How old is Jinx in Arcane

How Old is Jinx in Arcane (League of Legends)

In the first act of Arcane, Jinx is described as 12 years old. She is expected to be between 17 and 19 years old in the second and third acts.

How Old is Jinx in Arcane

JINX | Arcane
JINX | Arcane

Arcane is a show full of interesting characters who grow and change as the series progresses.

However, Jinx is undoubtedly the most popular character in Arcane. In this show, her character arc is the most important part of the plot. You may not have noticed numerous details about Jinx, ranging from Easter eggs for long-time fans to subtle lore unique to the series.

Jinx’s real name was “Powder Jinx is portrayed as a manic and impulsive criminal from Zaun, as well as the Piltover enforcer Vi’s archenemy.

Jinx’s origin story is explored in the 2021 Netflix animated series Arcane as Powder, Vi’s younger sister, who is taken in and raised by crime lord Silco after a series of tragedies.

Jinx was changed fundamentally and permanently to a killer after a series of events forced her and her sister apart.

Jinx is described as 12 years old. She is expected to be between 17 and 19 years old in the second and third acts.

Who is Jinx

JINX | Arcane
JINX | Arcane

Jinx, formerly Powder, was a kind and curious but clumsy child who frequently made decisions that harmed those around her. She despised herself because Mylo had chastised her for making these decisions.

She was devastated by her parents’ deaths and found it difficult to communicate with her sister, Vi.

Her trauma became more pronounced after she caused the deaths of Mylo, Claggor, and Vander, as well as Vi seemingly abandoning her at her weakest moment.

She had auditory and visual hallucinations of Mylo and Claggor’s dead bodies and voices. She would put on a happy face, but this was just a mask for the pain and trauma of the past. She’s also extroverted and sarcastic, with a twisted sense of humor.

Jinx became more chaotic and prone to hallucinations after being adopted by Silco. She even enjoyed being a criminal and being sadistic. Jinx, according to Sevika, is uncontrollable, even by Silco.

She’s an extremely talented inventor with a high level of creativity and intelligence, and she’s created her own arsenal of weapons.

Singeds chemical changes would cause her to become even more paranoid and erratic. With her sister’s apparent return with another person, she was willing to go to any length to avoid losing her again, including kidnapping her and accidentally killing Silco. Despite her mental instability, a part of her known as Powder remained with her.

This made her fearful of becoming the same fearful, weak, and timid child she had been before Vi abandoned her. This caused her to question her true identity. After Silos died, she adopted her new identity.

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What abilities does Jinx possess?

Due to her participation in a terrifying experiment in which shimmer was used to save her life, she has a Chemically Altered Physiology. Jinx had a shimmer that permeated her entire being. This would make her stronger, faster, and more durable than the average human, but at the expense of a more damaged mental state.

Jinx is also an Engineer because despite her lack of formal education. Eventually, she learned how to build many contraptions and weapons using her creativity and ingenuity.

Her ability to reverse engineer technology using research journals makes her the first Zaunite to use hextech gemstones in a device properly.

Is Jinx a boy or girl in Arcane?

Jinx is a girl.

The first episode of the series reveals to us this youthful, blue-haired girl as she saunters beside her elder sister Vi. Powder passes through evil to become the character we know as Jinx once she’s older: the hot head with a wry grin and an arsenal of killer munitions just as crazed as she can be.

Does Jinx ever turn bad?

Jinx is a powerful agent of evil and hostility despite her immaturity and naive personality, yet in her twisted mind, she views it as a game.

Does Jinx still love Vi?

Although Jinx has several complex and negative emotions towards her sister, as well as a bit of resentment, Vi is so precious and pivotal to Jinx. She cherishes Vi and feels that Vi is responsible for her growth.

Are Jinx and Vi rivals?

In-game, Jinx and Vi are sisters and sworn rivals, although the story fizzles into the backdrop of the action, showing up only in small voice lines and personality characterizations.

About Arcane: League of Legends

Arcane is a Netflix animated action-adventure series created by Christian Linke and Alex Yee. It was created by Fortiche under the supervision of Riot Games and focused on several League of Legends characters, particularly Jinx and Vi. The first episode of the series was released in November 2021.

The world of League of Legends strikes a delicate balance between the rich utopian city of Piltover and the seedy underground of Zaun. Many of Runeterra’s brightest minds call these cities “cities of progress.”

However, the development of hextech, which allows anyone to control magical energy, is risky because it could upset the balance. The plot follows the rise of two famous League champions and the power that will separate them.


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