Walmart Customer Service Hours [2023 Guide]

Walmart Customer Service Hours – For instance, you bought something from Walmart, but when you brought it home, there was something wrong with the receipt or the item.

From the above situation, you would want to contact Walmart customer service, but here is the question: What hours does Walmart customer service operate?

Therefore, for your convenience, we’ve taken a closer look at the megastore’s customer service hours to let you know when you may reach out to them for assistance and the action plan if you find the store closed.

Additionally, you might ask, “what does Walmart Customer Services do?” The superstore’s customer service can assist you with any difficulties or queries regarding your in-store or online purchasing experience.

Assistance with replacements, exchanges, and returns is also available. Each store has a service desk near the entrance, and customers can also call or go online to communicate with the support staff.

Walmart Customer Service Hours

Walmart’s customer service typically operates during the following hours:

  1. Weekdays: 8 am – 10 pm.
  2. Weekends: 8 am – 10 pm.
  3. Holidays: 8 am – 6 pm.

Please note that the hours of operation may differ in each location, so it’s wise to call ahead before visiting the store.

Also, keep in mind that the help desk stops accepting calls two hours before it shuts, so calling earlier in the day is recommended if you have any pressing questions or issues.

In other words, it’s to ensure that customers are satisfied and the staff has time to address any questions or concerns before they clock off.

What Time Does Walmart Customer Service Operate Near Me?

Learn how to find out when the customer care department at your local Walmart is open for returns or other inquiries:

  1. Visit Walmart Store Finder.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions for the system to correctly select the store nearest to you.
  3. Upon doing so, you will receive detailed information on the available hours of operation from the system. Don’t fret over the possible error in the number. In general, Walmart does frequent updates on its website.

If Walmart’s Customer Service is Closed, What Should I Do?

The Walmart customer service number, 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART), is available around-the-clock, so you can call them for help even if it’s not during normal business hours.

The FAQ section of the megastore’s website also provides useful information.

In addition, talk to a higher-up in the store, like a manager or supervisor; they may be able to shed light on your situation.

Which Holidays Does Walmart’s Customer Service Operate?

On most holidays, the help desk is open from 8 am to 6 pm. Nevertheless, they close for the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas; on these days, you can reach them via phone or online chat if you have an urgent matter to discuss.

Guide to Calling Walmart’s Customer Service Hotline

Callers must first choose their preferred language when calling the customer service hotline. You’ll then be presented with a menu of options. Here are the available options:

  1. Online shopping.
  2. In-store shopping.
  3. Track an order.
  4. Help with a return.
  5. General inquiries.
  6. For anything else.

If you select either of the first three options, you’ll be prompted to provide your order number or zip code. Option 4 will prompt you to provide your order number, zip code, and return reason.

Providing this information will put you in touch with a customer support agent who can answer your questions.

Guidelines for Using Walmart Live Chat

Walmart also provides an online live chat option for customers who prefer to communicate with an online customer service representative.

Tap the “Help” button, then locate and click the “Customer Service” option on the store’s website to use the live chat feature. When you access the live chat feature, a menu with available issues will appear.

In the next step, you’ll be prompted to enter your contact details and order number (if applicable). Doing so will put you in touch with a customer service agent who can answer your questions.

Final Thoughts

We believe you now know Walmart Customer Service Hours, as it would help your shopping experience at Walmart superstores. Also, do not hesitate to contact Walmart customer service when you need their assistance.

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