Suggest Friends On Facebook


A quick guide on how to suggest friends on Facebook in 2022. Learn how to suggest friends to someone on Facebook quickly.

Suggest Friends On Facebook


How do I suggest a Friend to Someone?

To suggest a friend to someone, you need to be friends with both the person you’re suggesting and the person you’re suggesting to.
To suggest a friend to someone:
  1. From your friend’s profile, click Friends.
  2. Click Suggest Friends.
  3. Click Suggest Friend next to the friend you want to suggest. To find a friend, enter their name in the Search box.
Both friends will get an invitation to add the other person as their friend.

Suggest Friends On Facebook FAQ

How do I suggest friends on Facebook in 2022?

Navigate to the profile of the user whose friends you want to suggest. Go to the person’s page and click the “Friends” option. Click on “Suggest Friends…”. Find someone using the search bar, then click the “Suggest friend” option next to their name.

What happened to suggest friends on Facebook?

Facebook deleted the Suggest to Friends option from the site last week when a glitch caused the feature to load improperly in 2011.

Is a friend suggestion the same as a friend request?

Facebook suggestions are just recommendations, and Facebook won’t send friend requests to any user they suggest to you. Facebook also occasionally advises that you interact with those already on your list of friends, not strangers.

Can you tell when someone searches for you on Facebook?

No, Facebook will not let people check who views their profile. Furthermore, third-party apps are unable to offer this feature.

Why does someone show up on suggested friends?

Facebook states in its help section that its suggestions are based on “mutual friends, job and educational data, organizations you’re a member of, contacts you’ve imported, and many more factors.”

Where can I access Facebook’s People You May Know feature?

You can use People You May Know to find people who share your mutual friends or pursuits.

To see People You May Know:

  • From your Feed, select Friends from the left corner. You may need first to tap “See More.”
  • Navigate down to People You May Know or select Suggestions in the left menu.

You can also access People You May Know suggestions from your Feed and notifications.


Even though Facebook’s “suggest friend” option is no longer available, you can still suggest friends. There are two possible ways to link up with friends; you can alternatively send a profile link of one friend to the other or send a group message to both parties. On a pc or a smartphone, you can use the same technique.

Facebook frequently makes friend recommendations to engage users. The suggestions, sometimes referred to as “People You May Know,” are mostly based on mutual connections and secondary considerations, including work, school, Facebook groups, and pages you like.

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