How to Add Services to Your Facebook Page


How to add services to a Facebook page is what a lot of business owners do not know. It’s not just enough owning a Facebook page for your business, but how to effectively utilize it.

There are a lot of amazing features integrated into a Facebook business page that are designed to increase your customer experiences.

The sad thing is, many people don’t know these; and even when they do, they tend not to utilize them.

For instance, the Facebook page service list feature is one feature that is supposed to help your customers relate better with your business.

If your business offers any kind of service, listing them is one great way to help your customers know what you offer.

Showcasing the services you offer on your Facebook business page can help you increase conversion rate.

Having said this, let me now show you how to add services to your Facebook page.

How To Add Services To Your Facebook Business Page

Like I mentioned listing services on your page, will let visitors know what your business offers.

To add services to your Facebook business Page, you must first add the Services tab.

To add the Services tab to your Page, follow the process below. 

1. Click Settings at the top of your Page.

2. Click Templates and Tabs in the left column.

3. Scroll to the bottom and click Add a Tab.

4. Next to Services, click Add Tab and then click Close.

Now that you’ve added the tab to your Page, you can now add the services your business offers.

To add services, follow the process below.

1. Go back to the front page of your Page and click Services in the left column.

2. Click Add a Service.

3. Enter info about your service, then click Save.

4. To list another service, click Add a Service.

That’s all on how to add service to your Facebook page. If you followed this process carefully, you would have successfully integrated the services your business offers into your Facebook page.

I hope this article helps. Please share this article. Also leave a comment below, if you are having any issue add your business services to your Facebook.

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