Change Your Facebook Page Name – How to Change my Facebook Page Name

Change Your Facebook Page Name guide 2022. You can easily change your Facebook page name. This is a quick guide to do that.

Rebranding a Facebook page entirely is something we might all want to do once in a while. It starts with changing the name of the Facebook page. Here is how to change the name on facebook page.

Would you like to know How to Change Name On Facebook Page? Might be you misspelled the name of the follower page, or might be you just desire to rename it.

It is hard to transform the name of Facebook page, as well as for the most parts, you can’t change the name of the Facebook page at all. Below’s all you should find out about renaming a Facebook page.

How to Change Name On Facebook Page

If your Facebook web page has less then 100 fans, go to your fan page and click ‘Edit Page’ in the right sidebar. Then on the next page, click the ‘Standard Info’ (generally it’s picked by default). You could now rename your fan page easily by altering the ‘Name’ area in the fundamental details.
Change Page Name

One of the most important things to note is that you could change the name of Facebook page just if it has less after that 100 followers. If it has more after that 100 fans, after that:

1 If the number of followers of your page is just slightly higher then 100, then you can ask your pals who are followers of the page to unlike the page, making the number of likes much less after that 100. Afterwards, change the name of a Facebook web page as clarified over.

2 If your Facebook web page has a much higher variety of followers, then go to this demanding kind to change the Facebook web page name.

Change Page Name

Yet note that Facebook will change the name of your Facebook page just if the name of your service is transformed or its misspelt. They may also take into consideration any type of ‘other’ reason if it’s real, so if you intend to transform the name of your Facebook page, you need to load this type anyway.

Some individuals likewise recommend creating a new Facebook web page with a brand-new name if you can’t relabel a Facebook web page.

It’s an excellent suggestion yet it has 2 disadvantages, you will lose all your 100+ fans, as well as you will certainly not obtain the exact same vanity URL for the page since the vanity link is not available for a long period of time after a Facebook page is deleted.

How to Change My Facebook Page Name

Firstly, before you effect a change in your Facebook page name, you will first have to be the administration of the page in order to request a page name change on Facebook.

In order to successfully change the name of your Facebook page:

  • Ensure you click on the ‘About’ tab on the left area of your page info.
  • Click Edit.
  • Input the new name of your FB page. Ensure you click on save changes.
  • successfully review your page name change request and click on request change.

Changed the name of your Facebook page but it didn’t seem to work

Changed the name of your page but it didn’t seem to work? There could be several explanations for this:

  • You didn’t give yourself enough time. Facebook typically takes 3 business days to process and implement page name adjustments.
  • Your page has already been reported because it does not adhere to Facebook’s page regulations. Ignoring the Fb page naming guidelines is a common breach, as is utilizing manipulative strategies to gain likes. If Facebook suspects you, your page may be suspended, and you won’t be able to change the name.
  • There are much too many likes on your page. You must be an administrator to modify the name of your Fb page if it has over 200 likes. If the number is less than 200, you may very well be able to adjust it without having admin capabilities.
  • Your page has limitations. Limitations aren’t always terrible in the Facebook era! They can be from you or another administrator attempting to update your page in the last 7 days to Facebook banning your page due to dubious activities.

What Happens If Someone Looked up your Former Facebook Page Name?

What will happen if someone searches for your previous Facebook page name once you’ve properly changed it?

You absolutely desire everyone to be able to access your page, but you understand that not all will be notified that the FB page name has changed.

We weren’t sure exactly will happen in this case, so we went to the experts for answers.

Whenever anyone inserts your former Fb page name into the search box, your former page name would still display, according to a Facebook spokesman.

When someone hits on a link to your page, they will be taken to your “new” page, which will have the changed name.

Please remember that algorithms typically will learn your new Facebook page name and begin to display it more prominently in results pages.

Seems simple enough, right?

Please message below if you find out about any kind of another way to How to Change Name On Facebook Page.

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