How to Get a Towed Car back without paying

Learning that your car is towed is never a great thing. This article shows you ways to get a towed car back without paying. In most cases, the tow truck company has the final say. And if you fail to get your car back quickly, the tow yard claims it.

You can get your towed car back for free through charity programs. This will depend on where you live and what kinds of charities are in your area. Religious organizations like the Salvation Army have charity programs that assist people to get their cars back from towing storage.

The ideal way to get a towed car back is to pay the fees as soon as possible, preferably the next day. The tow yard is a commercial facility, so it stands to reason that they would want to keep your car in their care for as long as possible while accruing daily storage fees.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get your car back from the tow yard if you don’t have any money. But you’d need to be calm and optimistic.

Are towing fees negotiable?

Except when the tow yard offers negotiable options, you cannot directly negotiate towing fees. Additionally, tow fees are closely regulated in the majority of states to safeguard you from fraudulent businesses.

It’s unlikely that you and the tow yard would come to an agreement given your lack of funds. And if you can’t pay to have your car back from the tow company, you legally owe them money. Usually, as the storage fees mount up, your general fee rises as well, leading to a bigger charge.

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How to Recover a Towed Car Without Making Payment

To get your towed car back without making a payment, check out look into the tips we have listed here.

Identify the cause

The first thing you should do is figure out the reason your car is being towed. Some of the causes for towing your car are listed below:

  • Illegal activities
  • expired auto insurance
  • illegal parking
  • Ticket debts, etc.

Keep in mind that you cannot get your towed vehicle if it has been used in illegal activity unless you can prove that it has not. Also, neither a for-profit nor a non-profit agency would want to help.

Review Your Violation

Next, look over what you did wrong. Have you parked in an approved or unauthorized area? You might be able to take on the towing company without settling if you check around and don’t see any signs telling you whether or not to park.

lodge a complaint with the property manager if your vehicle is towed inside a housing complex. Inquire why your vehicle is being towed and where it has been towed to.

For example, if you leave a car with a “For Sale” sticker at a restaurant or shop. It may be towed by some shops. However, it will be released after you can show that you simply parked to go shopping with them. They believe you are encroaching on their premises by advertising your product, which is why they are towing your car.

Review the Towing Law in Your Area

A towing company may be required by law to tow your vehicle. However, you have to confirm that the tow yard is legitimate and not acting in a fraudulent manner.

Some states have laws that regulate vehicle towing, and are acknowledged by auto insurance, to stop tow yards from exploitative and illegal practices. You can sue a tow yard to avoid paying to have your car recovered if they default on a tow. If the towing company is held liable, they could get hit with a big fine.

Notify the Police

You can contact the police if you are confused as to where your car has been towed. When you have broken the law, the police usually can’t compel a tow yard to give your car back.

The police can merely act as a peacemaker between you and the tow company at best. Some law enforcement officers might urge the tow yard to change their mind, although this rarely leads to positive results. In the meantime, it might come as a surprise that perhaps the tow yard works with the police, since towing is a business.

Be conversant with the towing plans

If the conversation doesn’t go well, ask the tow yard what other options you have. Some tow yards offer payment options that ease financial strain or lower the price of reclaiming your towed car.

Depending on the tow yard, you might be given different approaches to get your car back without having to pay money.

Reach out to the Church.

There’s a possibility of getting towed car back for free through a church charity scheme in your area. Depending on the laws in your state, a local church can organize a charitable program to assist people in recovering their vehicles from towing storage. Salvation Army is a church that creates an opportunity for people to recover their car for free.

Ask for or borrow money

No cash? Well, this wouldn’t be an issue if your friends, relatives, and well-wishers were there to help. You can borrow the tow fee or ask for free money.

Write in your money request letter that you had your car towed and that you need help getting it out of storage because the expense is nearing hundreds of dollars.

Take out a payday loan

You can apply for a payday loan if you don’t mind having bad credit rather than letting the car sit and incur storage fees. The tow truck company loves to keep your car in storage so they can charge you more. Also, if you don’t pay, they can take your car and sell it at auction.

Payday loans are short-term loans that must be paid back with your next salary.

Get a Title Loan

To cover the tow fee, you can pawn your bill of sale or seek a title loan. Find a local pawn store and describe your situation there. But the majority of lenders might want to check out the car.

Access Free Legal Aid

If the tow agency is being dishonest and exploitative, free legal assistance is another avenue for getting a car back without having to pay. You may not be required to pay to get your vehicle if the legal process goes in your favor. But your free lawyer needs to be able to show that you don’t deserve to have your car towed.

Keep in mind that you won’t get free legal support if it turns out that your car was towed because of a crime. People who are struggling financially and need to get their vehicles from a tow yard can access free legal aid.

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How to get a towed car back without paying FAQ

Why does towing cost so much?

The cost of towing is high due to the daily accumulation of a 20–30 dollar car storage charge coupled with fines.

Depending on local laws and the tow agency’s policies, after a period of time—usually, 30 days—the tow yard may seize your vehicle and legally sell it at auction in order to repay their costs.

Can you steal your car back from a towing company?

Yes, you can.

However, doing this is against the law, and the towing agency might chase you down and call the police.

Since the vehicle belongs to the tow company until the payment is made in full, taking it from a storage lot constitutes breaking and entering someone else’s property.

How can I have my California impound fee waived?

You can challenge it, file a court injunction, or hire a third party to litigate on your behalf if you wish to dispute or appeal the fees. In some scenarios, if you can assert extreme poverty or limited income, they can be waived.

What happens to cars seized by police?

Your car will be towed away by a tow truck and sent to a storage facility by the police. The policeman must complete a towing notice in the proper form and offer copies to you, to the vehicle owner (if that isn’t you), as well as to the tow-truck driver.

Can a police officer seize your vehicle immediately?

A police officer has the authority to immediately seize your vehicle if you are found driving illegally.

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