Disney franchise.

Moana is remarkably different when compared to Disney’s other royals.

She is among the few princesses whose costume consists of more than one main color, following in the footsteps of Ariel in mermaid form, Snow White, and Mulan.

Moana is the only Disney princess to fiercely turn down the label “princess,” in contrast to the other princesses.

This trailblazing character follows Tiana from Princess and the Frog, Mulan, Pocahontas, and Jasmine from Aladdin as the 5th non-caucasian Disney princess.

Moana was created for teenage girls who didn’t want to sit on the sidelines and be princesses but rather travel the world and assist their loved ones.

Amazing facts about Moana

It’s the 56th cartoon Disney film!

That implies that it would take nearly a year to see them all if you watched once per week.!

Maui is centered on demi-god Māui

In Polynesian mythology, Māui is a prominent feature. He is a strong demi-god whose exploits influenced many Polynesian customs.

The Rock’s grandfather is the inspiration for Maui’s appearance!

The Rock, who plays Maui, is a Samoan wrestler by heritage. In actuality, The Rock’s grandfather served as the inspiration for Maui’s appearance in the movie. Even though computer animation makes up the most of the movie, Maui’s flowing tattoos are hand-drawn.

They utilized real pigs for the sound of Pua

The most ridiculous Disney character is Heihei.

The director of the movie has referred to Heihei the rooster as “the worst character in Disney animation ever.”

Three of Hawaiian Airlines’ aircraft were decorated with paintings of movie characters to commemorate the release of the movie.

The voice of Moana is recorded by Hawaiian 16-year-old Auli’i Cravalho.

Thousands of people auditioned to become the voice of Moana and Auli’i was the last person to appear on the audition.


Is Princess Moana the oldest?

The original and oldest Disney princess, Snow White, made her screen debut in 1937.

Has Moana given birth?

Moana and Maui have a baby girl and together they cruise the waterways with Hei Hei and Pua!

What gender is Moana?

Moana is regarded as a powerful female personality that subverts gender stereotypes

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