How To See Blocked List On Facebook


Want to find out where your blocked friends are on Facebook? We will show you how to check Facebook blocked users list so you can decide whether to unblock them or not.

How To See Blocked List On Facebook

Facebook allows you to block and unblock people. You can block anyone bothering on you Facebook.

So how do you go about assessing those friends or Facebook users that you’ve blocked? We shall see how to locate users blocked by you on FB presently.

How To Locate Your Blocked List On Facebook
Below are the steps to be taken in order to view all your blocked list.

To view your Facebook block list:

  • Click  in the top right of any Facebook page
  • Click Privacy Shortcuts
  • Click How do I stop someone from bothering me?
  • Click View All Blocked Users.

So you see, its really as easy as this. Do you still have some other questions or may wish to ask us? Feel free to use the comment section below.

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