24-hour Vehicle Cameras to Capture Vandalism while Parked

In the last few months, cases of car vandalism while parked have been rising steadily. A report revealed that 2 million crimes take place in parking lots annually. And since there are not usually a lot of activities going on in parking areas, they are very attractive for vandalism and other crimes.

This is why you need to install 24-hour vehicle cameras to record events (including vandalism) that occur around your car in real-time.

And in cases of break-ins or theft, videos from your vehicle camera can help law enforcement officers, improving your chances of getting your car back and ensuring justice is served. In this article, we will explore the quality car cameras you need for security purposes.


What to consider when buying a vehicle camera

Now that you are planning on buying a vehicle camera, you need to consider some important factors. In this section, we will explain some factors that you should watch out for when choosing a 24-hour camera for your vehicle.

They include:


The cost of a vehicle camera ranges from $20 to $600. Some are even priced at $700. The cost hinges on the model and the types of features it offers. You will usually find an average vehicle camera with decent features for $150 to $350. If you want a wider range of features, then you’d have to invest in top-tier models, which cost more.

Let’s analyze the different price ranges and the features they can offer:


  • Integrated display, high-definition video recording, auto-loop recording, parking surveillance system,
  • More expensive models in this range may have wi-fi connectivity, voice control, and a mounting arm.
  • Low-vision technology.


  • Compatible with SD cards, 2160p display resolution, enhanced protection against harsh weather, and cloud storage features.
  • This is a minimum price range for an affordable, multi-purpose security camera for vehicles.


  • It features a 4K Ultra HD display and integrated GPS features. It also has additional recording styles like slow motion and time-lapse.
  • It is also compatible with bigger SD card storage sizes and allows instant uploads of video via Wi-Fi. More expensive models can film from different perspectives of your vehicle (interior, exterior and rear) and offer alerts when your vehicle begins to skid off the drive way.
  • Night infrared vision.
  • Ideal for those who wish for better video quality and higher storage capacity.


Additional features, although not very necessary for everyday drivers, include 4K video resolution, driver-assistance mode, traffic enforcement camera, screen defogging mode, etc.

Display and Resolution

Another important factor you ought to consider when purchasing a vehicle camera is the quality of the images. You can find high-end vehicle cameras with filming capacities in UHD 4K; however, they are expensive.

If your budget is high enough, you ought to buy a vehicle camera that can capture at least HD resolution or 1080p. This will ensure that the resolution is good enough to capture all important details. The better the resolution, the higher the image quality.


A lot of vehicle cameras these days are powered by the car battery. Thus, they will remain on whenever your vehicle is on and vice versa. Many other vehicle cameras feature integrated batteries. This implies that they will be powered on even if your vehicle is off.

If you want to capture events or activities at the time your car is packed, you need a long-lasting battery. So even if you aren’t there, it will record happenings in your car’s vicinity.


Video films can consume plenty of storage. It’s ideal if you opt for a camera with adequate storage.

Most vehicle cameras have low storage space, implying that you may need an external storage card. However, you should get a car cam with at least 32 gb of space as this will record 4 to 5 days of footage.

GPS Connectivity

Some vehicle cameras also have GPS trackers installed in them. This can be very important since they record your car’s position in the parking lot. So, when there is vandalism or theft, this data can provide more insight into the video film.

Vehicle cameras with these features can accurately identify the correct coordinates of your vehicle, allowing you to access the location through mapping software like Waze and Moovit.

Wireless Connectivity

Our world is increasingly connected via smart technology and devices. Thus, it is important to check for a vehicle camera that you can connect to your smart phone via the internet.

This can be advantageous in a lot of ways. For instance, by connecting your vehicle camera to your mobile device, you can remotely change the settings, camera angle and other important elements. With internet connectivity, you can access these important features.

You can also send footage filmed via your vehicle camera to the cloud and access it on your computer or mobile device. So, with an internet-enabled car camera, you get a wide array of benefits.

Parking Mode

You can also find vehicle cameras that have a parking mode. This allows you to film footage of the interior and exterior part of your car while it is parked.

Loop Recording: 

A highly essential vehicle camera feature is loop recording! In situations where your storage space is filled up, the loop recording feature will automatically switch on, clear older files and start recording new ones. With this feature, you won’t miss out on a single incident around your parked car.

