Why are Golden Goose Shoes so Expensive

Golden Goose sneakers are excellent for anyone who values quality and enjoys fashion. Everyone is talking about how soft and cozy these are. Golden goose sneaker is a shoe business that was started in 2000 by married couple Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Ronaldo.

It is an Italian company that penetrates the market amazingly. The biggest inspiration behind each of the shoes is the tourist spot. They utilize the catchphrase perfectly imperfect for their sneaker label.

These shoes were majorly cherished by individuals who have excellent dress sense. However, Golden Goose is one of the more pricey shoe products on the market, and this raises the question, “Why are Golden Goose shoes so expensive?”

There are numerous explanations for its exorbitant cost; among the most significant is its manufacturing expense. Its manufacturing costs are enormously expensive because it is completely crafted from premium leather and dazzling gold vinyl.

As was mentioned above, this brand is growing daily. Thus, you can find them in many colors and designs. Golden goose shoes are not available in all retail locations, so you must visit specialized brands to scoop them up.

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Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive

Their sale price is so costly that it varies from $500 to $800. Some people believe that the materials used in shoe manufacturing are to blame for their high price. However, there are numerous more factors that contribute to its expensive costs, some of which are given below:

High Demand

Golden goose sneakers are extremely popular because of their superior material and innovative shoe aesthetic. Due to the absence of competing companies and limited supply, there is a likelihood for its market demand to grow.

Craftsmanship and Quality

These shoes are made from expensive, superior-quality materials. The leather utilized in these sneakers is largely sourced from the leather industry in Italy. The leather is crafted with many classical methods to make it smooth and long-lasting.

Besides the leather, other materials used throughout its process of manufacturing are also of top quality. The soles utilized in these shoes are derived from the highest quality vendors in Europe. The quills employed for insulation applications are taken by birds that are reared in free-range form.

They are Handmade

Another explanation for the high prices of golden goose sneakers is that they are made by hand, not by machine. Each pair of footwear is painstakingly made with a special design that properly fits your foot. The fact that these shoes are made by expert craftsmen raises their price as well as their budget.

While creating each pair of sneakers, the needs of customers are prioritized, and customers should end up receiving a quality-based item to what they pay for.

Sneakers Height

Golden goose shoes have secret grooves in their soles that boost the height of a wearer to a degree. This secret groove is loved by female buyers.

Expensive Leather

Golden goose footwear is manufactured with calf-skin leather. Calf-skin leather is deemed costly leather when placed side by side with other leathers. Due to this source of raw material, the price increases.

High-end cotton laces

These sneakers’ laces are manufactured in Italy. Since they are handcrafted by professional artisans, these laces are more expensive than the ordinary laces used in other shoes. Furthermore, these laces are stronger and wider than regular ones.

Marketing Cost

Marketing is a strategic approach to promoting a product in a big industry. Without a doubt, Golden Goose Sneakers invests a lot of money in its marketing plans to increase consumer demand.

Tariffs and Taxes

Taxes and tariffs have a significant impact on how much the price of golden goose shoe increases. You also have to pay tax if you buy a few pairs of shoes.

For instance, you will also have to pay an extra 8% tax if you buy a $300 pair of sneakers. Furthermore, the tax would be higher than 8% if it were delivered directly from Italy.


Golden Goose shoes are manufactured of both leather and suede. These shoes will endure longer because both materials are strong and durable.

Are Golden Goose Sneakers Cheaper in Italy

Yes, thanks to tax breaks and the fact that they are created in Italy, Golden Goose sneakers are affordable in many other European cities. A pair is $100 or $200, lower in price than in other countries.

How to Purchase Golden Goose Shoes

Although there are many places and online stores to purchase Golden Goose sneakers, the best place to get them is on their official website.

Is Golden Goose a great product?

Despite their tattered appearance, Golden Goose sneakers are top-quality. The delicate leather used in each shoe is hand-crafted by Italian artists, offering wearers a pleasant experience without the typical blisters associated with new shoes.

Which famous person wears Golden Goose?

Celebrities and influencers alike love Golden Goose sneakers, including Berlin’s Mandy Bork. Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Hilary Duff have all been known to wear the Italian footwear brand’s raggedy shoes.

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