Public Holidays in Nigeria 2021

Many of us here have traveled on a long-distance journey to catch up with an important appointment, only to discover that the day in question was a public holiday.

Many Nigerians have missed a lot of opportunities, all because they are not fully aware of when is a public holiday, and when it is not.

This lack of awareness may be a result of the dynamic nature of public holidays in Nigeria, as new dates are regularly added to the already existing public holidays.

Hence, this article seeks to list all the major public holidays in Nigeria this 2021, so you can know how to better organize your schedules for the year. But before we proceed, there is one important question we need to answer first.

What Is Public Holiday?

According to Wikipedia, A public holiday, national holiday or legal holiday is a holiday generally established by law and is usually a non-working day during the year.

Nigeria, just like every other Sovereign nation of the world observe public holidays based on events of significance to our history, as on 1st October 1960, when Nigeria became an independent state.

For most Nigerians, nothing could be more fun than the thought of a public holiday. This is so because, on these days, people usually don’t go to work, so they spend more time with their family and loved ones.

Public Holidays In Nigeria 2021

Below is the updated list of Nigerian public holidays in Nigeria starting from 1st January to 31 December 2019:

Date Name Type Details
1 Jan Wednesday New Year’s Day Public Holiday
14 Feb Friday Valentine’s Day Observance
8 Mar Sunday Women’s Day Observance
20 Mar Friday March Equinox Season
22 Mar Sunday Mothering Sunday Observance
10 Apr Friday Good Friday Public Holiday
11 Apr Saturday Holy Saturday Observance, Christian
12 Apr Sunday Easter Sunday Observance, Christian
13 Apr Monday Easter Monday Public Holiday
1 May Friday Workers’ Day Public Holiday
24 May Sunday Id el Fitr Public Holiday
25 May Monday Id el Fitr additional holiday Public Holiday
27 May Wednesday Children’s Day Observance
12 Jun Friday Democracy Day Public Holiday
20 Jun Saturday June Solstice Season
21 Jun Sunday Father’s Day Observance
31 Jul Friday Id el Kabir Public Holiday
1 Aug Saturday Id el Kabir additional holiday Public Holiday
20 Aug Thursday Al-Hijra Local holiday
22 Sep Tuesday September Equinox Season
1 Oct Thursday National Day Public Holiday
29 Oct Thursday Id el Maulud Public Holiday
21 Dec Monday December Solstice Season
22 Dec Tuesday Sambisa Memorial Day Local holiday Borno
24 Dec Thursday Christmas Eve Observance, Christian
25 Dec Friday Christmas Day Public Holiday
26 Dec Saturday Boxing Day Public Holiday
31 Dec Thursday New Year’s Eve Observance

That’s all guys.

Now that you have known the Public Holidays In Nigeria 2021, tell us how you are going to enjoy these special holidays with your loved ones, using the comment section down below.

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Always remember to visit this post, in case there is any new public holiday, so you don’t miss out on any of them.

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