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Facebook games have come to stay. Since its launch in 2018, the platform has become a place for users to get immersive and fun gaming experiences for free. In 2023, Facebook introduced “multiplayer games,” which allow you to access some gaming titles during a video call session or conversation on Facebook Messenger. This implies that you can make video calls to family and friends and play games with them in real-time. Isn’t it cool?

What’s more? This feature is available for free, and there’s no installation required. There are a whole lot of benefits that multiplayer Facebook games can offer, including deepening connections with the people we love through gaming and promoting teamwork and collaboration.

Without further ado, let’s explore the multiplayer Facebook free games:


Word with friends



If you are familiar with “Scrabble,” then you won’t have a problem understanding Word with friends. It is one of the free multiplayer games on Facebook. In this game, you and your friends can take turns forming words in a gameplay that imitates a crossword puzzle.

The game is simple to master and can assist in fortifying your vocabulary and verbal awareness. So you and your friends can enjoy periods of addictive, intellectually engaging puzzles.

Word with Friends also has some features that will keep you playing it for hours with your friends. They include fun statistics for monitoring progress (and bragging right), weekly challenges, Quick Play, and Beat the Clock mode.

Mini Golf


mini golf


Once touted as one of the most exciting games ever, mini-golf is one you should challenge your Facebook friends to!

It is very different from regular golf you know. Mini Golf is more thrilling and intense, with plenty of action and adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

So do not hesitate to play against your friends, so you can proudly show off your lovely swings and strategic trick shots. And gameplay is exceedingly simple. All you have to do is slide your finger and release to hit the ball. Similar to snooker! But ensure your aim is perfect so your shot is precise as the ball rolls to the hole. Another strategy is to hit your friend’s ball away from the route. This way, you can have a quick ride to victory!

There are also plenty of obstacles throughout the game, such as bomb traps, mazes, drawbridges, and pyramids. But it is these challenges that make the game enjoyable to play with friends.

Exploding Kittens




Are you a fan of kittens and cards? This game will be perfect for you!

It is a fun game to play with family and friends on Facebook. This Facebook multiplayer game has similar gameplay to Russian Roulette. All you have to do is keep drawing cards until either you or your friend take an exploding kitten. When this happens, the game is over.

The deck consists of a pair of random cards. You can easily prevent the exploding scenario by checking cards prior to drawing. Which means your friend has to take out multiple cards, or alternatively, you can shuffle the cards.

The game is super-interesting because as you draw cards, it increases the risk of taking out a kitten card, and an explosion might occur.

Quiz Planet


quiz planet


Quiz Planet is another intense, engaging quiz game available on Facebook. It has an intergalactic setting, allowing you to play against your Facebook friends.

It is an opportunity for you and your friends to train your intellect.


• Engaging multiplayer Facebook game. Enjoy this addictive game with your friends!
• More than 7,500 interesting quiz questions. Find new questions daily that increase your intellect!
• Diverse categories. Pick what you prefer from the 19 categories!
• Never-ending action.
• Available fully in English. Quiz Planet can also be played in 28 languages!

Card Wars


card war


Another interesting game that you can play multiplayer on Facebook is Card Wars. It is a fantastic card-based role-playing game platform. It has a setting filled with plenty of entertainment. This is because of the playable characters, which number up to 20. You will also explore the rich land of Ooo, draw personalized cards, engage with interesting creatures, abilities, spells, and much more. Players can unlock over 200 playable quests. This means you will never run out of exciting moments as you enjoy this multiplayer game.

Werewolves of Silverton



Another great Facebook multiplayer game, Werewolves of Silverton is a psychologically thrilling one. It is a role-playing game, which means you and your friend(s) can take on the following characters: Werewolf, Seer, Medic and villagers.

The gameplay is simple, since it revolves around drawing cards. When the werewolf is caught, the game ends.

Crossword Party


For fans of crossword puzzles, this game will be perfect for you!

Crossword Party is a popular multiplayer game on Facebook. It has over 400,000 players, and the number is still growing.

The game has similar gameplay to other crossword puzzles. It features a rectangular checkerboard filled with black and white squares. The mission of each player is to complete the white square with words by providing solutions to clues that can result in the correct answer.

It is a mentally stimulating game, easy to learn, and a sure way to build your language and communication skills.

If you are looking for something exciting and educational to play with your friends, this game is a great option.

Poker lounge




Poker Lounge is also available on Facebook for free multiplayer. It is highly recommended for real poker gameplay and jackpots. You can challenge your friends and loved ones to a table of poker. There are virtual chips to use to prove your poker skills.

The poker lounge is properly designed so you and other players can enjoy a quality poker experience. So don’t hesitate to show how much of a poker champion you are.

Other multiplayer Facebook free games include:

  • Basketball FRVR
  • Spyfall
  • GoFish
  • Yatzy FRVR
  • Acronym FRVR
  • Gif it up!
  • Lab Coats.

How to Play Multiplayer Facebook Free Games during Messenger video calls on PC

In this section, I will explain a simple way to play these interesting games on your desktop pc or laptop.

Let’s get started:

Begin the game, and then invite someone

  • Launch your web browser, such as Firefox or Brave, on your computer. Then access Ensure you are properly logged in.
  • Next, choose a friend or group chat with a list of friends you wish to invite to play the multiplayer games.
  • Select the video call icon that can be found on the upper right corner of your screen, close to the hamburger icon, to set up a video call for the chat session.
  • As the video call starts, select the icon that looks like a game pad in the upper right corner.
  • Wait for a list of games to be displayed to you. Select any game you desire. Note that the game will also show the minimum number of players allowed.
  • Select “Start game” to begin the game, together with the persons in the video call. The other players will be sent an invitation to play the game with you. They are free to either reject or accept.
  • If they have to join the game session (or accept the invitation), they’d have to select “join” on the invite message they get as soon as you begin the game.
  • They can join up by accepting the invitation. This will launch the game.

Exit the game

To exit any multiplayer Facebook Free games, do the following:

  • Select the “X” option found in the upper right of the game display.
  • Click “Leave Game,” and you will exit the game.

How to Play Multiplayer Facebook Free Games during Messenger video calls on your mobile device (iOS or Android)

Let’s explore how to access Multiplayer Facebook Free Games on your mobile device, whether iOS or Android.

Here are the steps involved:

  • Launch the FB Messenger app on your mobile device.
  • Choose a friend or select a group chat with friends you wish to enjoy the multiplayer game with.
  • Select the video call option found on the upper right corner of the screen beside the audio call option. Can’t find it? Another method is to select the screen to explore the options.
  • Select the game pad icon with the word “play.”
  • Choose the game you wish to play from the collection.
  • Tap the “Start” icon. Once you have done this, your friend’s device will get an invite to join the game. It is up to them to decline or accept.
  • Tap “Start Game” to initiate gameplay.  After your Facebook friends accept your invite, they will join the game.

Multiplayer Facebook Free Games FAQs

Are games on Facebook free?

Yes, games on Facebook are free, and you won’t be charged for playing them. The games and platform incur zero charges and are widely accessible on the Facebook app.

What is free to play multiplayer?

These types of games allow you to enjoy elements of their content without demanding any form of payment.

Does Facebook have multiplayer games?

Yes. We have explained many of them in this article. They include favourites like Poker Lounge and Card Wars. This feature lets you engage with family and friends and challenge them to exciting duels.

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