Best-Quality 24-hour Vehicle Cameras

Here are the four top 24-hour vehicle cameras:

Weivision 1080P HD Camera system

Main Features:

  • Great bird view (airborne imagery or 360 view) of the car vicinity.
  • Quad camera filming.
  • High definition Sony lens, night vision mode, resistant to water.
  • Driving asistance mode. Audio reversing radar and enhanced security recording for parking and traffic.



Rear Camera

Battery Life

Touch Screen

Screen Ratio

Camera Resolution

Video Format

Special Features
Cyclic Recording, G-sensor, Night vision, waterproof, Automatic White Balance, Cycle Recording, Time & Date Display

Max External Memory

Amazon Link

70mai Dash Cam Omni

This vehicle camera is known for its 360° filming capabilities, capturing the full-view and leaving no blind spot. You enjoy no form of image distortion. It films every direction surrounding your car.

Other features include:

Voice Control

With this feature, you can easily give vocal commands and the camera follows the instructions.

4G internet connection

The camera comes with a high-speed internet connection feature, letting you manage your camera from afar and track activities that go on around your car.

Quick notification system

You’ll receive alerts and notifications through the app at the slightest sign of suspicious activity.



Product Size


Display Screen Size

1.2 Inch

Display Screen Material


Display Screen Resolution


Video Resolution


Image Sensor




Frame Rate

60 FPS/30 FPS

Frame Frequency


Lens FOV






Built-in GPS Module


Amazon Link

Official Store

iiwey T1-pro Dash Cam


The IIWEY T1 is a vehicle camera that captures the car’s front, rear and interior. It has channel cameras that are highly beneficial, particularly if you park in areas vulnerable to theft. The camera was launched in January 2021 by a tech company based in China, Shenzhen Nordistech. The most appealing feature of IIWEY T1 unique is its budget friendly cost of $100.



Form Factor Hanging – Rectangular
Country China
Processor Unknown
CMOS Rear Unknown
Channels 3
Screen 2″
Touchscreen No
G-Sensor Yes
Wi-Fi No
Parking Mode Non-Buffered
Lock Files Auto or Button
Max Resolution Front 1920×1080p
Front Frames Per Second 30
Max Bitrate Front (Mbps) 10
Max Resolution Rear 720x480p
Rear Frames Per Second 30


Amazon Link

Official store


Vantrue N5 4 Channel 360°



The Vantrue N5 4 Channel 360° is equipped with numerous features that propel it to the forefront of conversation about 24-hour vehicle cameras. It is known for its capability to film crispy, clear videos even in harsh atmospheres. It comes with a night vision sensor, which enables it to perform excellently even in low-light conditions, perfect for times when you are parked in dark areas.

It also features a resolution of up to 2.5K (1944P) for the camera in front. It also films from 360 degrees in UHD format covering all areas of your car.

Besides its quality cameras, the N5 is equipped with WDR (wide dynamic range) technology for all its cameras, letting it film crispy details in all its recordings.



Model name VANTRUE N5
Orientation Front and Rear and Inside
Vehicle service type Minivan, Car, Truck
Connectivity technology Wi-Fi
Special feature 5GHz WiFi & GPS, 4 channel dash cam 2.7K (front, rear, inside*2), Sony IMX675 STARVIS 2 Night Vision, Real 360 Degree Recording
Video capture resolution 1944p
Included components Quick Guide, Car Charger & Type-C Data Cable, Rear Camera & Cable, Main Camera
Mounting type Adhesive Mount
Field of view 160 Degrees





Why use a Vehicle camera for your parked car

Excellent filming quality: A lot of vehicle cameras on this list film in HD or 2K quality. This allows you to check the events around your car in excellent quality. You can use this footage as proof of crime. Some vehicle cameras feature night vision, which implies they film footage even at night.

24/7 surveillance: Security cameras can offer surveillance for an extended period of time. However, this may not work if power supply is inadequate.

Notifications and Alarm: Vehicle cameras can notify you on your mobile device if they identify suspicious activity around your car. This means you can always be in the know about events around your vehicle even when you are not in close proximity.

Audio: Many vehicle cameras feature two-way audio, so you can communicate and hear audio from anyone in your car vicinity.

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