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Hey guys, do you know about Facebook Blueprint?

Facebook Blueprint is an international professional certification training and Instagram marketing program devised by Facebook.

Facebook marketing enables users to interact seamlessly with millions of other users interested in their brands. The blueprint training equips users with the necessary digital marketing skills.

Since its release in 2015, the blueprint training has seen over two million registrations for its courses.

Facebook Blueprint

For example, in the United States, the Facebook Blueprint training has trained over 300,000 small business owners who enrolled in the program.

Hence, if you are a digital marketer who wishes to upgrade yourself to effective digital marketing skills or you want to learn about late digital marketing skills, the Facebook blueprint is the best place to start your journey.

In this article, I will be showing you all you need to know about the Facebook blueprint.

What is Facebook Blueprint?

If this is your first time hearing of the Facebook blueprint, or you have heard of it before but are not too sure what it is, this article will help.

The Facebook Blueprint is a global training and certification program and Instagram marketing designed by Facebook.

The training program comprises over 90 online courses, each with a specific objective and varying durations from 15 to 50 minutes. It is accessible to all active Facebook users seeking self-improvement in digital marketing.

This training ensures that digital marketers remain current and receive thorough training on the latest digital marketing trends.

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Free Online Training for Advertising

The training courses have unique and helpful objectives designed for even a beginner to become a skilled digital marketer.

There are many interesting digital marketing courses, ranging from generating leads to promoting an application. Facebook Blueprint courses get updates on a regular basis, mostly with new features.

Courses on Facebook Blueprint

As a digital marketer or an intended digital marketer, you will find the online training program very helpful, as you have the opportunity, above all things, to learn how to run effective adverts that convert well in this 21st century.

To learn more about the Facebook Blueprint student catalogue, start by visiting facebookblueprint.com/student/catalog.

The catalogue offers users a range of intermediate and beginner courses across the categories below:

Get Started with Facebook

Begin your journey with Facebook by enrolling in a beginner class designed to introduce newcomers to digital marketing.

The course topics include:

Facebook Page Create: Promote your business on the Facebook page.

Get Started with Advertising: The course for beginners and intermediate-range students covers everything relating to payments and tax information, billing, and delivery overview.

Learning Advanced Buying Options: The learning courses are advanced, and they focus on Facebook and TV, reach, and frequency campaigns.

Targeting the right audience: To get better results in advertising, targeting the right audience is necessary.

The platform is all targeting, and Blueprint offers over 10 courses on how to tone in when it comes to targeting.

Building Awareness: The program teaches you different techniques to build up brand awareness with a campaign, with some beginner and intermediate courses.

Leads: Facebook Blueprint program trains individuals on how to capture leads across all devices and also in online and offline environments.

Driving Consideration: Marketers and advertisers can discover a variety of means to increase brand awareness on the platform, from events to special offers.

Promoting App: There are different methods of promoting an application on the platform. The program has five special courses to introduce how to promote an app.

Increasing Online Sales: Individuals can learn how to boost online sales with different courses, such as “Closing the Deal with Conversions.” Also, Enhance Direct Response Campaigns with Audience Network.

Increasing In-Stream Sales: Yes, the Blueprint program on Facebook offers a variety of training to help business owners drive more sales or purchases.

Other topics:

Choosing Ad Formats: Facebook has loads of ad formats, and new ones are added often. So learning how to know which one to use for a particular ad is important.

Getting Inspiration (Creative): The courses in this category are here to inspire marketers and advertisers. It also helps to get them on board with mobile marketing.

Managing Ads: For those running loads of ad campaigns, learning these courses is good for you.

Measuring Ad Performance: Go into Partner Measurement, Split Testing, Facebook Pixel, and also Multi-Touch Attribution just so you get more equipped for the Ad performance.

Learning about Facebook Messenger: Intermediate, Beginner, and Advanced courses help show you how to get your business on Messenger. Messenger is another tool to use, too, so learning about how to use it is great.

Learning about Instagram: Instagram is another great marketing and advertising tool. Learning about it is necessary. This section covers all you need to know about Instagram.

Monetize and Distribute Content: This is where the work is. Some courses on Blueprint training teach users how they can earn money on the platform. While others go deep on how Journalists can use Facebook, etc.

Beyond Facebook Blueprint E-Learning: This is an addition to the Blueprint e-learning; it includes two additional tiers to Facebook Ads Participation and Certification;

Blueprint e-Learning: This is a free series of courses or classes that cover the multiple facets of Facebook and Instagram advertising. After the course, the participants receive a PDF certificate of completion.

Blueprint Certification: This is a basic Facebook Ads Certification. You can learn more about it below because I will be discussing it more.

Blueprint Live: For those looking for a more hands-on approach, it’s a full-day in-person workshop. They are based on invitation only.

Facebook Blueprint Certification Exam

At the end of each course, you are required to take an exam. The exam is designed to test the IQ of Facebook advertising. A badge and certification are then awarded to those who pass the exam.

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Is it worthwhile to obtain the Facebook Blueprint Certification?

Before evaluating if the examination procedure is worth going through to obtain certification, consider the expense, the time spent preparing, and the hectic exam atmosphere.

The Facebook Blueprint Certification is, in reality, the only industry-recognized accreditation for Facebook ad management and administration. Because of Facebook’s popularity, many employers that use Facebook advertisements understand facts about the certification, as do your clientele.

When interviewing for a suitable position, having a Blueprint certification can give you an edge over all other applicants who don’t have one. It can also provide agencies with the same competitive advantage when pitching businesses compared to non-certified agencies.

Is it true that getting Facebook Blueprint certification will guarantee you that employment position or client? Obviously not.

If you’re looking for a job as a Facebook Ads administrator, strategist, or seller at a business, I believe it’s well worth the cost.

Consider it worthwhile only if the job description lists it when applying for a specific online marketing position.

I recommend against getting licensed to impress your boss if you already manage Facebook ads for your organization.

You can complete the mini-courses and learn all the information for free. The best way to impress your boss is by showing your skill in scaling Facebook ads effectively and generating a strong return on investment.

For freelancers, obtaining certification might be beneficial, particularly if you lack a varied portfolio of case studies.

For agencies, certifying your business or management teams is essential. It will not only provide a robust foundation for your staff to deliver excellent customer experiences but also reassure your clients that their account managers are certified.


Are you a digital marketer looking for a certification or seeking to enhance your social media management skills? This article shares information on the Facebook Blueprint and how it adds value to your career.

That’s all on Facebook Blueprint. I hope this article helps? If you like this article, please share it with your friends.


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