Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? (2024 Guide)

Who Has Viewed My Facebook Profile? If you really want to know specifically have viewed your Facebook profile, it might be out of curiosity or for security reasons.

Who viewed my Facebook profile

Facebook is among the most influential social networking sites and has over a billion users worldwide. Some Facebook users are usually anxious and also want to know who has been regularly seeing their Facebook profile, but they are unsure of how to figure this out.

Today, Team Facebook will show you a simple way to track your Facebook in order to understand how you can watch your Facebook Profile typically.

Note: This approach can function only in Google Chrome Web Browser.

Who Has Viewed My Facebook Profile

How To See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile.

1. First, you should include Facebook Apartment Extension to your Chrome Browser by clicking on Link below.

2. Click Contribute To Chrome Switch to include the Extension to your Chrome Web browser.

3. After that, verify your activity by Click Include Expansion Switch on the turn-up screen.

After adding this Extension, Log on to your Facebook Account or refill your Chrome Internet browser if you already Visited. You will certainly see something different in your Facebook Account User Interface.

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5. After That Click on Profile, Visitors to see That view your Facebook Account Frequently (View Photos, Chat & Comment).

6. If you intend to return to you Typical Facebook Profile User Interface, Click on Enable/Disable Facebook Apartment on the Upper Left Conner of the display to Disable the Facebook Apartment.

Now, you can see your Facebook Account frequently with the Extension on Chrome Web Browser. This Facebook Apartment Extension allows you to see not only your Facebook buddies who watch your Account but also individuals who are not your friends on Facebook. You can Allow and also Disable the Extension at any time you want.

Why does Facebook prevent you from seeing who viewed your profile?

Apparently, the most common reason is privacy. Facebook does not allow users to see who is viewing their profile because of that. It would cause Facebook serious headaches if there was a way people could know which non-friend is spying on them.

Everybody is guilty of spying on others’ profiles, and when doing that, we want to remain unseeing. If the reverse were the case here, it would negatively affect Facebook users’ experience.


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