$500 cash for junk cars near me

$500 cash for junk cars near me

With our detailed guide, you can find where you can get “$500 cash for junk cars near me”. We will explain the best website and how you can negotiate properly and get the right buyer for the best dealer.

Let’s get started and explain the best companies to sell your junk cash for $500 or more. We know you don’t have all day, so we will assist you with vital information to get the best value for your junk car.

$500 cash for junk cars near me

5 Best Websites for $500 Cash for junk cars


Junkcarmedics is a great place to sell your old junk car without hassles. The website has a Cash For Junk Cars service that lets you sell your junk car in a fast, simple and seamless manner. They partner with the best junk car buyers near you to fetch you the fattest purse, typically around $100 and $750.

Right from 2016, they have bought and sold more than a hundred thousand junk cars and offered $30,000,000 for junk cars across the United States with their services.


SellMax is a reliable business that operates across the country. They have had thousands of satisfied customers since the 1990s and have a lot of experience in turning junk cars to pile of cash.

Even though they have been a lot of evolution since the 1990s, one thing hasn’t changed: SallMax is the largest junk car business in San Diego and even the country. Their mission hasn’t changed too; they aim to make junk car sellers pleased by always putting the customer first in any business dealing or sales.

Even now, their helpful team of vehicle experts takes pride in delivering excellent customer service in towns across the United States. That is their pledge to each customer, and they take this to heart.

If there is a junk car in your possession and you wish to grab the best deal from people who have expertise in junk and used cars. Instead of randomly contacting junkyards, it is a smart idea to try SellMax.


JunkCarMasters simplifies the process of getting the most accurate quote for your junk car. They can send you an offer in less than a minute, backed by a 7-day guarantee.

Do you want a platform for getting the highest prices for junk cars? Then try JunkCarMasters; it is the best place to get cash for a used car quickly.


Pull-A-part has a junkyard that purchases junk cars, regardless of their condition. This is the reason why they are an excellent place for getting junk cars for cash near me. The reason for this is their junk car removal services. Visit their website to start selling your Jink cars for cash easily.

Cash Cars Buyer

Cash Cars Buyer has a primary concern in making the sale of junk cars pleasant and hassle-free. If you want to sell your junk car, you deserve an enjoyable and smooth process. They will purchase your junk cars, regardless of their condition, model and make for genuine cash.

After contacting them, a junk car removal expert will set up an appropriate date for your free junk car removal so your payment can be made immediately. Don’t delay. Contact Cash Cars Buyer for quick payment. They sincerely concern themselves with your interest and make an effort to safeguard your customer experience. They make it simple to sell your junk truck, SUV and car.

Are you seeking a trustworthy and reliable sales process for your junk car? Cash Cars Buyer is the best place for you. With robust experience and numerous satisfied customers, they are committed to improving the experience of your junk car sales. Contact them today at 773-791-4363 and enjoy a free quote from their honest sales rep.


You will receive your payment in cash and enjoy the best possible price for your junk truck or car. Once you contact them or complete the online form on their website, you can kick-start the quick and simple process.

Start selling your junk cars, regardless of their condition and receive top dollars today!

Cash Auto Salvage

The objective of Cash Auto Salvage is to assist you in selling your junk car for the best possible price. You don’t have to set up an inappropriate schedule, make payments for advertisements or spend money on maintenance and refurbishments. They will purchase your vehicle and either resell or recycle it (particularly if it is junk).


Important Steps for Selling Your Junk Car

Never accept the first offer

Junk car buying is very competitive playing ground. You will see this in junkyards, scrapyards, websites and salvage auctions. There is always room to negotiate and hassle for a more favorable offer. As a buyer, you are in a great position, so leverage it and get the ideal buyer near you.

When negotiating, pay attention to important factors.

To get the best possible price for your junk cars, pay attention to the most important features. For instance, if your junk car has chrome wheels, mention it. If your catalytic converter is genuine and still in good condition, inform them. And let them know about the weight of your full-size sedan, SUV or truck. This will fetch you a higher price for your vehicle.

Be fair and flexible when scheduling pickup times.

Junk car-buying service providers will possibly offer you a more favorable price if your scheduling time is flexible. Companies prefer sellers who are fair sellers, so be flexible with your schedules. It may be to your advantage. Be sure that the service you contact offers cash for junk cars and focuses on delivering customer satisfaction.

Choose a junk car buying website that connects you to the best offer in your neighborhood.

As we have explained earlier, there are a lot of sites that have a list of scrapyards, junkyards and salvage auctions that can instantly connect you with the best price for your junk car. These platforms are time-saving because they link you up with favorable bidders in your neighborhood.


Buying and Selling a Junk Car Without a Title

Legal Factors

The whole process of selling your junk car without the title implies that certain states have enacted laws that permit salvage, scrap and junk service providers to buy cars from owners even when there is no title. Instead, you can recycle and savage them using other legal paperwork to transfer ownership.

Correct Ownership Transfer

Some examples of this include A Statement of Vehicle Owner Who Does Not Have a Valid Title (MV-35). This is great for transferring the ownership of cars valued at $1,250 or less and not less than 8 years old to a certified junkyard, dismantler, itinerant car collector etc. But I want to point out that to steer clear of any possible legal nightmare, you have to ensure that you properly transfer ownership at all times.


Where to Sell Your Junk Car: Your Options

Using Craigslist to sell

Craigslist is a great platform for you to sell your junk car. The website lets you set up a price and accept bids from prospective buyers. Your junk car will, without a doubt, get the attention and interest it deserves.

Selling for Parts

Alternatively, you can opt to sell each component or part of your car. Keep in mind that this is usually difficult and time-consuming. You may not be able to sell off the entire component of your car if its make is not appealing or in high demand.

Trade-in at a Dealership

You can also trade your junk car for a new one at a car lot or auto dealership. Check out a dealership close to you if you like this idea.

Donate Your Car

Furthermore, you can give away your junk car. Even if you won’t get cash, you can enjoy tax incentives.

Sell to a Junkyard

Most cars that are no longer useful are found in the junkyard. Selling your unused car to a junkyard is worthy of consideration as it is stress-free.


Why You Should Sell Your Junk Cars

Quick Selling Process

Looking to make a quick buck of 500$ for your junk car? Then consider selling it. Most junk car buyers are ready to pay instant cash. This implies that you won’t experience a delay in payment. Once you get in touch with most junkyards, you can finalize your car sale and get paid within 24 hours.

Get paid in cash

Many junkyards provide instant payment in cash. It saves you the stress and delay associated with processing a check or waiting for the deposit of your money. You can get your cash on time and make buying decisions based on available funds in your purse.


I hope this article has explained how to get $500 cash for junk car near me. The steps listed will help you sell your car for the highest possible amount.

If you want to sell your junk car in a stress-free and easy way, this article will be of utmost assistance to you.

Best of luck with your junk car sale for quality cash!


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