How to delete all Facebook messages at once

Delete all Facebook messages at once – 2024 Guide: Deleting all your Facebook messages can be done as fast as possible.

Delete all Facebook messages at once

To take control of your Facebook messages, go to the Facebook Fast Delete Messages extension page with your Chrome browser and click the Add to Chrome button to install.

Facebook Fast Delete Messages

Once installed, the extension is activated automatically. Now, delete your Facebook messages with only one click without having to open the individual conversation page to open your Facebook Message. You will see two extra buttons, one at the top bar and another highlighted in red. Click these buttons to permanently delete your messages and conversations.

Delete message

How to delete messages on Facebook (Manual Method)

You can access your Facebook messages and tap individually to move your messages to “archive”.

However, your message won’t be deleted permanently; it will resurface when you receive new messages.

To delete messages individually, you have to open the messages one after the other. Then tap on the action menu and choose the Delete Messages option.

Your entire conversation with your Facebook friend will be displayed to you, along with checkboxes beside each message.

Choose the message you wish to permanently remove by tapping the checkbox at the side of each message. Alternatively, you can select the “Delete all” option.

Delete Messages on Messenger at once App

This app is for you if you wish to remove all messages from your Facebook account.

With only one tap, this app can delete several Facebook chats.

Get it here:

Delete all Facebook messages at once – FAQs and Answers

Is it possible to delete every Facebook message at once?

Facebook messages cannot be deleted all at once, but you can do so one message at a time.

How can I delete several messages from Android Messenger?

Sadly, the Facebook-owned Messenger app on iOS and Android does not yet have a feature for bulk delete. However, you can use the delete messages at once extension or mobile app.

Is there a faster way to remove messages from Messenger?

On the top right area, tap on Messages, then select “See All in Messenger” on the lower left side of the popup. Hover over the message and tap the three-dot sign, then select the “Delete” option to delete the entire thread of messages.

When deleting messages, will the conservation be deleted on the recipient’s end?

No, only messages from your end will be deleted.


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